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[VIC] Metro Trains Compensation - Free Daily Ticket (if Used > 10 Days in January 2019 & Active >28 Days)


Metro missed delivery target for January 2020.
January 2020 is low season for most, however, I hope a few still manage to make a claim and get something back for all the disruptions endured.


"There are also compensation thresholds. If we don’t run at least 98% of services each month with 90% or more of these services punctual, eligible customers will be compensated. Our monthly, network-wide, performance data is available online and at stations around the 10th day of the month."

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  • Why is this valid only for Myki pass. I travel for up to 20 days but all broken up not in one single slot. Hence I do not buy as Pass as it does not suit my needs.

    • The whole thing is totally bullshit. You could get on the train every day on time and arrive 20 mins late, every day for an entire month and all you'd get was one free daily ticket, at the end of the month. But only IF the global thresholds for delivery and/or punctuality were't met.

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        Completely agree here. It's frustrating for them to claim 91% of trains are punctual when in reality for most commuters is 91% of peak hour trains are delayed in the morning and afternoon.
        If a train doesn't stop at intended stations (i.e. skipping the city loop), it should also be counted as a fail in the metric, not a successful one!

        • That 91% is a complete bullsh#t. Cranbourne Line/Pakenham Line trains hardly run on time. How come the same train from same station takes you to city at different times and you reach work at 8.40 to 9.05 and still be able to say 91% ?

          • @codename47: Totally agree here too. they short shunt the Upfield almost daily and redirect it from Coburg. Essentially cancelling the service for 5 stations worth of people, but technically not cancelled.

            • @ElectroGhoul: I get that regularly on the Belgrave line. Late trains will terminate at Upper Ferntree Gully and go back to the city so only that one train is recorded as late. The train from Belgrave will now be recorded as arriving on time in the city even though it never stopped at Upwey, Tecoma or Belgrave.

            • @ElectroGhoul: The reporting is in their favor 100% (biased).
              When a train is delayed it's not their fault, it's our!!
              I've seen trains don't go thru loop but direct from flinders to Richmond and then terminate at Dandenong to meet their SLA.
              so you have not just fooled us but the government too ?

          • @codename47: Also when you can't even get on the train for 3 trains in a row beacuse they're so full there's no statistic that measures that.

        • That loophole only exists as a favour so they can manipulate their own stats.

    • Exactly. Paid for every work days last month but got jack all…….besides cancellation / delays

    • Same as the answer to most questions - incompetence and corruption - designed to make it as hard as possible to qualify for.

  • It's a plan to get everyone buying the passes. I work in an industry where most people are good with numbers but they still believe it's good value even though most of us only take public transport 3 or 4 days a week at the most..

    • Myki pass is basically a waste of money if you only catch the train for work (5x a week) and take annual leave at some point in the year. If you work from home at all or drive in once a week, it's just not worth it. I remember when you could buy discounted daily passes in bulk, e.g. 10x daily, 5x daily, etc.

      • I normally only buy 28days as 28days to 365days are the same price (per day)
        For the months that I am taking AL (eg. going overseas)
        I will just pay daily or buy the 7 days one

        • Buy 33 days mate, that way you're not paying for the weekend at week 5 and start the next 33 day on the Monday… saves 2 days :)

        • 28 days to 365 days is not the same price per day, technically.

          Because with a 365 days pass, you only pay for 325 days, because they give you 40 days free.

          Now add the 40 days free as a discount over the 365 days and the per-day price drops from $5.40 down to $4.80.

          Calculated as: Zone 1 + 2 is $5.40 per day X 325 days divided by 365 days and the per-day price is actually $4.80.

  • Bring back the scratchies

  • Got late to work today as well on the Belgrave line.

    Thanks OP just filed a claim.

    Fingers crossed

    • Was that because some idiot jumped in front of train at East Camberwell this morning?
      Got to work 10am

      • Any delays caused by an incident such as that is obviously not the fault of the operator, government, etc.

        Imagine being the train driver having to cope with that.

      • That was some poor sod who tried to off himself. Might have caused unnecessary chaos, but calling him an idiot is a bit harsh.

  • At least you get something in NSW we don’t get jack

    • It can't be as bad as Metro there though.

      • Oh you've got to be kidding.
        These days it seems there can be a branch on the tracks and the whole network goes into havoc.
        Or if a freight train breaks down (happens often) you can be assured of delays.
        One tree down by the Hawkesbury can cut off the Central Coast and Newcastle line, and replacement buses take hours to arrive.

        Haven't used Melbourne's network, but Sydney's one isn't likely any better.

  • Still amazed countries like Japan and their spaghetti monster subway runs to perfection but Metro cant manage trains that basically go up and down.

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      because the PT infrastructure in australia is a piece of shit, we're too busy building dumb roads

  • Why on earth is this not automated on their end. They have the data, they know who is eligible. Just run a batch script and credit all applicable.

    • beacause this way not everyone does apply and Metro saves money

    • The Government should enforce this, instead Metro make it difficult on purpose to save a few dollars.

      • You seem to be under the impression that the government cares about your bottom line.


    • I complained last time. This was their response. I feel like asking Public Transport Users Association (Victoria, Australia) to take this up.

      "We confirm compensation claims for monthly performance based compensation under the Metro Customer Compensation Code is not an automatic process. It is standard practice within the retail industry that any ‘claim’ requires the consumer to submit an application."

      (profanity) horsesh*t. Either they either it is generous or penalty. Not an opt-in system.

      • To be honest, raising it as a concern with the PTUA is more likely to get a resolution than posting on here.

  • I really don't know what all of the people complaining about are bellyaching at Metro for!
    Do any of you realise the amount of infrastructure and investment that is happening on the railways in Melbourne?
    They are basically playing catch up for 50yrs of zero investment!!
    You need to calm down and think of the bigger picture!!

    oh… and I am from overseas and i can tell you for a fact that Melbourne's train network is pretty damn good compared to some in Europe! I'd suggest you go and experience that (not just a holiday) before complaining about Melbourne's network!

    • "Nigerian kids are starving. Do not complain about your food."
      "Manila has terrible traffic. Do not complain about your commute."

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    Also, make use of the Yaara trams compensation .. if you had used the trams for more than 10 days..


  • Gone only 9 days on pass… Sigh

  • Anyone knows how to claim compensation on a lost/stolen card? Do I enter the new or old card number? I’m os and can’t call them

  • I am not sure how they manage to achieve such KPIs when they diverted several trains during peak hours.

  • NSW could never.

  • How the (profanity) do you miss a target in low season.

  • Australia is truely a developing country in term of public transport. And nowhere near developed.

  • Vic always get compensation. NSW never ever

  • First time using a Myki Pass, and thankfully I get this, as it was quite tempting to ignore touching on/off having to do Bus replacements.

    It's probably not the same, but the airport train from Gatwick in the UK had an awesome refund policy, X amount if 20 mins late, Y amount if 30mins, and then full refund if an hour later IIRC. Sure enough we got held up behind a stopping all stations and were delayed 20mins into London. The driver was walking us through the process over the intercom, as it was applicable to all valid tickets, and international guests could get it refunded on Paypal too.