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5x Rewards Points @ Woolworths Rewards


Just saw this on Facebook. Similar deal to this one.

Earn 5x points on every shop, in-store on online at Woolworths. Offer starts Monday, 27th January.*

Mod 27/1 130PM: Added direct link and removed targeted tag. Use link to enroll your Woolworths Rewards account.

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  • How do you access it?

  • 5pts/$ are hardly worthwhile.

    Received Targeted offers for this coming week:
    3k bonus pts on $50spend = 61pts/$!
    last week of 10k bonus pts for 4 x $50spend = 51pts/$!

    🎉Just received $100 credit for taking out $140/yr Woolies car insurance policy in promo late November🎉

    • $140 premium, how? My car is worth under like $5k now and they still want $500+

      Unless you put in a fake price beat and they beat it?

      • We discussed it in this Deal.
        Had a low quote, then a lower one @$170 on limited km (5000) garaged in quiet safe area with existing insurer.

        Woolies quoted twice that, so asked to beat it. Every time I tried they came $30 less. Didn't require proof, but I have the quote emails from old insurer.
        Of course won't reinsure as price will go up.

        Great value after $100 credit (in 1st year). And 10% off at Woolies once a month!

        • LMAO, you still have me surprised at $140 :P thanks for the reminder

          • @knobbs: Happy $100 just appeared on Rewards card🎉
            Effectively free insurance for a year! Unlimited Km.
            I'll try better next time😉

            • @the INFIDEL: Yeah I eventually got in for $380. Still waiting for the 20k points to hit my woolies card. Will give suncorp a try next time

              • @knobbs: Bought on 17/12, 20k pts arrived on 23/1.
                A few insurers quoted under $200/yr. So likely location, limited km & personal details got the cheap quotes. Just get cheapest quote & price beat.

                • @the INFIDEL: Yeah in the T&C it says 60 days so I have a calendar invite setup for that date. Looks like you got yours early

                  • @knobbs: I snoozed the confirmation email until next week, to make sure I checked.

                    Only checked after this Deal to see what offers are available.

                    Email was titled "Infidel, you've earned MORE savings off your shop".

  • I received 10,000 Bonus Points for 4x Weeks ($50 Spend)

  • Received 12'000 for $100/wk for 4 weeks

  • 5x points will go nicely with my 10% off for emergency service workers.

  • I got 10,000 for $50 for 4 weeks.

  • I have never ever received a targeted offer from Woolworths. In 6 years. Should I make a new account?

    • Nothing to lose! I have a few old accounts, used infrequently. Get offers covering most weeks on multiple cards. Just chose the best offers.

      Could ask Rewards - there may be an issue. Is your profile complete, your communication options selected?

      Spending too much means they won't want to entice you back. I tease Woolies with my random use of accounts & spending patterns. It keeps Woolies algorithms guessing😉

      I spend $50 a week with good offers, then just buy basics in week with no offer.

    • Might want to contact support and ask if you turn off email offer. I didn't receive offer from them for ages then i ask and started receiving them.

    • I contacted suppport today after not receiving 5x points even after activating and seeing this offer in app. They said they don't see this offer on their side but said I had had plenty of other offers (such as 2000 with 50 shop and so on) before which I never even knew. They said they were sent to my email and were even activated when I'm 100% sure I did not receive any. Where do you guys see them in your account? Like all the flybuys offers can be seen in their offers section

  • 800 bonus points for $30 spend for 2 weeks. What a joke!

  • Is it just me or everyone accumulate coles points and rewards much quicker that Woolies?

    • Opposite for me.
      Accumulation depends on pt/$ spend of offers. And then, store you choose to spend your money at.

      5Pts/$ etc offers get little accumulation!

      Receive good Woolies offers for most weeks, Coles good offers come in rarely. Have more than 1 account to attract offers at both. Usually only spend $50/wk between the 2 stores.

      Points this week:
      Woolies: received 20K on $140 comprehensive car insurance for 1st yr
      + 10k+ (last week of $50 for 4 wks) today
      + 3k+ for $50 shop at end of week.
      So 33,250 points ($166Cr) on $390 spend =85pt/$!

      Coles: 500+ points on $40 shop =13.5pt/$ - pass!

      Another week of no spend at Coles, unless there is a product I really want at great sale price. So no points accumulated!

      • Found another 3k+ for $50 shop offer.
        Spent 10K points from car insurance for $50 of 1/2 price products & received another 3K points!

    • Yes same for me. Woolies hardly any recently so not shopping from there.

      • If you're not shopping with Woolies - unlikely to receive offers.

        I'm receiving more good offers from Woolies than I can use. Maybe change how you use your Rewards card & get an additional card for different offers. Worked for me.

  • looks like upping the ante close to b2skool, coles have a 2x

  • Added direct link and removed targeted tag. Use the link to enroll your Woolworths Rewards account.

  • How come I never get these emails ?

  • Activated - many thanks OP!

  • Got only double points from shop

  • I got 5 x points on 2 accounts I used this offer on and shopped yesterday. Thanks OP.
    Even better I am doing spend $50 x 4 wks for 10,000 points on 2 accounts.

  • If you received other good offers, this doesn't stack with them.
    T&C: If eligible for multiple bonus points offers, only 1 (one) standard Woolworths point can be earned once for all eligible offers.

  • On 29 Jan I completed spend $50 x 4 for 10,000 points on 2 accounts. I activated this offer for both accounts and received the 5 x points and the 10000 on both accounts.

    Bonus Points
    31 January
    29 January
    $50.74 $17.15 250.00

    • You're right, Woolies are wrong!
      That's better than expected by T&C👍

      Just back from Woolies…
      Activated 5x offer just before today's $51 shop.
      Receipt shows 2 offers activated:
      5x pts (260pts)
      3k for $50 spend
      Points this shop 3260🎉

  • More bonus pt offers have arrived for following weeks:
    6K for 4 weekly $50 spends
    4K for 2 weekly $65 spends

    Spent a record $200 this week (normally $50) with 4 X $50 better bonus pt offers.
    Might eat what I already have for next few weeks!

    • Yes the new offers not as good as the previous 10K for 4 weekly $50.

      • Todays offer:
        1000pts ($5Cr) for 2 weekly $70 shops!
        Tell them they're dreaming!

        Lucky I have 10% off with Woolies insurance this weekend.