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1/2 Price Ice Cream Inc Connoisseur 1L $5.50, Haagen-Dazs, Maxibon, Golden Gaytime (Online Only) @ Woolworths


Lots of half price ice cream at Woolworths, online only. Hate the way they keep bumping up the price of Connoisseur, don't they know it's an OzBargain staple?

Connoisseur 1L tubs
Connoisseur 4pk
Golden Gaytime
Reese's Peanut Butter
Bulla Creamy Classics 2L
Bulla Bars inc Nourish
and more…

…and just to top it off, less than half price for Aerogard bug spray $3.57, so, that sounds like an interesting weekend.

Don't forget to pay with 5% off WISH cards from your favourite cashback provider. And be sure to activate dealbot's deal first for 5x points, thanks neo.

Assuming it finishes when the catalogue does.

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    Can anyone recommend flavours for Haagen-dazs?

    • I like both salted caramel and vanilla

    • +2

      I tried the vanilla when it was on special, and it was rich and lovely. Fab on apple crumble. Absolutely would get it again if the price was right.

    • Strawberries and cream is the best for me. You can taste that crushed strawberry texture with seeds. Vanilla is also nice.

    • the salted caramel is amazing, never thought there could be something so simple challenge the Conoisseur Cookies n cream.

    • Where's the mango raspberry

    • Peanut Butter Crunch is easily the best.

  • 7.5% cash back for the next hour (Shopback)

    • Yeah thanks for mentioning it.

      Just be aware that you can't pay with gift cards, and if anything - even one item - is out of stock, it voids the entire cashback.

      • +5

        and if anything - even one item - is out of stock

        Pretty shitty condition.

        • Hope for the best I guess

          • @domo653q: Yep Hope for the best they always try to get u in.

        • +2

          Agreed, it sucks, and it's completely out of your control. One can of baked beans is out of stock = lose the entire cashback.
          Cashback deals like that encourage you to buy more too, which increases your chances of it happening.

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    Assuming you get the cash back this is Connoisseur at just over 5 bucks.

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    • +3

      Right you are, added to description, thanks

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    Connoisseur now $11 at full price, wow, price gone up heaps recently. Dairy farmers must be doing ok, unlikely

    • +1

      Wasnt it always $10 at full price?

    • i remember full price was $8.99 about 2-3 years ago

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