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Entertainment Book - "up to" 16 Months for The Price of 12


Entertainment book seems to now be moving to rolling subscriptions that can be activated at any time, rather than financial year based subscriptions. You do need to read the fine print to make sure that this is right for you if you are renewing an existing subscription, but it could be good value for people who are not renewing.

Fine Print:

Up to 4 months extra Membership applies to activated Single City and Multi City purchased between 8th February and 29th February 2020. From time of purchase, an Activation Code must be activated within two months. If activated within two months, the Membership will expire 16 months from the Activation Date. If not activated within two months, the Membership will expire 18 months from the Purchase Date.


My entertainment book is due to expire on 2/6/20. If I purchase it on 29/02/20, I can get a membership through to 29/08/21, so about 2 months extra.

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    Should be able to stack with the $15 off here also :)

    • Yes, that works. Thanks. $104.99 for multi city.

  • is this really extra value / bargain though? the vouchers are limited use so the extra time doesn't really give you any more value unless you struggle to use all the vouchers you want within a 12 month period.

    • Personally, I find there are plenty of vouchers in there to use. We eat out at least every week and don't even come close to using them all up.

      It probably depends on how often you eat outside of your suburb/immediate surrounds.

    • Time is money

    • I use my membership to buy Wish e-giftcards. You can recoup the cost of the subcription after $1100 of gift cards alone. You can get 3ish% off JB hifi, 10% off Rebel, etc. And that's just e-giftcards.

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        Wish is a bad example because anyone can get 5% off face value every day.

        Additionally, most people would be able to access specialty retailers through their super, insurance or energy providers.

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        Need to learn that 5% the base for JB cards .
        Great bargain hunter lol
        BTW I would give up if I couldn't find multiple places for FREE with 5% Wish cards .

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    Between EatClub with the recent updates making it easier to find good deals, and including alcohol, to The Fork with their 50% off, I don't even use Zomato Gold which I bought on black friday, kinda makes the entertainment book redundant these days for me.

    • Is Zomato gold any good here yet? Sydney in particular.

      We used it in Dubai and it was the best. 50% at many restaurants.

      How does it work here?

    • I'll have to check them out for Brisbane again but last I checked those places just had discounts for things that were poor value to begin with.

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    Anyone know what happens in June when the current set expires if they have hshifted to rolling?

  • Hardly used it this last year - every year they seem to remove more of the places I used to use. Don't think I'll be renewing.

  • For NRMA members, the NRMA App also has 'Entertainment Book Lite' built in. No where near as comprehensive as the normal Entertainment book, but a nice thing to have on hand

    • The NRMA app frequent values can be used multiple times at each venue unlike Ent book vouchers that are one time use

      • Maybe Entertainment Book will need to move to unlimited redemptions for the same venue if they want to remain competitive.

        I have purchased the Entertainment Book and now the app for 11 years running so I am hoping they can make it but they need to make substantial changes to keep up with EatClub and The Fork.

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    The link provides no option to purchase the multi city version, but using the KFC link provided by doweyy at the top, it is available, and gives the extra benefit of discounting it to $104.99.

    Pretty good for 16 months.

  • You will get till 29/06/21 (extra 4months)
    So it means you will get only extra 27days
    This offer is good for only new starter

  • So how will coupons reset?

    • You're activating a new membership subscription (early) so the answer should be yes .. but you're not getting any additional coupons, just early access to the 20/21 coupons.

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    Entertainment is trying to bring forward 2020/21 revenue, this sort of manoeuvre is usually the sign of a failing enterprise .. :-( .. !!

    • I hope that's not the case but it wouldn't surprise me.

      They were the pioneer of the food discount movement. I've tried numerous new venues over the past decade due to them.

  • I presume it is only digital membership. Does anyone know if I send the digital copy eg. screen shot of the restaurant coupon to someone else to use? Or will need the phone which the app is installed. I want to share it with the family and there are four of us.

    • No, that won't work. You need to click the "Redeem" button in front of the cashier.

      There is a way to share the app although I can't recall the details. It allows for 2 separate devices. The primary member can swap which one is active back and forth. Only one device can be active at a time.

      • It's up to 6 devices actually.

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    With the code "BUYMULTI" you can get a $20 WISH egiftcard with a multi city/multi plus membership - I share the membership with my family which is all over Aus and travel interstate frequently so it's quite a good deal!

    • Unfortunately it doesn't stack with the KFC offer. Hmmm. Now gotta decide $15 off upfront or $20 wish card and support a charity

    • with multi citi, would we get double vouchers for maccas in melbourne and sydney?

  • I have purchased the 20/21 membership (Perth) and activated it… but it looks identical to the current I have. Can’t see any new offers! The offers mostly expire at the end of June this year. Is this the same for everyone?!

    • pepsilid did you get an activation code and got 16 months from activation date?

  • Is it OK to post a link here to make a purchase that supports a local charity?

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