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Kaspersky Internet Security 3 Device 1 Year License Key 2020 $13.99 @ DeviceDeal


Multi-device family security – with antivirus, anti-ransomware, webcam security, password manager, VPN and 87 more technologies – all in one license

Blocks viruses, cryptolockers & other threats
Protects payments, with bank-grade encryption*
Secures passwords & images of personal documents
Encrypts data you send & receive online – VPN**
Stops webcam spies watching you in your home*
Helps guard kids – advanced parental controls
* PC and Mac only

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    Thanks, but would I be correct in saying the 1-year renewal cost for next year will be around $89.95?

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      no worries :)
      and the renewal cost next year is decided by Kaspersky. But there are always new deals and you can turn off the auto-renewal and buy a new licence then.

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      SavOnIt has had Kaspersky licence keys for under $20 for a few years. Currently their best is KIS 1/3 $14.90 or Kis 2/3 $16.49

      Edit: already mentioned below

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    InB4 windows defender is all you need 😂


    Anyone familiar with Kaspersky and care to comment? I have been looking at another antivirus (Norton) for 3 devces which is $90 for the year. Yes I know Norton is bloatware but I like it and have been using it for years.

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      I use Kaspersky for last 18 years.
      Good thing is that they have Secure Connection thingie. You can subscribe for using their VPN and choose any of 14 countries, or just use Russia Moscow IP for free but limited to 200 mb per day. Still good enough to get to those p2p sites that are blocked by australian ISPs.
      And I've got a 3 devices 2 years licence from saveonit site for about 16-17 bucks. I'm not affiliated with any shop - all just FYI.
      Thanks, comrades!


      It was pretty good, however every time Firefox was updated , KIS and Firefox would no longer play nicely with each other and I would waste a lot of time and energy so that they could kiss and make-up until the next Firefox update… got tired of this and when subscription expired, moved on to Avast… now have to deal with their (Avast's) idiosyncrasies…

      Hopefully KIS has improved since 2017 as it was pretty robust and secure, although heading down the road towards being bloated like their competitors…

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    I've used Kaspersky for a few years and found it excellent.I renewed this year for $17 I think so this is a good deal IMHO,so recommended.I turned off the auto renewal like the OP said above which is way too expensive.

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    Better deal with SaveOnIT 3 devices 2 years for $16.49:


    no worries i use kaspersky free. free of charge LOL


    why is this so cheap? is it worth it? is it worth 89 next year? how good is it? compare to others?


      It's a bit like Coca Cola in supermakets, there is no actual RRP, just a street price which varies from day to day..

      KIS price varies all over the place. I bought my first licence for $10.00 for a 2 years sub covering 3 devices from Germany. It is just a licence fee, not physical media and can be downloaded from all over world.

      Why we pay me in Australia for digital content is beyond me. It is just another form of 'Australia Tax' con that Australian consumers are continually subjected to. When you use a VPN and put your PC into s 'virtual' location offshore you can also avpid the GST (not advocating it), because I know for a fact that these companies are NOT completing a BAS return and remitting to the ATO the GST they are obliged to collect.


    I bought it but don't know where to download it?


      i've d/led it but don't know where to get the product key…

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        The software can be downloaded free from Kaspersky. In cases like this you are - usually - buying a licence key which should be sent to your email address a short time after you pay for it.

        As to your other questions above - read the comments on this deal and search other Kaspersky deals if you want to learn more.

        Bottom line:
        -KIS and KTS are amongst the best AV applications around.
        -plenty of tests/reviews at AV-Test and AV-Comparatives .
        -don't renew or buy directly from Kaspersky Au, genuine licence keys can be bought cheaply elsewhere. I've bought from SaveOnIt for years now after KasAu wouldn't give me a decent renewal price.
        -licence keys stack, ie if you buy a key and enter it into the software KIS/KTS will confirm its validity and tell you the licence will commence after your current one expires. Expiry dates are shown upon confirmation.
        -there are plenty of decent free AVs (incl Kas) if you prefer.


    How long does it take after purchase to be emailed the key? I bought it an hour or so ago and still no email.

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