[MacOS] SENSEI 1 Year Licence US $14.50 (Was US $29), Lifetime Licence US $29 (Was US $59) @ Sensei


SENSEI is an all in one MAC app dashboard tool for managing your MAC's performance and files in a sleek user interface. Get 50% off a 1 year license or lifetime license. Pricing is in USD but make sure you select United States, Oregon and use Postal Code 97045 to not get charged sales tax. This also avoids the dreaded Australian GST on the transaction. Minimum Requirements is Catalina and above. Enter the coupon code on the page when it asks for Credit Card or PayPal to update the price discount.

Just came across this hidden offer on /r/MacApps on Reddit. Comes with a 14 day trial but I'm unsure how long this coupon will last.

Was $29 USD - 1Yr License, Now $14.50USD
Was $59 USD - Lifetime License, Now $29.50 USD

Some of the features..
Performance Dashboard
Detailed Battery Reporter
Disk Cleaner
Thermal Dashboard
Theme Support
App Uninstaller
Detailed Hardware Information
Temperature Monitor
GPU Monitor
Performance Optimized
CPU Monitor
Bespoke Design
RAM Monitor
Detailed Display Reporter
HDD/SSD S.M.A.R.T Reporter
100% Native Code
Fan Control
Detailed GPU/eGPU Reporter
SSD Trim Enabler
Accent Color Support
Disk Health Analyzer
Disk Benchmark
Battery Health Analyzer
Multiple Localizations
Disk Monitor
Dark Mode
Startup Speed Optimizer
Partition Map Explorer
GPU Firmware Exporter

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    Price in title?

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    Full price listed as 87.37 AUD (after conversion
    So I assume $43.70 AUD

    Not entirely worth $10 IMO
    Most of those "features" are readily available in native tools others are available in free purpose-made apps like Grand Perspective (open source)
    The "features" listed aren't even features per-se, just aesthetic attributes of the App UI

    Hard pass

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      I purchased the $43 lifetime license as for me personally, I see value in the developers software. It looks great, has a lot of features and I've only been using it for a few hours. If you scroll down on their comparison of other paid apps, it does have value.


        Yes, it does look good - but, from their webpage, I'm very worried about that brand new laptop's battery life (or it's being mis-reported).

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        Good for you mate. Far from me to care how others spend their money.

        I do find it curious that the comparison is only with paid apps and disregards any built in functionality or free tools that accomplish what's listed.
        If you just sunk money into a new mac pro this might be an easy additional splurge to justify, handy to keep an eye on large rendering jobs etc.

        Aesthetics are definitely worth paying for IMO. it's just that monitoring is a damn dry use case for $43.70 (to me at least).
        But hey, performance is something I very rarely check up on outside of a browser.

        So FWIW savvy ozbargainers should also check out the free options:

        Activity Monitor
        System Information
        Coconut battery (the free version)
        and all the other associated command line system tools that go beyond this tool in functionality.

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      My first thoughts exactly

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    If you have used the old version like I had previously it comes down to 15.95 USD using the code above! Thanks OP

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    I often want to know - why are people writing "Mac" in all caps like "MAC"? It's not, nor has it ever been, an acronym…

    Also, agree with others that this is just repackaging and displaying existing features. Does look nice though.

    Can also throw in "AppCleaner" into the free software pile - it's a great little uninstaller if you're concerned about config files and whatnot being left over - https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/

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