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[eBay Plus] Google Pixel 3 XL 64GB $639, Pixel 2 XL $469, iPhone 7 32GB $466 + Delivery @ Allphones eBay


Pixel 3 XL discount applied at checkout

100% AU stock, GST tax invoice with ABN, TRS eligible, local manufacturers warranty

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  • Cheapest 3 XL is $809.12 - 15% = $687.75 + delivery?

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      Hi LoungeLizard,

      As mentioned in the post, an additional discount is applied at checkout for the final price, thank you.

      • OK, misunderstood, so it's an additional 7% on top of 15%

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    Is the normal Pixel 3 getting the extra 7% on top as well ?

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    I read 3XL as $469 and I had a mild cardiac arrest

    • Why?

      • That is ridiculously cheap and I just bought a 2nd hand one for that price.

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    $100 per GB is expensive as.

  • Pixel 3 XL or Oneplus 7T?

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      OP7T = no AOD, no wireless charging, no VoLTE.

      Answer = buy P3XL.

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        $640 is expensive for 64gb and old chipset.

        • AOD, wireless charging, VoLTE is mandatory for many people.

          Many people also watch streaming video … and hence do not need to store a massive private secret collection of videos on their phone.

          Never had a problem with 64Gb.

  • P3XL is a fantastic phone .. however call quality is pretty average. Much better call quality on P4XL.

    • Call quality? You must be a millennial ;)

      • haha .. yea .. I'm not 20 yrs old unfortunately.

  • Just checking, if you sign up to the free trial you can cancel before it ends without payment?

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