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50% off G'DAY Rewards 2 Year Membership Now $25


Flash sale celebrating their second birthday.

G'day rewards membership half price until midnight Tuesday. Good for two years and list of partners here

Also gives you access to The Good Guys Commercial pricing

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G'DAY Rewards
G'DAY Rewards

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    Does this stack with the 3000 flybuys points sign up offer?

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      nope.. either promo code or flybuys…. :(

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        Josh does it give you the option to enter your flybuys number on the second page of signing up? I noticed in the fine print;

        To collect 3,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS, you must sign up with G’DAY REWARDS via the flybuys-G’DAY REWARDS Join link available in email offers, on the flybuys My Offers page and/or on the Discovery Parks and Top Parks Partner Page and provide your valid flybuys membership number during the sign up process.

        The promo code option is visible on the first page if you go via the boldest route.

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    Hi, I'm a bit surprised at how many up votes. It looks like this gives 10% off at caravan parks and is capped at 50 dollars. Why so many up votes? Is it the good guys part of it?
    Waiting to be schooled. 😊

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      that is the reason for me.. another deal like https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/489850

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      It looks like on average about a 10% discount from the partners, predominantly travel related. Gives you a 5:1 on flybuy points. These are the types of deals TGG Commercial pricing has presented over time.

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      379 votes for a (supposedly crappy) pen, anything is possible.

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      People here upvote 50c freebies. Take it woth a bucket of salt. Avg Ozb IQ is not exactly 3 digits

  • someone plz convince me to join

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      You join! You join now!

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      Join now, or else…

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      if you don't join razor your balls will fall off

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      get into woodworking RIGHT NOW. Happy?

    • I'll neg you if you don't join

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      Joining makes you a true OzBargainer

    • I joined last time they had free membership through Suncorp super deal. Never got a use for it. Expired and now I get often emails encouraging to renew.

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    Thanks for posting. I'm in two minds. In most places the caravan parks that participate are either overpriced or have quite bad ratings compared to the competition.

    The only place in a 11 week camping holiday where I got value from the free membership I had last year was in Denham. Broome, Darwin, and anywhere in between: I found better options at parks that don't participate.

    • My wife and I did the big lap and we haven't found prices all that different between most caravan parks. For the price of less than one night at most powered sites throughout the country, I think it's worth it especially for two years.

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    Hi All, can anybody with an account confirm how much the Virgin Australia discount is and if the discount is still active? Thanks!

    • If all else fails, consult the T&Cs:

      Offer is available on Virgin Australia marketed and operated flights on the Domestic, Trans-Tasman and International Short Haul network. AUS-NZ and AUS-HKG permitted on all VA flight numbers operated by Virgin Australia only. Offer is also available on Virgin Australia marketed flights on the International Long Haul network. Applicable International Long Haul flights include: AUS-LAX permitted on all VA flight numbers operated by either Virgin Australia or Delta Air Lines; 10% discount applies to the base fare in Business, Business Saver, Premium, Premium Saver and Freedom fares. 5% discount applies to the base fare of Elevate and Getaway fares

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        Hi schquid, I read those T&C's too and asked because it looked like the offer was expired. Which is why I asked for somebody with an account to check.

        "Bookings must be made online at virginaustralia.com between 00.01am(AEST) 1st July 2019 and 11.59pm (AEST) 30th September 2019 for travel between 1st July 2019 (+20) and 29th June 2020."

    • Sale period ended 31st Jan.

      Discount wasn't that great when i checked previously. Probably 5% off.

      • Hi jubified, thanks for your reply. So there's currently no discount offer available from Virgin for flights?

        • FYI - Virgin discount flights isn't working.

      • Sale period is now updated to 01 FEB 20 - 30 JUN 20

  • For $25 / 2 years I think membership is worthwhile. We stay at Discovery / Big4 caravan parks usually as found them good quality. We usually book 2 br deluxe cabins so savings are worthwhile for us. Best Discovery Park cabin we stayed at (year ago) was 5 mins from Tassie ferry terminal in Devonport; perfect if the ferry arrives late.

  • Does this mean we will have access to the Good Guys Commercial for 2 years during the G'Day membership?

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    Is Good Guys Commercial worth it for electrical or just better off waiting for a good OzB deal? After an LG B9/C9 and wondering if it's worth copping the $25 in hopes of a good deal or just waiting it out

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      What I see for LG C9 65" $3995 compared to $3496 or the 55" $2495 compared to $2183. Can't spot the B9 in the Commercial

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    If youre with Sunsuper, TGG Commercial is still free however the promocode loophole for everyone else closed up but its still listed on their website so its probably gated behind uniquely generated codes now but can't confirm as not a Sunsuper member.

  • Whats the discount at the GG portal? ie 10% off?

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      An example on current prices, Hisense 630L French Door Refrigerator $1,599. In commercial, approximately 17% cheaper at $1,327. But what I have noticed over time, the % off varies on different products, some products may be no cheaper, others considerably cheaper.

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        Thank you. I need a new bar fridge so i joined up, membership might pay for itself. I stay at some caravan parks now and then also.

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    Tried to sign up now, looks like already expired

    • Goes until midnight tonight apparently.

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      I just signed up and it worked for me.

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      It did expire, i emailed them and told them, now its working again :)

      • Great, just signed up now

  • Missed out!

    • Still works for me. I just signed up.

  • So I have a membership that is just expiring (or has just expired) which I managed to get from a prior complimentary Mitsubishi sign up code I found. I was able to get the membership with TGGC through it and have had no issues.

    What I am curious about is whether or not TGGC account and login would be revoked from no longer having the G'day membership.

    I wonder whether there would ever be a cross check back between then two.

  • Any way to look up AC prices before deciding to buy the membership?

    • No, just have to bite the bullet

  • did anybody who bought this and signed up to GGC have their approval from GGC yet?

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      nope, still waiting

    • +1

      Same still waiting

      • ditto

        • Likewise. I wonder where things have gone wrong. It really shouldn't take more than a week for these things to go through.

          • @ShootingStar: approval received today and able to login

            • @cam83: same

            • @cam83: Nothing for me

            • @cam83: Nothing here either. Keep on waiting I guess.

            • @cam83: Thanks for the update. I still haven't received anything, I might try to re-apply and re-initiate the process in the hope that I get my details at some stage.

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    Thanks OP for this, just saved $60 on a bar fridge. Paid for itself already!

  • Contacted support who contacted TGG Commercial team and said they didn’t have any application matching my email.
    I’ve submitted the application for the third time now.
    Is anyone else having issues getting TGGC membership activated?

    • same still waiting for activation but I think I found where is the problem I tried to sign up TGGC with different email so I might submit again with same email as my G'DAY account

  • I got mine like 1.5 weeks later, but after I put in the application twice.

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