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Cygnett Smart Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9" 2018/3rd Gen (Save $99.98) $99.97 + Delivery ($0 C&C /In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Been using Apple's $299 one and whilst looking for a second one for another iPad, found this. Haven't seen many iPad Pro keyboard with a SmartConnector (using the iPad's battery directly) like this one and Apple's.

Love Logi with backlit but they don't use SmartConnector this time :(

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    does this imply new ipad pro is coming next month?

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    The case for the 11" one is also half price at $89.97, here:

    Just bought one for click and collect :)

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      I’ve got it now, and my initial impression is that it is okay, but not great, and I probably wouldn’t recommend. I’m writing this brief first impression on the keyboard.
      I am almost exclusively a Windows user, but use iPhone and iPad, so some of my annoyances may be related to this.

      Feels nice to type on.
      No effort to get it going, literally connect and use.
      Function keys are nice to have.

      It’s thick, adds a lot of bulk to the device.
      It’s kinda “loose”, especially when closed and it lets it flop around, and doesn’t cover the screen securely.
      It is uncomfortable to use as a tablet now, with all of the additional bulk of the keyboard. Even worse, when you fold the keyboard behind the screen, it still accepts input from the keyboard.
      iPad OS is certainly better in a lot of ways for enabling this sort of device to work, with the inclusion of Alt+Tab like feature (command tab), most prompts that come up on the screen are not able to be interacted with or cleared with the keyboard.
      App support is a bit meh - some apps hide the text box when you are trying to use the keyboard (Facebook Messenger)
      There is a blank key on the keyboard, just an annoyance to see where something could be used, but they decided not to.
      The “emoji keyboard” button is where I’d expect control to be, and sometimes where I would expect to use Control I actually need to use command.

      I’ll stick with it for a while to see if my opinion changes, but for now my feelings are as follows
      I really like my iPad Pro, it’s a very nice device, but it is not viable as a replacement for a PC. For anything where I want to multitask, or do anything where I think I might want to use a keyboard, I think I’ll still go to my Surface. I think it is still a better “productivity device”.
      For anything where I want to use a device more casually, surfing the web, playing some games, reading etc, I’ll probably use the iPad Pro - without the extra bulk of the keyboard.

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        Even worse, when you fold the keyboard behind the screen, it still accepts input from the keyboard.

        How does that work? Is the Smart Connector still connected even when behind?


          Not so smart connector

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          The smart connector is connected at all times when it’s in the case.
          It doesn’t detect when the keyboard is folded behind the iPad, and it stays connected and powered on, so as you press keys on the keyboard, it gives input to the iPad. Even more annoyingly, while the case is attached, they iPad will never give an onscreen keyboard except the emoji one, so even if you wanted to try and use it vertically while avoiding pressing the keys, you can’t interact with the ipad properly.
          Unsure if this is an issue on the official Apple one (I hope not!) but I’m not willing to spend $300 to find out.


          There is a padlock key, top right, does that block input?
          I havent been able to test yet

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            @Cinnamon Crunch: No, the padlock key is to lock your device. Same as hitting the power button. There seems to be absolutely no way to have it ignore input from the keyboard while it is attached.
            You can get the on screen keyboard by pressing the keyboard button on this keyboard, but that still doesn’t help with using the device as a tablet while the keyboard is attached.
            The only solution I can come up with, is to remove the keyboard, which isn’t super easy or fast, really.

            I stuck with the iPad Pro and the keyboard yesterday and last night, attempting to use it as a productivity device for some work things, and I honestly do not understand how people say that an iPad Pro with a keyboard has replaced their PC/MacBook. iPad OS and the Pro with a keyboard certainly makes it a better productivity device, but it’s still not great.

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              @Nyman: Ah fair. Thank you.
              I got it for my partner as she would never accept the apple keyboard because she thinks its a rip off.
              I looked at this in the past but definitely was not worth the $179 to me.
              Its not to replace her Mac, more to ease the amount of pressure she puts it through.
              She works online a lot and drags her devices around constantly. It will do what she needs, main thing is it doesn't need to be charged.


    Good price - definitely something I would want to view in person first.

    This review put me off slightly as I mainly use the pen:



    Just bought one Click & Collect.

    I have the Logitech smart connector keyboard and my screen became unresponsive after 18 months and I could see a line 30mm down from screen top where I suppose you'd consider the palm rest to be so Apple, very graciously, replaced.

    Replacement has a screen protector on it and I can see wear on the screen protector after 4 months, a new different brand smart connector keyboard is gratefully purchased.

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    So annoyed that I could not find single youtube review on this

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    went to store to check it out in person. I found the quality is very poor