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[eBay Plus] LG 86UM7600PTA 86" Smart 4K UHD TV $2691 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


I ordered this the other day for $2772 from the same seller and then they drop the price $81 shortly after :( sux but my loss is someone else's gain.
200Hz 10-bit IPS Panel = Better Viewing angles vs Samsung 82" VA
It comes with some type of free-sync tech for Low input lag gaming
Backlight Type is Direct, Not Edge Lit

AU $60.00 Standard Postage
AU $190 for regional
Free pickup from Villawood, NSW - Carton size is: (WxHxD)2116mm x 1217mm x 325mm so get that Measuring Tape out first before rocking up to the store in your Hyundai Getz.


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    is the hisense not better?


      I would think LG make better TV's. They are the king of OLED after all.


        this is not oled so irrelevant for this comparison


          The Hisense 85r7 uses an 8bit panel with local dimming
          The LG UM7600 used a 10bit panel with local dimming when it detects HDR content only.

          A guy on youtube has a video of a racing game at night using HDR and in the black parts the LED's turn off to get as close to true black as possible.


          I guess LG decided to limit this TV's local dimming to HDR only so they can up sell their higher end models like the LG 86SM9400PTA


            @vid_ghost: About the dimming and Backlit, which technology is better? Direct or edge lit?

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              @OzBargein: For TV's with back-lit LED's VS edge-lit LED's there's been some type of local dimming added to improve black levels.

              Over the years each manufacturer has implementation some type of LED back light dimming.

              LG Advertise their 2019 models as close to OLED as you can get by turning OFF LED's to FAKE an OLED black light level of 0%

              I know higher up specs of HDR call for some type of dimming. I wouldn't put my faith in generic brands like Hisense to do as good of a job as SONY, Samsung or LG that have way better CPU and image processing engines.

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      Yes the Hisense is better 85r7

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    86 inches, sheesh thats a big boi

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      More than 7 submarine sandwiches diagonally……

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      I'm just amazed that in 2020, you can buy a 86" TV for $2.7k.

      That's about how much I spent on a 75" TV in 2017 and I thought that was a good deal…

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        If you want to feel good about your deal, I spent $12,000 on a 50 inch Plasma in the day about 15 years ago!


          I still remember when they first launched for $27,000 and I saw one for the first time at David Jones in Castle Hill. I remember being mindblown and wondering how anyone would ever afford such an amazing display. Then it dropped down to $10k, and a girl I knew a few streets away had one and everyone would go to her house just to watch it.

          Amazing how times have changed over about 15 years.

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    That's a 60 or 120Hz panel, most likely 60.


      its listed as 200Hz
      But i think the panel itself maybe runs at 100Hz with frames added by the AI Engine to make it look as smooth as 200Hz. :)

      From user reviews of this TV its buttery smooth motion.

      Motion Rate
      Tru Motion 200 with backlight scanning

      Only in the US do they advertise 60/120/240Hz for TV panels
      here in AUS we advertise 50/100/200Hz for TV panels

      PC Monitors are universal and you get 60/75/90/100/120/144Hz EXT

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    I jumped on this deal and unfortunately cracked the screen. Will be more careful next time not to rush.


    FYI: It took these guys 2 days to deliver this TV. $190 from Villawood to wollongong

    Ordered Wednesday Delivered Friday. NOW that's fast


    Regret buying a 75 not long ago.
    Anyone have this tv? Are the wall mount bolts 400mm apart? My wall mount I made isn't great to adjust

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