Tell Me What TV Show I Should Watch Next?

So my favourite tv shows prisonbreak, stranger things, dexter and breaking bad finished

I watched game of thrones first season didnt like it much and now in the middle of the walking deead.

The first 3 seasons were on parr with breaking bad and prisonbreak, but season 4 is just dragged out, they bring back old characters like the governor and some scenes are completely pointless. Like the first episode in season 4 with the irish woman who yaps on ..what was the whole point of that scene, already saw people keeping walkers as they were family members, seems like they're just reusing the old plot lines.

They could have made new plot lines, but just plain old killing more walkers, ppl walking etc. some new plot lines like underground tunnels, level 1 or 2 walkers, stronger more fearsome walkers. I get the whole point of the other humans as being worse than walkers is fine, but that's what was shown in season 3?

I think i'll continue with this show but any other suggestions?

THANKS FOR everyone's suggestions!
Persisted through season 4 of TWD and mid way of season 5…but incredibly mind numbing boring…like i wold rate it at 2/10. So boring that i just skip some scenes. Seriously couldn't the writeers think of something else than just break into a house, steal, walkers then a main character goes, people mourn, then repeat FFS.

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    Persist with GOT
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    Watch breaking bad again
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    Mad men
  • 77
    The good place