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Another freebie on Steam but this one is special as the only language available is Chinese.

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    Don't learn Chinese just for this guys, not worth it unless you're a 10 year old girl

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    It’s a kind of “targeted”

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      Targeted to only about 1/5 of the world.

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      Then every deal not having all languages of the world is "kind of targeted."

      There are a lot more native Chinese speakers than there are native English speakers.

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        There are a lot more native Chinese English speakers than there are native English Chinese speakers.

        But free is free. Thanks OP

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          So you changed it. What does that prove? Totally useless and meaningless comment you made there.
          In 20 years time at the most (providing immigration levels keep steady) everyone in Australia will be learning Chinese as the second official language and after that it becomes a native language.

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            @Lysander: I don’t see that happening. Even China doesn’t know what Chinese is. Only like 70% of China speaks Mandarin. The other part speaks other dialects like Cantonese.

            English is just one of those languages that are easy to learn as a second language so is it currently the most globally used and is this iconic symbol associated with free speech. I don’t see it being replaced anytime soon unless there is a massive shift in how the work operates, especially the American entertainment system.


              @SlappersOnly: Dunno about the 'free speech', but it is heavily ingrained in software and computer hardware programming…. Tho French and Latin are not the franca lingua they used to be so anything could happen say 100+ years down the line…..

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              @SlappersOnly: Annually about 135,000 - 170,000 student applications are granted for Chinese students. According to some mates of mine who work at immigration virtually all of those apply for a graduate visa afterwards, and then for permanent residency. Only those that somehow manage to fail all the different kinds of the compulsory English test go back which are very, very few according to my mates.
              As the Chinese often have large families (as have other Asian cultures) and try to get them to Australia (Grandfather, Uncle, Aunt etc.) the actual net number is likely to be significantly higher. But even without that.
              Assume 135,000 Chinese coming into the country year on year for 20 years - that makes almost 3 million in students. Add to that the permanent residencies every year (flowing from the graduate visas) and you have virtually double that. Then consider the existing Chinese population and you see that soon the number will be so great that Mandarin and Cantonese will indeed be a second official language.
              For example, at UTAS the huge majority of foreign students are from China and the number keeps growing every year. UTAS buys up buildings and even hotels allover town to build accommodation.

              See for example: https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/research-and-statistics/stati...


            @Lysander: You don't get to discount non-native speakers. As long as Chinese people keep learning to speak English, these numbers don't change.

            Australia doesn't have an officially declared language - not even English. Look it up.

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              @bigbadboogieman: Well, guess what it is: British English.
              And mate, be honest, unless done for learning purposes you would not play a game in a non-native language. Do you really think that most Chinese would prefer English over Chinese?
              Why do you think there is a Steam client in Chinese and many other languages? Because people prefer their own language over English.

              To make it short: a freebie potentially applicable to 1.5 billion people is not exactly targeted as you said.
              The end.



            In 20 years time at the most (providing immigration levels keep steady) everyone in Australia will be learning Chinese as the second official language and after that it becomes a native language.

            You're in for some disappointment if you truly believe that. Only in the days of Khans and conquerors did nations bother to change their official languages and even then, complete language extinction was a phenomenon that took a very, very long time (on the order of centuries); human beings are naturally resistant to change and language is one of those aspects of our socio-cultural milieu we change last.

            The cost, institutional restructuring and length of time required in changing a nation's de facto official language is the reason it has only occurred roughly 5 times since the start of the 20th century, and even then, those cases were mostly isolated to extremely underdeveloped, poor countries like Timor Leste, Gabon and Rwanda which never had much of a functioning central government and thus required less institutional reorganization to effect language reform.

            The only example I can think of in modern times of a geographically and demographically large nation with a diverse population that actually wholesale changed its language is Turkey's transition from the Ottoman Empire to the modern Turkish Republic, in which they not only changed alphabets from the Arabic script to the Latin alphabet (which the Turkish people of the 1920s had zero familiarity with), but also significantly reorganized their language into Modern Turkish, which is now so divergent from Ottoman Turkish, that modern Turkish people are unable to understand written or spoken Ottoman Turkish.

            That process was an incremental transformation that took decades and decades and only by about 1980, were the vestiges and influences of Ottoman Turkish finally reduced to the point that Turkey could consider its current official language as truly representative of the speech of 90% or more of its population.

            Just imagining the effort that it would require to translate Australia's entire legislative corpus into another language beggars belief.

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    I don’t speak Chinese and don’t intend to learn. Added to my Steam Account! Thanks OP


    free is free


    "Princess Lili" is a text adventure game made in the form of RPG. The first chapter of the game begins with the adaptation of the French writer Xiao Zhongma's work "La Traviata", and then introduces the second chapter "Lost Town", The chapters "Windini's Love" and the fourth chapter "Mayo's Griech", the plot and the puzzle are mutually reinforcing, and a warm and touching love story is staged.
    This game has a wealth of game plots, vivid situational puzzles, interesting character stunts, and at the same time sells adorable and humorous.
    In addition, the unique text optimization of this book has greatly improved the smoothness of text reading and made more people who do not like reading like visual novels!

    Saved everyone a copy/paste.

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