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Apple iPad Air 3 Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Grey $701 @ Harvey Norman


Apple iPad Air 3 for $701 (was $779).

OfficeWorks Price Beat will make it down to $665.95.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    got it!!!!! So lucky I was around the Officeworks


    Anyone recommend a case for these from personal experience?

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      I recommend SUPCASE from previous experience. Available from eBay or Aliexpress.

      For iPad Air 3 10.5, For ipad Pro 10.5 Case 2017 UB PRO Heavy Duty Full-body Rugged Case with Built-in Screen Protector.

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      I wouldn’t recommend a case at all unless you plan to carry this outside. I’ve owned couple iPads and dropped it in various types of indoor floors like a buffoon. Couple chips here and there and no shattered glass. The casing is soft enough that it will absorb most damages whilst preventing glass shatter but won’t deform crazy. Worst case I had was a very slightly bent iPad that was only noticeable when placed on a flat surface.

      If you do plan to take it outdoors, I’d recommend staying away from Apple ones. These have higher priorities on design and other functions than protection.


        My kids have the explorer cases and drop them all the time on tiles, and no damage to the ipads

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    Wait what is the difference between this and the 7th gen ipad? I thought iPad Air is being replaced?

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      The iPad Air in this deal was released in March 2019 and boasts more/newer features compared with the iPad 7.

      • Has a larger screen (10.5" vs 10.2"), is thinner (6.1mm vs 7.5mm) and lighter (456g vs 483g)
      • Uses a newer, more powerful CPU (A12 vs A10)
      • Has a laminated screen, whereas the iPad 7 does not
      • Has a true tone display, where the white balance will adjust depending on the ambient lighting
      • Supports the DCI-P3 colour gamut
      • Has a better/clearer front-facing camera
      • Supports Bluetooth 5.0.

      My guess is that the iPad Air will receive iOS updates for longer than the iPad 7 due to the newer CPU.

      The iPad 7 is largely an iterated version of the iPad 6, as the only differences are extra RAM (3GB vs 2GB), a larger screen size and a larger chassis.


    How does this compare to the Ipad Pro 10.5? I'll be mainly using it for reading and browsing.


      Bit overkill for pro pricing just for that


        Yeah, maybe but I just love me a quality display. This is the 2017 Ipad pro I'm talking about, BTW. I've seen it going for similar prices to this over the last few months. And now, well, I shattered the display on my ipad 2017 and I'm back in the market…


    Expired. HN back up to $779.