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Aiwa 4K UHD TV 50" Smart Television AW505U $299 @ Target


Great price. Enjoy :)

Watch the latest on greatest on Aiwa's Televisions, quality at the right price!

Design meets performance with this Aiwa 50" 4K UHD Smart TV. Your picture comes to life in 4K Ultra HD and Pixel Plus Ultra HD picture quality!

Aiwa 4K UHD TV 50"/127cm Smart Television AW505U
Ultra high definition 4K
120Hz CMI
Contrast ratio 5000:1
Resolution 3820 x 2160 UHD Connectivity : TF card Line Out Coaxial Component input Composite
HDMI x 2 USB x 2
Smart built-in MS538
OS Android 6.0
Memory 1.5GB + 8GB
Supports 4K HDR
Product Dimensions : 1128mm x 239mm x 712mm x 10.7kg
Pack Dimensions : 1213mm x 145mm x 758mm x 13.2kg

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +25

    design looks OK, at full price definitely not worth it, since you can get a good hisense for $600.
    But for $299 the flaws in the device is probably bearable.

    No Widevine for Netflix 4K, Quite a few comments around defects, so possibly QC issues.
    Although Android is loaded, but it isn't android TV and likely a cheap android version on it, which many comment that it is unusable.

    • +12

      Mate, I would love to read your opinion on future TV deals.
      Very helpful for people like me.

    • I'm looking into a new Hisense tv lately! Which are you talking about for ~$600?
      Rtings has a great review of the Hisense H9F but I can't find the Australian equivalent model.

      Alternatively, what would you recommend waiting for a good special on?

    • Even Sony can't do android right on their TV to be honest. My x9000F is sluggish running things or even just changing volumes :/
      On the other hand, using a Firestick is amazing. The response is blazing fast and smooth. But I'd rather just use 1 remote, hence sticking to sony's android interface.

  • +1

    Seems like a bloody bargain! 4k HDR 120 hz 50 incher for $300 ? This is up there with Aldi level deals :)

    • +23

      Fake 120Hz. 60Hz panel with CMI crap.

      Fake HDR. Accepts HDR signal, but not actually capable of displaying HDR.

      • Can you explain about the HZ thing, what is CMI? Thanks in advance!

        • +1

          It means they interpolate between frames to create a fake software-level refresh level, even though the panel itself has a physical limitation of 60Hz (which I suspect is the case here).

          • @HomeAlone: Could it do 1080 @ 120hz?

            • +1

              @TeddyBear: No. It does 1,[email protected] but it upscales it to 120hz. LOL.

              • @tonyjzx: Wow, if the display can output interpolated 4K 120hz, then it has all the existing hardware to output 1080p 120hz.


                • @TeddyBear: You are FAILING in understanding anything they said. The display is NOT capable of 120Hz, the software "upscales" ie lies about the refresh rate.

                  • @dotJaz: In order to insert an interpolated frame the TV must therefore display the frame that the software has "guessed". The TV also has HDMI 1.4 at minimum; having the bandwidth to display [email protected] It would follow that the TV's hardware would be capable of 1080p @ 120hz if it wasn't handicapped by Aiwa's software or firmware, which they seemingly have.

                    Regardless of whether or not an interpolated frame is true to the source, the intermediate frame must be displayed.

    • -2

      How can you have 120 Hz when TV is only broadcast at 50 Hz? lol.

      • +4

        cos people use TVs for other things than free-to-air TV, ie blu-rays, video game consoles, go-pro or other sources etc. Xbox Series X is talking about 8k 120 hz already.

        • +3

          To clarify, the Xbox Series X won’t be rendering games at 8K resolution and 120hz at the same time. It will have a maximum resolution of 8K and a maximum framerate of 120hz.

          My car has a fuel economy rating of 10.2L/100km, and a top speed of 267 kph. That doesn’t mean it will use 10.2L/100km while driving at 267 kph.

        • i was hoping there's a TV could upscale FTA like when i watch tennis and other sports..?

          • +1

            @capslock janitor: A good TV, generally mid to high end Sonys/Panasonics (while they're still in Australia) and to a slightly lesser extent Samsung or LG will have a better image processor in them which will do a better job of processing lower frame rate content and have a 100Hz panel which will help with smoothness too. All 4K TVs will be upscaling the image from HD/SD to 4K - the quality of that depends on the processor in the TV as well.

  • This would be a bargain if AIWA was still owned by Sony…it still might be a bargain.

  • Looks like free delivery?

  • Price is good for TV. Possibly can get around the SmartTV issues by using Fetch TV Box/Chromecast/Nexus Player/Vodafone TV/Apple TV

  • Why does it only mention that it supports HDR in the description, does that mean it supports HDR input but can't actually do HDR?

    • yeah i had a look at that too, i posted above HDR but i noticed this also. Not sure what "support" HDR means? That might be some weasel words, really dont know.. ?

      • +2

        That means it accepts a HDR signal but it wont be able to display it that well.


        Because according to their own website it only doesa brightness of 400 cd/m² which is the bare minimum for the HDR400 standard.

        BUT be that as it may its a $300 set so I can forgive it.

        I dont expect this is a good smart tv being its only Android 6 etc. but that's about it for $300.

  • +17

    Honestly at this price for a 50" 4K TV, why would we get worked up about HDR, 60Hz or 120Hz? ;-)

  • +3

    $299 is the new no-name 50" 4K TV price point. This is as least the 2nd time I've seen this price now. 👍

    • not a no-name, but Aiwa brand die out after walkman time… Other retro brand name like 'Energizer SD Card' and 'Polaroid android tablet'

      • +4

        Aiwa was the cool kids Walkman back in the day!

  • +3

    Android 6. Am I the only one that would worry about having a TV with an outdated operating system that does not receive security updates and thereby creates a major vulnerability in your home network?

    • Just use an external box as mentioned above

    • +1

      Yes you could be.

      Shield TV or the many alternatives

    • Just chisel off the EMMC?

  • +1

    What would be better, this or the ffalcon-

    • +6

      Ffalcon is a TCL made brand, see posts above regarding HDR and motion rate.
      I own a TCL C8 55" 4K HDR and the picture quality is amazing, doesn't seem like it has false motion rate (CMR) but who knows, maybe the entry level models only have them. Ffalcon is a better choice however.

    • +4

      What the ff*ck is that?

    • I bought the 40" version for my rental and the picture quality is surprisingly decent, likely better than this Aiwa.

  • +3

    Nice TV for toilet

  • +4

    Will go great in the bathroom, opposite the bathtub with bottles of Voss rolled to me.

    • I thought Christopher Skase* had passed away?

      • He famously had a tv installed in his bathroom back when doing that was problematic.
      • too bad it didnt fall in his bath lol

        • +2

          Then we wouldn't have witnessed the wheelchair, face mask and oxygen cylinder. Clive Palmer and Harvey Weinstein are fans.

    • +1


      • Finally! Someone gets me!

        (Yes, I may or may not be obsessing over it)

        • It hasn't been as popular here in Australia as it has been overseas. As a country/culture, we're not big on the non-English films hey? Should be popular among the Asian Australians though.

  • +4

    Surely this would be ok for someone who watches the news, the occasional movie and a footy game and no need for smart features?

    • yes but in 1-2 years who knows you may want netflix, imo a hisense is a better option

  • Is this good enough for a TV to watch Netflix and You Tube?

    What's the standard price (before this current offer)

    Want it for a gift so trying to find a good deal.

  • +1

    5% off with coles team member discount card. so that will be $285

    • Further $10 off with newsletter sign up voucher

  • Is there any stock anywhere? No delivery either?

    • low stock in greensborough

    • +1

      site showed 'add to cart' till a few hours ago. Looks like it's just sold out on online store

  • +4

    Product: Aiwa 4K UHD TV 50" Smart Television AW505U
    Correct as of: 05/02/2020 00:27
    Low Stock: 4

    Low Stock

    Warrawong, NSW Geelong, VIC Bull Creek, WA
    Greensborough, VIC

    • +1

      Good bot.

    • Now i couldn't find stock in any Melbourne or Geelong stores.

      • I'm sorry :'(

  • Would this TV be able to play something from
    a plugged in usb/hard-drive? Not tech saavy so I'm double checking

    • +1

      it would depend on the codec (i doubt it would play HEVC) but considering it's a smart TV, yes, i would guess it would play most common formats up to mpeg 4 at least.

    • +2

      Manual here, page 26 (p.28 of the PDF)

      Plays HEVC with these file formats: .mov, .mkv and .mp4

      Only plays USBs formatted to FAT 16 or FAT 32, so you are limited with file size (4GB for FAT 32, 2GB for FAT 16) and the storage capacity of the USB drive itself (192GB FAT 32, 2GB FAT 16).

      Also, no UHD output from the USB: maximum re(solution) is FHD.

  • for this price if it can display good old DVDs and free to air TV I wont care about the rest, as long as it lasts for few years, when i have more money to buy a top notch LED.

  • +1

    This is perfect for shops/businesses to display ads or notices via USB.

    Or maybe for a smart mirror type of build. ;)

  • No Stock in Canberra.

  • No stock in Brisbane

  • +1

    How the mighty do fall. IBM is not far from such a fate.
    One day, will Apple TVs be sold in the dim dark corners of online discount stores? (Made in Nigeria)

  • great bargain but no stock in all of SA!

  • +1

    "Watch the latest on greatest on Aiwa's Televisions, quality at the right price!"

    Aiwa stopped being a Japanese brand decades ago. It's now a badge slapped onto any piece of gear that pay a few cents licensing fee. Like Polaroid, Kodak, and Akai.

  • OB'ed. Out of stock in the entire WA!

  • dammit I just spent $450 on the Hisense 50" R6


    • +1

      Meh. Apples to oranges.

      • +2

        billy is comparing a tv you can buy to a tv that only exists in single digits in 4 places in aust.

  • +1

    So which store has stock?

  • Thanks OP, picked one up this morning.

    • How is it?

      • Not bad for the price - might sell it off for a small loss and grab something nicer though: was a bit of an impulse. Colours and motion are okay but nothing mind-blowing.

        Using it as a bedroom tv - doesn't quite compare to the Sony in the living room but is alright. Looks good connected as a monitor at 4K.

        • Have sony lcd tv from 2009 full hd in bedroom. Will this be a huge upgrade in terms of colours and motion?

          • @ow: Colours - maybe? A bit oversaturated IMO but look okay. As for motion, not too sure. Can see a bit of a trail from a tennis ball and some ghosting when large objects are moving across the screen but nothing major.

            • @donnot: thanks; I have one on the way; also an impulse buy as have an old TV to replace. Have not seen the ghosting and trailing on the 2009 Sony TV - still going strong. I guess I could return if it is that bad. But done a bit of research seems to be present on all modern TVs. Could there be a setting to turn on/off that might help?

  • Oos nsw

  • +1

    OOS in every state.

  • Insane price.. considering a Mi Box (intl model) is selling for $100+

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