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Quilton Toilet Tissue 36 Pack $13.99 C&C @ Chemist Warehouse


Chemist Warehouse are offering Quilton Toilet Tissue 36 Pack for $13.99 (38c per roll), however if you stack with the Shopback cashback flash increase from 4-6pm, this essentially makes it $7.63 (21c per roll) EXPIRED.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • "however if you stack with the cashback flash increase from 4-6pm"

    Hi OP, could you please elaborate on this. Which cashback company is this with?

  • Thank you!!

  • +1

    My butthole laughs at 3 ply

    • +1

      3 seashells?

      • Send a maniac to catch a maniac

  • i frequently poked the tissues while wiping, that's why i always use triple layers of 3 ply to be safe, good price to stock up

    • +4

      Use cardboard.

      • +2

        tried that, butthole hurt for weeks

    • May as well buy a bidet.

    • Didn’t pass the finger test, eh?

  • +3

    Unexpected deals while searching ozbargains on my toilet break.

    • +6

      times like that you start to wonder about specifically targeted advertising

  • In Store Only

    • Available for Click & Collect and in-store.

      • Is cashback in store though?

        • +1

          No you need to order online, but the item is available for C&C and not In-Store Only.

          • +4

            @doweyy: My wife is gonna go ape when i rock up with another 36 pack.

            "WHERE ARE WE GOING TO STORE IT?!?!"

            • @Skramit: She should thank you. I am the female and get the same response from my husband. I used to store them in the attic space but the rats chewed on them so cannot do that again.

              • +1

                @Yola: lol your rats have expensive taste!

              • @Yola: You have rats in your attic?!

                • @raiseyoursteaks: Yes they followed the possums. The exterminator said very common. Just because you do not see them does not mean you do not have them.

  • +4

    Pretty sure its $7.63 a pack as you don't get cashback on the GST.

    50% Cashback is on $12.72 = $6.36

    $13.99 - 6.36 = 7.63

    Still a great deal.

    • +2

      Can Mathsnerd verify this.

      • +5

        Trust me, I work at KFC.

        • -1

          Working at KFC making you a mathnerd?

  • +3

    The standard is price per 100 sheets! Come on!

  • +4

    How much per 100 sheets? That's the currency we talk in. Anything above 19-20 cents per 100 sheets is no bargain.

    • +1

      Coles toilet paper is quite decent.

  • +1

    3 ply virgin paper

    Only the finest virgins for my bunghole.

  • -1

    Cbf going out of my way to collect it.

    • +5

      Can’t be…arsed?

      • +2

        I'll allow it.

        • +4

          Not surprised.. arse and nuts are close friends

  • 180 sheets per roll. Per roll after discount is 21 cents.

    So 11.6cents per 100 sheets

    • 11.8c after cashback. not too shabby

      edit: im blind :( i withdraw my maths

  • +1

    no longer available

    • Online out of stock just before SB flash deal :(

      • This deal was shizen after all

      • +2

        Only delivery is out of stock, C&C is available.

        • AHA… Thanks for the tip.
          Scored 1

    • I ordered click & collect

    • Sheeeeeet!

  • Ordered. Need more for our netflix and chill.

  • Woot! Just came back yesterday from using shitty single ply in Asia for a month. My anus and fingers thanks you OP.

  • Sorted for C&C, thanks OP

  • haha got 2!! few months sorted..

    • There is a $7.50 cap. Buying 2 exceeds that.

      • +1

        In my excitement I also ordered 2 without reading that there was a cap.

        Still a decent price so will just have to be more careful in the future.

      • +3

        1 each from own and wife's account, so 2 separate cashbacks!

        • Ah, nice!

  • how come the max you can order C+C is only 8? i tried 20 for a store wouldnt allow, and the shopback is only 1 transaction only? i just rego with shopback, and click through the links to CW store and order/paid C+C for 8, how come in my shopback account doesnt appear the transaction to get 50% back??? im new to shopback and ozbargain but long time lurker

    • C+C for 8

      The cashback is capped at $7.50….

  • Order cancelled :(

    • Did they give a reason?

      • No reason given.

        Your Click & Collect order has successfully been cancelled. Please note, some payment methods may debit the transaction amount instantly. In this instance, please allow up to 3-5 business days for your refund to process. The refund will be credited to the account you made the purchase with.

  • thanks op.

  • Unavailable for Click & Collect in any store at check out even though it gets added before checkout

    • I just purchased it for Click & Collect in Malvern, Victoria.

      • yep, it is available at Malvern, Prahran, Carnagie

    • same on the Gold Coast

  • Amazon 45 rolls for less than $16. Is that better?

    • +3

      Math failed you today

      • Depending if you like to go to pick them up or them delivered to you.

    • +2

      Ultraviolet - Not if you get $7 off from this deal.

      • +3

        Sorry. I just assumed the title price without reading about shopback deal. I will try not to fail next time.

  • +10

    Thanks op Valentine’s Day gift sorted.

  • Ready for pick up!

    • doesnt it take 4hours to process your order? that was quick, i just order and paid, got the email but no confirmation ready to collect…

      • no, just check on web site for status, sometimes I didn't get the email even after it got collected

  • Server down?

    • now worked

  • +1

    anyone got the tracking confirmation?

    • I'm waiting for tracking confirmation until I pickup haha

      • Still waiting for tracking confirmation as well. Ordered an hour ago.

    • Just got my tracking confirmation! $6.36

      • How long did it take? I ordered at 4 and still nothing.

        Edit: all good it tracked now on my app.

  • I got 2 * Kleenex Complete Clean 18 Pack for $15.98 before SB, as this was not available in my vicinity, seems an alternative deal I suppose

  • +2

    Didn't know they sell toilet paper.

  • Different type of question. How late can I collect? Couldn’t find it anywhere close to home but found it in stock a bit far which I’m anyway planning to go over the weekend.

  • Damn missed out on this one.

    • Go to ALDI, their 3ply Confidence are pretty good. Also made in Australia (but not 11c/100 sheets…)

  • Isnt this the same price at BiGW?

    • Yeah it is, I was wondering what the big deal was with this one but must just be the flash sale for cash back.

      • +1

        Yeah, it's only the Shopback deal (now expired) that made it a real bargain.

        I'm an Amazon Prime member, so I subscribe to the 45 pack that gets delivered monthly for $15.75.

        • @JLai thanks for the information. I knew about this service but never come across my mind for ordering toilet rolls. Cheers

    • it is everyday price anyway….theres not much difference in savings here with the cash back or waiting for bigw 5% discount day

  • Looks like the cashback was only good for a purchase of one pack?

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