Intel Core i7-9700KF vs AMD Ryzen 9 3900x

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Please can you guys guide me which processor is better for gaming & video etc.

I have been reading and comparing these two processors but i am confused which should i go for?

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  • Please can you guys guide me which processor is better for gaming & video etc.

    Be more specific.

    Intel still holds the gaming performance crown by a very small margin as it can hold 5GHZ better.

    What do you mean by video? Video editing in 4K? Or watching videos on youtube?

    The 3900X is a better all-rounder, certainly. If you are gaming on a high end GPU e.g. 2700 SUPER and above, you will certainly get a small amount more frames per second with the 9700. Is it worth going Intel for a few extra FPS? Probably not IMO. I think the 3900x represents better value overall.

    If doing any video editing, definitely go the extra cores of the 3900x.

    You also have a solid upgrade path with AM4 until at least 2021 maybe 2022 AMD have said. Where as Intel always seem to change their CPU sockets and cut off upgrade paths.

    • Yes for video editing. Not 4k but 1080p or 2k

      • Then go the extra cores of the 3900X

      • 1080 is 2k. Full HD measures vertical pixels and 4k/2k measure horizontal.
        Personally I'd go for "lower" spec version like 3600/3700 and put more into the gpu and other parts.

        • 1080 is not 2K. 2K is not a defined standard, however it is usually used to refer to 1440p, not 1080p

          • @MiniJack: The terminology is the result of rounding up the horizontal pixels to the nearest thousand.
            2k is 1920x1080p
            4k is 3840x2160p

            You can't use horizontal pixels to determine the name of one and vertical for the other.

  • If you'll be doing anything that can utilise the cores then 100% go the 3900X.

    Performance wise in games you won't notice much difference but proper workloads you will benefit with the Ryzen

  • Team Red my man.

  • Outright gaming, 9700K. Otherwise 3900X