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[PC/Mac] 1 Year Free CCleaner Professional License (Normally $24.95) @ Piriform


Greetings everyone, Piriform are offering a 1-year free license for the Pro version of their CCleaner app :)


  1. Download and install the free version of the program from the official website
  2. Activate the Pro version in the Options >> About >> Upgrade to PRO menu
  3. Enter the following information:
  • Code: P9WV-AFZU-4EW8-HAM9-QWHF

Click on register.

For Mac, go to Options >> About and follow the instructions.

Professional Features:

Inject instant speed into your machine by removing the unnecessary files taking up room on your hard drive. Clear out errors and broken settings to improve stability. Boost your browser and help protect your privacy by securely erasing tracking cookies and history.


  • Automatic software updates . Deprecated applications pose a security risk. They can have vulnerabilities that are quickly detected and spread among cybercriminals. CCleaner automatically updates programs installed on the system to close security holes before they are used by cybercriminals.
  • Automatic and scheduled cleaning . Regularly cleans junk files to keep your computer running smoothly.
  • Automatic privacy protection . Clears history and cookies when you are not using a web browser.
  • Automatic updates. Windows and browsers are constantly evolving. CCleaner is regularly updated to support current versions of operating systems and programs.

So your PC stays clean without you having to do a thing!

  • The license is valid until January 31, 2021.
  • Designed for home use only (non-commercial).
  • Free updates to new versions are available during the license term.
  • At the end of the license, the program will automatically switch to the free version.
  • Does not include free technical support.

As always, enjoy :)


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  • +8

    Thanks OP. I’ve only ever used the free version.

    • +1

      Today going into the program it said your license is invalid, if you want to buy click here. Haha is this a joke? What kind of one year subscription ends in less than a month lol

      Anyone else experiencing this?

      • +1

        I've been getting this too. What a flop.

        • +1

          Just ignore it. It still works in full mode!

  • does this need to be cancelled before it expires?

    • +8

      Nope, once the 1-year is up it will just revert back to the free version :)

  • Thanks OP! :D

  • +3

    360 days! Where's my missing 5?? :)

    • +14

      Missing 6, it's a leap year

      • Dammit!

      • +3

        Damn he got ripped off an extra day!

    • It didn't even last a month. Today mine said your license has expired lol

  • +1

    Great program.

  • 360 days! short of 5 days but still sweet deal! Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP, it was always annoying having to manually update each time with the free version.

  • +2

    I've been using Crap Cleaner for the last 13 years. Best free Windows maintenance software available

  • +10

    Isn't this the program that got a bad virus in the installer or something along those lines?

    • +17

      Yes, it has the coronavirus.

      • -1

        it won't delete us spyware then

  • +1

    Their non stop notication is such a nuisance on the free version.

    Anyone know any alternatives because in one year it will haunt me again

    It used to be great no popups and ads.

    • And your starting ccleaner with your computer because..?

    • +3

      Remove it from the autostart tab. You can do that with…..CCleaner.

      • Yeah but once you run it it will popup regardless

        • Then close it when you're done with it. It doesn't need to be running all the time.

    • Try Bleachbit.

    • +5

      "Their non stop notication is such a nuisance on the free version."


      Download CCleaner portable


      No nags, no start-up crap. Drop it on USB stick if you like - I do.

      BONUS: The above PRO code works with the portable version also it seems (Mine just activated)

  • +18

    Didnt they get caught with malware in their program at one stage?

    • yep from memory they did. i always use portable on the flash drive

  • Thanks OP. I had alot of issues with Chrome and Pro before (kept cleaning my data), but seems to be really good with current version.

  • +8

    Free is free, but I wouldn’t recommend using the registry cleaner feature, it can do more harm than good. Also here are some alternatives to CCleaner.

    • +3

      I find the registry cleaner is all good as long as you do a backup of the registry prior (as it tells you to do anyway). It's actually fixed a few software uninstall and reinstall issues in the past for me.

      • +5

        Ditto - I've been using CCleaner to tidy up myself and my customer's PCs including registry and it's NEVER caused issues.

        I'm aware the net in general seems to say it's pointless and it can do harm.

        Personal experience on a LOT of uses is it's never done harm, cleans useless registry entries usually from programs you've uninstalled years ago.

        I believe in the KISS principal for keeping computers buzzing along fast and reliably, so superfluous registry entries trigger my OCD.

        Not telling anyone to use the registry cleaner if they are uncomfortable, but in my case I've never seen it do the harm I keep hearing about.

        • +2

          At least 99.9% of time, cleaning the registry will not improve performance or fix any issues. Sure, there will often be lots of useless registry entries, but almost always, they won't be causing any problems.

          While it highly unlikely that CCleaner's registry cleaner will cause any serious issues, it often will want to delete some needed registry keys. You could of course, manually check the scan results so that you can uncheck any valid keys, use a safe registry cleaner instead of CCleaner, or ideally, never clean the registry.

          I've used registry cleaners thousands of times over the years and can only think of about four or five cases, where they have actually fixed any issues or improved performance, no matter how many hundreds or even thousands of errors they have found. If I'm working on a customer;s computer and it's running slower than it should be and I can't find the cause, or it has the weird issues, that I have been unable to fix, I will clean the registry as a last resort. However, not even once has doing so made the computer run faster, or fixed any of the issues.

          • +1

            @rogerm22: Absolutely true, never use registry cleaner
            AS soon as you do and the machine is running fine.
            But when you restart bang… Windows would never start
            Best leave registry alone…
            you can run surgical corrections provided you know what you are doing

            My 2cents over years of Window Washing :D

    • +1

      The registry cleaner in recent versions of CCleaner has minor issues with false positives and sometimes will want to delete needed registry keys. As a result, unless you are prepared to manually verify every "error" it finds, it's best not to use it.

      You never need to use a registry cleaner anyway.

  • +1

    Tempted, but WinDirStat has had me covered for many years now. (=

  • +48

    As an avid fan of CCleaner for many years, and always my go-to recommendation for a long time, I gotta tell people to maybe take a fresh look at it.

    To be upfront, I no longer use or recommend it, but I'm not saying you shouldn't. Just to think twice before you do. This "free pro license" seems a little fishy to me (and all too familiar).
    It's had a few, kinda shady problems the last couple of years. Piriform (the developers of CCleaner) were hacked and then had malware (a trojan) inserted into their distributed releases of CCeaner. Piriform was then purchased by Avast in 2017. Then there was the forced updating issue, then the "Active Monitoring" problem (that would continue monitoring after the software restarted, even if turned off). Then Avast were hacked 3 months ago, apparently seeking to tamper with CCleaner.

    They might seem trivial to some by themselves, or even together at first glance. But it seems to me that it's slowly becoming the whole "your data becoming the product".
    This is more a PSA, that if you're using it, to keep these previous issues in mind in case more problems come up.

    • +9

      Yep i was once a huge fan, but after all the issues being hacked and being bought out by Avast not to mention the data they extract from your machine and send home. So i will not be putting this on any machine again regardless if it's free.

    • +5

      Hacking wasn't the only issues haunting Avast. Apparently they were selling their customer data.

      • +7


        I wanted to keep my original comment short, but this is important. I'm unsure if some have forgotten, or weren't even aware, but this should really weigh heavily on whether you use any Avast software now.
        If you weren't aware, Avast Antivirus was harvesting your browsing history. They were then selling this data through subsidiaries. This was all above board, as the data had been "de-identified", and was "opt-in" (personally, this isn't cool either way, as many people had no idea they were even doing this). Then a scandal broke out about a subsidiary, Jumpshot "the only company that unlocks walled garden data". It essentially boiled down to the fact that companies could buy this "de-identified" data with device ID's attached. The data was so granular and detailed, it was easy to then match the device ID to the user (you). It's important to remember that we become desensitised to companies collecting our data. It's practically inevitable. But the data Avast collects is massive, both in breadth and depth. It's not hyperbolic when they say every click, ("…the individual clicks users are making on their browsing sessions, including the time down to the millisecond.")
        A couple of months ago, Mozilla removed four extensions (two from Avast, two from AVG) from Firefox after it was found they were collecting much more user data than needed. Then Google did the same with Chrome. And so they then turned to harvesting through their AntiVirus software.
        Just last week, Avast announced they're closing down Jumpshot. Which begs the question of how they will replace that revenue stream?

    • +7

      If it's free, you're the product!


      Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data
      An Avast antivirus subsidiary sells 'Every search. Every click. Every buy. On every site.' Its clients have included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft, Pepsi, and McKinsey.

      Yep, every search you make, every website you visit, every click you make is sold to the highest bidder. I've seen one of these list and it's quite alarming to be honest. It's like looking at the browser history of some guy sitting across from me. From his searches, sites he visits, you can quite easily narrow down who that individual is, esp if he has a Facebook page that regularly gets accessed. Wouldn't be hard for someone to use that data against you.

    • +1

      Ok so what other tool can do the same? I don't like ccleaner anymore neither.

      I did use it for ages before

      • +2

        I'm not sure there's any one tool that 'replaces' CCleaner, but a lot of what it does isn't really required, especially today.
        If it's the registry cleaner you used, then I'd say don't replace it. There's no need for one, the risks are high, and the benefits of cleaning it are slim and none. It's just… never a good idea.
        Web browser cleaning, I'd recommend spending 10 mins online searching how to do it with whichever browser you use (also looking into extensions may help).
        Disk cleaning, I use the tools included with Windows.

        Hope this helps.

      • I score a free key for Glary Utilities 5 on Giveaway of the Day a few years ago.
        Still current and still regularly updated. Never has any issues.


      • +1

        Check out BleachBit. It's open source too.

    • +1

      Appreciate that comment, cheers obo

    • I only use the 2015 version. The amount of companies now that include monitoring and malware in the software is ridiculous. Should bring in regulations for these. I guess it's not enforceable if it's free though…

    • +1

      The portable version is still relatively clean?

      • I'm honestly not sure, it'd be great if anyone has more info to chime in! Since I stopped using it I haven't really searched too thoroughly, only kept up to date with tech news I see.

        To me, I can't tell if they are or aren't taking my data, and that's enough for me to not use it.
        Adding to that, my data may not only be the product, but it's also the target of attack too.
        So some may be fine with companies having/selling your private data, but having it stolen is another, very real possibility. And I can't trust Avast.

        Just while I'm on my soapbox (sorry), but software like this is at the top of the chain in terms of what they can collect. It's one thing to install a shitty app on your phone with restricted permissions. But to install software on your computer that has unimpeded access to incredible levels of both data, and the details of that data, makes me think twice before I use anything of the nature.

        ETA: Apologies for the tangent haha, but just to clarify, I wouldn't advise using a portable version if it's recent. If it's an older version (pre 2017) then I guess the risks regarding data privacy are less, but that's a long time in software. Enough time for Windows to change something in the registry, or how software will use the registry. And making changes in the registry is risky as hell, exponentially so when you're letting software do it. But making changes on what may be outdated information just adds another problem. And at the end of the day, why do you need it?

    • Thanks for the alarm!

  • careful, deleting all your trackers and you can lose your passwords.

    • +1

      Exactly. I have always had my Chrome app excluded from scan and never had issue with the free version, but after the upgrade it wiped everything! Not even the windows cache was spared!

    • That shouldn't be a problem if you keep all your passwords in a reliable password manager, such as Last Pass or Keepass.

  • +14

    Snake oil program.
    No one needs this app for anything, ever. Read up on it on reddit or similar if you want proof.

    • -1

      It's only snake oil if you pay for it.

      It is very useful to remove browsing history easily.

      • what are you hiding on browser

      • +3

        Web browsers already have the ability to remove their history easily too though…

      • +2

        It's pretty easy to remove browser history on any browser these days. Not sure why you need a third-part app for that???

    • It is sad how the mighty has fallen. The registry cleaner has saved me from reinstalling Windows a couple of times. But, this was a couple of years ago, when CCleaner was a simple program, and was easy to download as a slim version.

  • +4

    For people with privacy concerns:


    Not saying don't get it, more of a FYI.

    • -1

      All those issues are ancient history. They tried to monetise the product more aggressively but had to back off.

      The program is easy to shutdown now and you can turn off the active monitoring easily.

      • +5

        All those issues are ancient history recent

  • +3

    To add to the above, I recently deleted CCleaner from my machine. One of my external HDD's was constantly reading/writing and I could not for the life of me work out why, as there were no processes visible to me that would cause sauch a thing.

    Long story short, I deleted CCleaner from my machine and the reading/writing stopped immediately. Not for me.

    • Just turn off the monitoring background processes, set it up to work manually only.

      Then it is off when not used.

      • +1

        Or run the portable version - no start-up monitoring crap.

  • +3

    Not sure why you would install this

    • +3

      Can be handy if you have some specific registry issues you're trying to solve, but that's a run once to help diagnose and then uninstall kind of application. People installing it for regular "maintenance" are at best wasting their time and at worst asking for trouble/headaches. Plus, there's Wise Care and Glary that are arguably better, but still more suited for run once and done rather than the permanent system "maintenance" that they're all marketed as. So yes, I agree, that majority of users that install this have no reason to. Plus, Avast has been gross since day 1, forget talk ofhacks in recent years, they were already on the avoid list. Sorry, bit of a tangent for anybody stumbling across this.

      • Appreciate it :)

      • +1

        in fact, this is the sht that messed with my registry.

        • +1

          Yes, it's best to never use its registry cleaner as it will sometimes delete needed registry keys.

          • @rogerm22: my registry is fked from it, missing files, shortcuts, broken links, onscreen errors and drivers.
            haven't had the chance to fresh install.
            i know it's late in my case, but do you know if System restore would have saved it? asking for next time

            • @capslock janitor: It's unusual for CCleaner to cause serious issues. But System Restore most likely would have helped.

  • Used it like 5 years ago but now it's full of spyware

  • Great. Let's have a paid experience to see if there's any difference. Thanks OP.

  • Nice thanks. Very worthwhile automated tool

  • Anyone else have issues using the code with their MAC? Previously had it so I tried uninstalling and redownloading. But it still says it's failed to save.

  • Nice find!

  • This has software contains malicious code. Install at your own risk. Window users please use the built in disk cleaner to remove unwanted files and system files.

    • +2

      Proof? It did in 2017 but not subsequently. Glad to be proven wrong though.

      I do suggest using the portable version though. No start-up, no monitoring etc. Start it run it close it like the old versions.

      Disk Cleaner does not do the cleanup of the apps like ccleaner does. Only temp, recycle bin and Microsoft files etc. A bit different.

  • +5

    Neg for the company and product. Possible malware, tracking, constant unrequired background operations, company selling your data. List goes on.

    Ask yourself why you need this product?
    * Windows has built in Disc cleanup tool.
    * Browsers have history removal, in fact with firefox i have it set to clear all data every time i close the browser, nothing is saved.

    When pro version ends you will also get constant pop ups.

    Id go with the old version before Avast ruined it if you do want it.

    • Not sure new versions have malware, but I suggest if you DO want to use CCleaner, grab the portable version. Doesn't have all the monitoring and stuff.

      • -1

        Portable version is many years out of date and is not relevant on modern Windows build. Using it may cause serious harm to your OS. And yes the portable version has malware on it too. Remember when the product is free then you are the product - all your private data is collected secretly by the program.

        • -1

          ok…lets review your statement "if product is free then you are the product", yes, I agree with you on this.

          but, this is not offered free, it cost you ~$30 to $60.

          • +1

            @Damnsmart: The post is offering the pro version for free for the year - How ignorant of you. No one in their right mind would pay for this software. Hence why they are now enticing people with a free 1 year subscription. Use it if you don’t care about your privacy online - It’s that simple!

            • @bOngOCaT: Lol..you dont get it, do you?

              Its a hack that you are getting someones premium subscription. Essentially you are enjoying the financial benefit of 30=60

              • @Damnsmart:

                a hack that you are getting someones premium subscription.

                Prove it. Not does it change the fact this software is a harmful pointless product.

                Essentially you are enjoying the financial benefit of 30=60

                Whether or not it’s a hack, what part of free do you not understand?

            • @bOngOCaT: I upgraded from the free to the Professional using the codes. And to my "surprise" when I went on the program today. Smart Cleaner had automatically turned back on after upgrading to the PRO. So I went through the settings, I disabled everything on the smart cleaner page to prevent background usage while I'm not using the program and in the security settings I believe, I disabled everything too (basically all telemetry settings saying do I want to send information anonymously etc).

              Once all that was disabled. The program is now completely off when I exit it. So it's only in use when I'm using it on the rare occasions.

              What harm is there in using it after disabling all those settings? It should be risk free now.

              • @Fyrelor: It wouldn’t be smart spyware if you can detect it easily. It’s all hidden behind the scenes even when you turn everything off. You would need to check all processes and services in taskbar relating to the software, which is difficult when you don’t know what you are looking for. It’s now a headache for you.

        • +1

          "Portable version is many years out of date and is not relevant on modern Windows build"


          Same version as installable version unless I'm going senile?

          I did post this link further up by the way. Maybe you missed it???

          • -1

            @Ramrunner: Perhaps you should read further up as I’m not the only one saying this.

  • An excellent alternative to this is Wise Disk Cleaner it's free and you can schedule to run cleans automatically if you want. It also doesn't include a registry cleaner, which is a good.

  • thanks OP, finally i get to try the pro version…..

  • +2

    The consensus seems to be that CCleaner is no longer necessary or even useful. Windows is no longer in need of ‘cleaning up’. At long last it seems to actually just work :)

  • +2

    Beware of cleaner-type programs if you use old or rare programs. They can cut things from your registry and make your program unusable. Besides, I never noticed any speed benefits from "cleaning" things.

  • +4

    Garbage program, wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. As someone who's been in the industry for 30 years

    There really is no need for these programs anymore.

  • +2

    Being a system admin for a long time in the IT industry, I would not recommend any such third party app. They can do more harm than good. Windows 10 these days does a really good job with less crapware installed. Take my word for it and you are safe to stay away from it.

  • Some software which helps manage programs which "call home": https://www.binisoft.org/wfc

  • +3

    Unless you are still running Intel Core 2 Duo with Windows 7, i don't know why would anyone install this crap.

    Use Bitbleach if you need something similar. Open source too, no spyware.

    • +2

      It's BleachBit. I used it a few years ago and it deleted a lot of system files which killed Windows, after which I had to reinstall it. This is not a common issue, but I know someone who had a similar experience.

  • Great product when I started using it 10 years ago but stopped using and uninstalled it 4+ years ago. It really doesn't serve any purpose anymore. I imagine many positive votes are from historical users that started using it when it was useful and formed part of their security routine. Using a registry cleaner for just the sake of it is idiotic. You're more likely to create issues than resolve them