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Free 500 Red Envelopes (in Game Lucky Lanterns Reward Tokens) for Logging into Rocket League


Log into Rocket League between now and 5am Feb 22 AEDT to receive 500 free Red Envelopes to redeem in the Lucky Lanterns event. It would normally take around 4.5 hours of grinding (not including search time) to earn 500 Red Envelopes.

we’re giving 500 Red Envelopes to everyone who logs into Rocket League now through February 21 at 10:00 a.m. PST (6:00 p.m. UTC). The Red Envelopes will be added to your account automatically the first time you log in. Please grab a Golden Lantern, XP Level Up, or more on us!

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    Epic games trying to placate the masses after ruining the game and banning Mac and Linux users I see.

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      While I don't like the store, how has epic ruined the game? It's still Rocket League and still provides players with a shitload of free stuff. The Rocket Pass was there before Epic and it still provides far more value than the Fortnite battle pass.

      All they did was charge you actual figures for cosmetics that don't affect the gameplay anyway.

      Also if you used Mac or Linux to play Rocket League as your main platform, please feel free to comment.

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        So for starters, this isn't a unique view, its all over the rocketleague subreddit.

        I did use it on linux and thought it was great. They didn't "ban" users, but they are dropping support of that platform.

        So they are dropping it on steam, which is neither here nor there, but it goes from there.

        The game dropped the crates (semi yay), dropped third party trading by making everything be purchased.

        We are talking things like a $20 wheel that costs more than the game does itself. The cost goes up from there. The community feel has gone as developers have stopped communicating with users. The one community rep is a lifeless robot in responding to things now. The Australian scene is much smaller as they are focusing on profitable regions.

        The power pass or whatever they are called now packs are a meangingless grind and don't feel like value for money in progressing the game.

        I was excited to see this game at the olympics as an esport https://www.gamesradar.com/au/esports-is-at-the-2020-olympic... , but now I'm feeling more meh.


    Thanks, great game! Got it last night and played until 8am this morning, I feel wrecked but I am addicted haha. Its takes some skill to score goals but damn it feels good when you get one


      Once you get the hang on timing and controlling the ball, you'll start to learn more experienced manoeuvres like aerial shots and wall shots. It may take a few weeks to get to get to that point but it does become addicting as you become better at the game.

      The most frustrating part for me was learning and predicting the angles of where the ball will be when it bounces off a wall/corner which can be tricky as spin on the ball does affect this.

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