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Samsung DeX Station - $29 @ The Good Guys (In-Store Only)


First post so be nice :) Fished one of these out from the clearance section at my workplace. Scanned at $29 with a $1 discount available bringing it down to $28

Stock availability at time of posting is (edited at 4.45pm):

Essendon Airport - 1
Shepparton - 2
Bayswater - 1
Frankston - 1

Marion - 2

Midland - 1
Joondalup - 1

Campbelltown - 1

Kawana Waters - 3
Mackay - 3
Oxley - 2
Helensvale - 1

Don't hold your breath if there's 1 unit left as it could be pending stock adjustment.

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  • +28

    ICYWW - it’s a dock/wireless charging gadget

    • +2

      it's really USB-C dock… a bit more than just a charging gadget…

      • +3

        Fair enough, browsing the marketing guff didn’t really make it clear. I had NFI what it was.

      • it comes with some kind of proprietary chip that identifies it as genuine Samsung.

        If you use a third party cable or dock, it will still work in DeX mode, but resolutions are limited. 1440p will not be available on my 1440p monitor. It will be greyed out. It will run at 1080p stretched to 1440p and look blurry.

        Others have confirmed the same behavior. It needs to be the genuine DeX station to get that resolution. I presume the same is true if your monitor is 4K.

    • Not wireless.

      I've owned both models. neither have wireless charging.

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    ahhhhhh i cant get to midland, malaga or joondalup just for a CHANCE of getting this at $29 lol. good score though!

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    AAaahhh no stock then in Narre Warren

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    ACT ???

  • This is the really old one.

    • But does it do the same things as the new one?

      • +1

        Except being able to use the phone as a keyboard/mouse/trackpad yes. Also dex pad supports up to 1440 while station is 1080.

        • Yes i was able to use the phone as a trackpad but its of no use as it is standing up right and not very convenient.

    • It still works with all the newer models with the appropriate USB-C extender

      • Still works, lower res output and less features is all. Works the same if you are only 1080p and use mouse/keyboard externally.

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    How do people usually use this? With a dedicated keyboard and monitor set up at home? Seems like there's not many places out in public where it could be useful unless you want to be unplugging things in public libraries.

    • +3

      I have a Dex pad that I have hooked up with my TV. I also have a multi-device bluetooth keyboard and mouse that are connected to my Note 9. All in all a great experience using the Note 9 as a computer. Tasks like work processing, spreadsheets and browsing internet work very well. Yopu can even run Linux if you'd like with Samsung's app for that purpose.

      • If you have updated your phone to Android 10, Linux on Dex is dead. Samsung have discontinued it and it will not launch on Android 10 :(

      • Is Linux an app already installed out of the box or installed by yourself?

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/516517

      I use this device for DeX. So handy and better than smart TVs IMO

    • +1

      At home. Could be used in the office if set up properly.

      I have a spare HDMI cable from the back of the monitor not hooked up to anything. It allows me quick and easy access. I can plug any device in (console usually) just by plugging that spare cable into the device. That would work if I had this DeX pad.

      But I have a real computer connected to the monitor so I don't need to use DeX.

      The best use I've found for DeX is with a Galaxy Tab that has it built in, and using the tablet's display. It will turn the tablet into a laptop interface, with double clicks to open apps, apps running in windows that can be resized as you see fit for more convenient multitasking. My S10 can't even have multiple apps open at once anymore. Older Galaxy S phones could have you run two apps at half screen. You can't even do that anymore.

      • What's with the s10 having less features?

        • i don't know. But you used to be able to in the task manager, select an app and have it fill half the screen, then open another app with the other half. My S8 could do this and I know some other phones could also. You can't do that anymore with S10.

          • @lostn: I just got a Pixel 4, and it doesn't even have buttons. The way I could do that on Android 8 was to hold the square button (task manager) for a few seconds and it would split. Use it all the time if I am watching or listening to YouTube as that shuts off when you change apps (to Chrome for ozbargain of course).

            You can reenable buttons, but I haven't worked out how to enable screen splitting with gestures yet

  • Bought the one at QLD Helensvale, thanks OP

  • Will this work with the Note 10+

    • +2

      Don't think you need it, just connect your phone to a monitor with a usb-c to hdmi cable.

      • But then how would I connect a keyboard and etc?

        • Bluetooth? I haven't actually tried it.

        • +1

          The dock includes USB port. You could plug in your keyboard and mice. Bluetooth also works.

    • You don't need it with your note 10+. Just plug into usbc directly. Any peripherals connected to your phone will be good to go

      • Would I need the specific Samsung USB-C to HDMI or will any cable work?

        • Any cable should work. I picked up a cheap one from Amazon that works perfectly with my S10+ (which got this ability too after a software update)

        • i have not tried a HDMI to C cable, but I have tried various USB C docks and hubs connected to monitor via HDMI cable. They will work but only in 1080p, no higher. I believe the genuine DeX station will support higher resolutions.

          Even the Samsung genuine USB C hub designed for the Galaxy TabPro S (Windows device) is not considered genuine and is limited to 1080p.

        • yeah any works. i think the Dex hub will allow more tabs open or something but didnt bother me when i was playing around with it.

          This is the cable i use: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/alogic-elements-series-us...

          • @Bargains of Oz: Yeah but this cable costs half again more than the Dex station

            • @Jackson: well you wouldn't pay full price for these cables for one, and secondly if (like me) you have a MPB (or any USB-C laptop with a second monitor), you'd already be using this cable

              • @Bargains of Oz: I picked up a USB to Hdmi adapter to try to backup information from a broken v30+, but I couldn't see any output on the TV. Do you know if the phone has to be logged in for it to output? Not sure of that's the case or if my cable is a dud, or maybe it's not supported (although I did a quick check online and I believe it was)

                Assuming MPB is MBP, and no I don't have the cable yet, but fair point, I am bound to get one soon I reckon.

                • @Jackson: when you plug in you should be prompted to start Dex almost instantly. Maybe make sure your connection has data transfer enabled? If oyu have a USBC hub with a HDMI adapter, that will also work. Dex won;'t work on a V30+ though, its a Samsung thing.

                  • @Bargains of Oz: Yeah I get Dex not being on v30, but pfrim memory it still allows a basic HDMI out via USBC. I used a really basic adapter from eBay, not sure if it was just a crappy adapter. Unfortunately if the prompt is on the phone screen the screen was totally dead

    • Yes it does. Make sure you buy a USB-C extender as per my below comment

    • I just connected 10+ usb to my pc and it worked like a charm keyboard , mice all good and can play games and run apps as normal, pretty handy.

      If just monitor Bluetooth devices work just fine too

  • +2


    Difference between this and the dex pad.

  • +2

    It is technically a USB-C dock that supports display as well as PD charging. Not bad to be honest. But newer Samsung phones no longer need USB-C dock as it can work with USB-C to HDMI converters if you don't care about charging.

  • will it work with s9 ?

    Edit: looks like it's for s8 only
    Edit2: other sites are saying its compatible with s9

    • +1

      It will work with all. I tried on my friends dex station.

      Then got drx pad for myself

      I have s10plus

    • +1

      It's compatible with every Samsung phone past S8 (Note 8/9/10, S8/9/10) and even works with Huawei's for EMUI desktop. Just make sure you buy an extender like the one I posted below.

  • Any chance OW would match ?

    • I don't think they will because it's not listed on the good guys site, its store only.

      • Maybe with a dated receipt?

  • Just know that if you are using any other phone outside of the S8/S8 Plus and/or use a thicker case, then it won't slide in properly. You will need a USB-C extender to extend the adapter out more to be able plug into the port of your phone.

    Something like this:

  • +2

    Oxley has 1 left stock

  • I just use a USB C cable to connect my note 10 to my monitor or laptop. Anyway when my laptop was getting repaired I used Dex for about two weeks, it's actually really good. There's a few annoying things but overall a nice experience and I think a lot of people could replace their computer with it

  • I wonder if you can also use this as a USB-C hub for say a macbook? Would need a male usb-c to female usb-c adapter.

    • +1

      How did you even get that idea? I have C to C that can connect this to my MacBook. ill Let you know in some time after I reach home

      Answer: Tested and "NO" you could not use that as a USB hub

      • That's interesting! I got that idea because I can use a normal usb-c hub as a Dex station if I plug it into my s10, i.e. output to HDMI, USB ports etc. So I thought the reverse could be true.

      • Thats interesting…

  • I just grabbed the last one from Malaga,

    Dave held the second last.

    • Hahaha classic Dave, saw his name on the last one when I picked mine up

  • I am struggling with Dex as they have a keyboard short cut on Shift Space on changing language. It switch to another language as I type.

  • Does it only work with Samsung phones?

  • Bought the last one from Essendon TGG. (It was an open box but working fine. Commented using DEX ;)

    • Last one I suppose!!

  • I was having a look at this yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0DaP-86lQE&t=885s

    $60 from Amazon.com.au

    Possible alternative. Dearer but more options.

    • +1

      I ended up getting the Skull N Co for Nintendo Switch we can be used for laptops too:


      • the way this hub is designed, it will block any other ports nearby, which is not ideal for a laptop. And in the case of a phone, it would cover the 3.5mm jack.

        • I got myself a USB-C extender for $4…

  • -1

    This is useless as it turns the phone to standby. Note 10 can plug into pc without this gadget

    • -2

      Beat me to it, plus this is not anything special of a price for a nearly 3 years old accessory which is useless for current phones, and in very limited stock.

      • Most of what I've been reading suggests it works the following models:
        Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
        Samsung Galaxy Note 10
        Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G
        Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
        Samsung Galaxy S10
        Samsung Galaxy S10e
        Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
        Samsung Galaxy Note 9
        Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
        Samsung Galaxy S9
        Samsung Galaxy Note 8
        Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
        Samsung Galaxy S8
        Samsung Galaxy S8 Active
        Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
        Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
        Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

  • +1

    Dex is pretty good. When I first used it via a USB C hub on my Note 9 it was super buggy and crashed all the time. Things must have been fixed as it works well on my S10+ and I decided to buy the Galaxy Tab s6 based on this. Even better when on the tablet natively

    Key drawbacks for me:

    LastPass doesn't support Dex which is a huge inconvenience
    MS Office suite for Android is still limited. Browser based Excel is better but PowerPoint can't be accessed via the browser in edit mode and the Android app is very limited
    Chrome still auto defaults to mobile sites so you have to manually change to desktop. I tried the hack from XDA but didn't work for Chrome beta (might be conflicting with having Chrome and Chrome Beta installed)

    Key benefits:
    Android app support for most apps. This is awesome as Windows 10 apps are severely limited or non existent

  • My dex isn't working unfortunately. Phone won't charge while docked and the screen doesn't switch to dex mode. I have an s8 plus. Any ideas?

    • +1

      You're not alone, I've tried a colleagues phone as well. There are bunch of workarounds for stuff like deleting the cache partition and stuff. What I haven't attempted is an official charger.


      • I've tried the official charger but not the official cable so that might be it. Thanks for the link, I'll try a few other things too.

        • +1

          I used official charger and official cable from my S10e and started working

  • +1

    All sold out in Oxley - staff member advised there were currently still 10 showing in stock nationwide, but said those were likely to be on-hold or missing stock.