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[VIC] Compensation for Yarra Trams for Not Meeting Their Targets for Jan (Free Daily Ticket Valued $9)


Similar to the post done by S2(https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518417) Specific for Metro Trains, This one is for Yaara Trams as they haven't met their targets too. So you can potentially get $18 if you had used both networks or $8 if you used only either.

Yarra Trams delivered 97.1 percent of services in January with 86.4 percent of services arriving on time. Our performance targets are 98.5% for reliability and 82% for punctuality. The result for January means that Yarra Trams has not met the performance threshold and eligible passengers may claim compensation. For details about compensation, see customer compensation. To make a compensation claim, please fill out the compensation form. Passengers have until 2 March to apply for performance compensation

Holder of a myki Pass for 28 days or more *
Touched on a tram with my myki Pass at least 10 days in January 2020

To Submit the request go to

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    It's not a Freebie

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    Please add [SUBS] tag.


      Pretty new to the Oz and my first post too, i added tags i hope that is what you meant! Thanks!


    I tried it why not

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    Services not being delivered and then filling out compensation forms.

    As usual the "better customer service" part of privatisation just means a waste of time for customers compared to no privatisation.

    The private sector cannot even meet the low bar of 4 out of 5 services being on time.


      I am horrified that there's talk of privatising VicRoads, that too by Labor


      So what was the on time rate before it was privatised?

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    Arseholes, why are Myki Money users not considered worth compensating?

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      Arseholes, its 2020, why isn't compensation automated yet? its almost a scam its not.


        Now why would someone give you something you're actually entitled to automatically? It costs them less knowing a lot of people won't go through the shitfest of eligibility compensation and the like.


          Because they could be contractually obligated to like they are to give the compensation in the first place?


            @bargainpersona: Couldn't find anything about them being obligated to refund you.

            Found this though

            You may also be eligible for compensation if your service was delayed by more than 30 minutes and:
            - You were not advised of the reason for the delay by Yarra Trams when on board a tram service, and/ or
            - No alternative transport options were communicated to you by Yarra Trams

            Come up to NSW sometime. We regularly have services delayed by 30+ minutes and even when we get told by Transport NSW "it's quicker to get out and walk" they laugh in our faces if we even mention a refund from delays stretching across hours.

            In the meantime, I'll be waiting for those terms above to come to Sydney and intercity (Central Coast/Newcastle/South Coast) services.


    If only half of all trams were even remotely on time. Ah, easily fudge-able stats.