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Spice/Herb Grinder 42mm, Black, Zinc/Alloy $11.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ OZis Amazon AU


EFFORTLESS GRINDING-Grinder rotates smoothly reducing your spices to a finer consistency the result is gathered in middle chamber while fine pollen filters through a mesh screen and collects in the bottom compartment. Pollen scraper is included to gather all materials and reduce waste. Great Gift.
MAGNETIC LID & THREADED CHAMBERS - Powerful magnets in the lid enable quick loading and secures your grounding; while the threaded lower chambers prevent spillage and keep your ingredients contained until ready.
MAXIMUM POLLEN COLLECTION - Our Micro Screen sifts pollen to get the optimal catch and our New Rounded Base Chamber ensures you get ALL of the pollen. You won’t leave any pollen behind with this grinder.
COMPACT AND PORTABLE - Spice grinder is compact and lightweight for easy storage and carrying. Simply twist the top back and forth for several times, you can enjoy meals with ease by adding your favourite flavour. This grinder is 40mm.
SPICE UP: perfectly size your Seasonings how you like it for storing or direct cooking. Cook like home where ever you are. The OaZis grinder is tiny and fits in any pocket.

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    Came in for the comments…leaving disappointed (I’ll be back later)

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      Just read the previous times this has been posted, it’s all lame predictable shit

      • +7

        its just annoying u only get 5 downvotes a day tbh

        • +6

          The 14yo's think it's incredibly clever and funny, though.

    • Back…leaving kinda satisfied

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    Great for when you finish your gardening and need to mulch up all your grass.

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    Nice, this is the perfect size for my herbs: 420 hundred micrometers. Exactly what I needed!

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    Does anyone have a link to a bargain on special Herb!!!! :)

  • Good for weeds in the garden

  • +3

    Surely you'll be getting a surge of orders from Canberra?

  • +4

    Just get the $14 coffee grinder at Kmart.

    • +1

      Genuine question, does it work well for weed?

      • +7

        Of course not, it's a coffee grinder and Cannabis is an illegal substance.

        • +4

          Laughs in ACT

      • No, it cuts it up way too fine, you end up using too much product.

        • Only if you suck at knowing how long to hold down the trigger for.

      • Wonderfully.

    • +1

      Years ago when I worked at kmart this was one of the most shoplifted items.

      • Maybe they had taken some special herbs, and just totally forgot to pay!

        • I'd say it was more likely teenagers who didn't want to go through the checkouts with a "coffee and herb" blender.

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    Does anyone else feel like this would work very well with grinding MARIJUANA or is it just me hahahahaha

    • +6

      Lol, that would be illegal, immoral, and terrible. Not what this is specifically designed for at all, my good friend!

    • You just ruin all the pun

  • Thanks OP, will use for my "coriander"

  • +1

    Any deals on herbs?

    • Q for $80
      H for $ 150
      O for $270

      • +1

        Those are good prices for quassia and hyssop, but a bit steep on the oregano!

      • +1

        User name checks out.

        $80 for a quarter though?!

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    Honest question which actual herbs that isn't Cannabis would you actually use this for?

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    Go to the deal and check out what’s its Frequently bought together with

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    Same thing for $4 less on eBay so you can, sigh, spend more on MARIJUANA.

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