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Logitech MX Master 2S Mouse $74 C&C or Plus Delivery ($0 eBay Plus) @ Bing Lee eBay via App


Great price on this popular mouse. It's the Year of the Rat so a perfect time to pick one up!

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    You don't really belong to OzB until you own this mouse

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      This is for those yung Thundercats. Some of us OG's still rocking the Logitech Performance MX.

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        meanwhile my logitech mx revolution is still going strong…

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          Microsoft wired Intellimouse was my first scroll wheel mouse. It was awesome.

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            @Daabido: I’m still using my wired intellimouse for work 😉

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              @uetecu: I am still using my generic serial RS-232 2/3-button mouse on my IBM PC-XT compatible. Powers on by default into 3-button Mouse System mode, or hold a button at power on to enter 2-button Microsoft mode. Meanwhile, my MX Master (version 1 from DSE stores closure sale) sits in its box.

          • @Daabido: I killed my Intellimouse with Diablo 2. Brutal game.

        • +2

          Isn't the rubber part of the mouse shell sticky?

          • @bcstyle: This! Has happened so many of my mice

        • I love my MX Revolution but the scroll wheel has seen better days.

      • Just clicked "Reply" using my MX1000 that turned 15 last year.

        Best peripheral I ever owned. Wish I knew what its natural replacement was though, it's getting a bit grubby.

    • And a truckload of eneloops.

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    This mouse is great to hold but the front and back on the side buttons are terrible to use

    • Yeah so much so that I wanna upgrade it. I had the original and loved it.

    • Yeah, I struggle to get to grips with those. Got them mapped to switch Desktops which can be quite useful.

      And I only discovered the button under the thumb by accident too.

  • IMHO a much more comfortable mouse than the new MX Master 3

    • Have you used both of them. I was thinking about MX Master 3.

      • Yep, own both. The MX Master 3 sits unused!

    • I like the MX Performance (M950)'s ergonomics over MX Master 1. I haven't tried the 3, but is the 3 that much worse than 2?

    • I prefer the MX Master 3 to the 2 but both are great mice/?mouse?

  • No Bing Lee in Brisbane for C&C. JB Hifi has the same one for AUD 79.

  • I prefer AA battery or AAA battery mouse

    • Yep, I'm with you. For work purposes, I want the ability to be able to go get 100% charge for a few bucks.

      That's why I've been using the Logitech G60x series for about 6 years.

      Youd be surprised how long a set of AA's last (almost 2 years)

      Another advantage of G60x range is WiFi and Bluetooth.

      • +1

        Honestly, you charge for a few minutes and you're done for ages. I don't remember how long its been since I plugged in my work mouse, maybe November? That includes pretty much not using it for maybe 3 weeks over Christmas but it being still switched on.

  • Cheers

  • Except from comfort, working on glass, pairing 3 pc’s, is there anything else about this mouse that I’ve missed. Can you do macro on it with buttons etc. ?

    • +1

      Yes with the Logitech options app you can customise the buttons to do different things as well as gestures. You can also have the buttons do different functions for different applications.

  • Can this connect to a laptop without the BT dongle or does it need it?

    • If your laptop has bluetooth it will work without the dongle.

  • can you use this mouse left handed? I like to switch hands during the day

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