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[SUBS, XB1] Two Point Hospital to Be Added to Xbox Game Pass


Following the precedence from this deal, I thought I’d share this deal as an option for console players who were considering purchasing this game when it releases on 25/02.

The game will cost $59.95 if you purchase it through the Microsoft store.

If you’d like to get your hands on Two Point Hospital, you’ll be able to enjoy it for yourself on February 25, 2020. You can pre-order Two Point Hospital digitally on the Microsoft Store, with two expansions included at launch! Or you can play on console with your Xbox Game Pass membership on the same day as the global release.

The Xbox One version includes two expansions: Bigfoot and Pebberley Island.

Mod: Users who wish to block "Additions to Subscription Services" can do so by adding SUBS to their front page customisation. * Xbox Game Pass, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus are considered additions to subscription services.

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