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$50 off $199 Spend on Contact Lenses + Free Tracked Delivery @ Specsavers


A repeat of the popular Black Friday deal. Get $50 off a $199+ spend plus free standard tracked delivery with the coupon 50OFF

The coupon is listed at Cashrewards so you can get a further 8.1% cashback for new customers or 5% for returning customers.

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  • Thanks!

  • Perfect timing. Thank you!

  • Yay. I almost bought yesterday but thought … Narr. They can do better than 10off.

    And here we are.

    Time to see clearly now.

  • Wow!
    The guy on their homepage is me mate

  • Thanks, was down to my last pair!

  • I can't see the bargain

  • Hope the double promo code error appears again. Got a bargain last time.

  • Hi guys.

    I would love to wear contacts. I tried them before and have no issues poking my eyes and getting them in.

    However my eyes were really dry and itchy, causing unbearable itchiness in my eye. I tried systane ultra, it helped but not much. Then I also tried anti allergy eye drops, they didn't help enough to make me not want to gouge my eyes out.

    Anyone got tips or are they just not for me?

    FYI tried acuvue oasys weekly ones and acuvue moist daily contacts and the oasys was definitely better

    • Definitely use daily lenses if you have dry eyes. I have sort have them too and I use Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus lenses with Tears Nature eye drops. I don't use them at all times, more like during leisure activities and weekends.

    • If you can try and visit spec savers and ask to try a sample range of contact lenses. I personally use Acuvue Trueye Dailies and don't need to use eye drops.

    • I’ve used dailies Aqua, Acuvue Moist and now use Acuvue Trueye

      Aqua I found a bit dry and the lens was very thin making it prone to splitting even when taking it out from the container (but must admit they say to pour it out instead of digging into it). I found it a pain to remove afterwards and more frequently ended up with broken bits in my eye.

      Moist used to be made in Japan, then Ireland, now USA. I have noticed depreciation in comfort as time went by and with changes in manufacturing plants. They are made well regardless with application and removal easy.

      Trueye currently made in USA and is better for indoors as it doesn’t get as dry. Even after having a nap, the Trueye retains the moisture under the lens better than Moist. I do not recommended sleeping overnight with it (any contacts anyway), but I have occasions by accident, only to wake up thinking my eyes are cured!

      Moist gets dry-ish around 16 hrs but Trueye around 24 hrs. I do long overnight shifts sometimes awake up to 24 hours at one time, so I have tested it to some extent.

      My wife used to get dry and itchy eyes with contacts (dailies, fortnightly, monthly) to a point she used glasses for a while. She was recommended by a friend to try Dailies Total1 and she has been able to wear them without any issues. They are one of the most expensive ($50/30pack) and Specsavers only sell them in-store (I wish it was online - but you can usually grab a deal at Vision Direct for $110 (3 boxes). She has noted the Vision Direct boxes sent from Australia were slightly drier than the ones from Hong Kong.

      There’s also a dry eye spray called Hylo-Forte, however seek medical advice before using.

      Good Luck

  • When does this code expire?

  • Great timing thanks!

  • Wow and I got $13 cash back. I spent $163 after discount. Perfect time

  • Anyone who ordered get email confirmation?

  • Does anyone else seem to have trouble with their website, keep getting 500 Internal Server Errors after logging in.

    • I'm getting issues looking at shopping cart, now can't add items or checkout. Waste of time…

  • Expiry found at checkout: Offer ends midnight the 29th February 2020 (AEST).

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