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[SCA Club Plus] JVC KWM750BT Car Stereo - Apple Carplay/Android Auto $345 @ Supercheap Auto


I've been keeping an eye out for a cheap Android Auto head unit as a risk mitigation to the new $1000 fine and 4 demerit points introduced in Queensland for even touching your mobile while driving.
Came across this as a heavily discounted price.

Supports both Android Auto and Apply Car Play, plus all the other things you'd expect (backup camera etc.)

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  • Any good user reviews?

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      scroll down the page on the link.

  • $1000 fine and 4 demerit points introduced in Queensland for even touching your mobile while driving.

    Can you touch your car radio ?

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      Can you touch your car radio ?

      How else are you going to get to "side B" on your mixtape?

    • The real irony in QLD / NSW is the new Bluetooth “gps” positioning system being rolled out in tunnels is using “beacons” created by Waze, and/or only supported by waze/google maps.

      Don’t touch your phone, but the technology being installed to help all the dangers and issues people navigating THROUGH A TUNNEL only works with a system that temps you to touch your phone as you drive … or new headset as the OP is suggesting.

      I suppose they had to increase the “device usage” fines to offset the decrease in speeding fines due to waze usage.

      In the interest of safe tunnel navigation, there should be mandatory use of waze for drivers at all time. You just don’t know when the least congested route on your journey may be through an unfamiliar tunnel, even if travelling in far north QLD or NT along the Stewart highway.

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        I find that incredible that a government would align such a service with a product that comes from one company. Corporatism has once again defeated free trade.

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    I don't get the nsw gov, no phones, no drinking water, wtf can I do as a driver

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      The new 'no chewing gum' laws commence in March too in NSW…

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        The police can request a urine sample if they suspect drug use, I reckon they are just taking the piss though

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          Good one, I'll give you brownie points for that

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      Drive the car?

      • Yes, I'm gonna be a star
        Beep beep'm beep beep yeah

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          want to neg you so bad for that earworm :D

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        too boring
        i refuse to conform to the weak minded in society controlled by the government about how i should drive

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          Ooooh we have a free thinker amongst us

    • You can still use your CB/Ham radio. I've got a Yaesu FTM-400XDR in my ute and every time I go through a checkpoint they always look twice at it trying to figure out if they can give me a ticket.

      A friend has a Ham Radio(Radio-Tone RT5) with a 3G mobile phone built in and he reckons it's a loop hole in the laws. I'm in the local SES road crash rescue squad and have seen first hand the results of peoples stupid inattention whilst driving so I wouldn't install one myself.

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      Drive maybe dsw460p (interesting nic)? There's no law against drinking water while driving, or eating for that matter, but there are laws about attention and proper control. The laws regarding phone use are based on research, although interestingly the distraction level is about the same for drivers using hands-free phone systems - which aren't banned.

    • The douche who said he was fined for drinking water was telling a fib. He was never fined or even pulled over.

  • I know model 3 has 15inch lg screen, is 6.8" enough

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      is 6.8" enough

      Often heard on Valentine's Day

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        Ahhh you got me there.
        I can provide in 3 instalments

  • There's something I don't quite understand. Maybe someone more knowledgeable could help.

    The product description says:
    "Apple CarPlay & Android Auto for calls, text messages and navigation via compatible smartphone"
    "Spotify full control works over Bluetooth for Android & Bluetooth or USB for iPhone"

    That seems to suggest that if you physically connect an Android phone via USB, you won't be able to use Spotify?

    I was under the impression that Android Auto automatically meant you could access all the standard apps on the screen (e.g. phone, messages, navigation and Spotify)? Or is this assumption not correct? (I don't have Android Auto in my car, but I have used it before in another car).

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      android and apple has different codes for controlling volume but skipping, pause and rewind its the same. This is the case for headphones and hence for this too

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      I think they are saying it has a Spotify control option built in outside of Android auto / carplay.

      If using those it will use the Spotify app directly via AA / Carplay

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        Yes. It means you don’t need to run AA or carplay to use Spotify, you don’t need to wire up the phone. Ironically of course you buy the head unit to use AA or CarPlay anyway.

    • Ah ok, that makes more sense. Thanks guys.

  • Is this standard double DIN size ?

    • Yes.

      • i picked one up today and it doesnt seem to be a standard sized double din.. i got a massive gap on the top.. dont think i can return it since ive cut the cables

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          Probably more to do with your car than the headunit.

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            @FTTNope: Likely. Aerpro and others sell fascia / faceplate kits. Search for your car make / model if there is one.

  • Sorry DIY noob here, is this unit will fit Toyota Corolla 2013 ascent sports without change harness?
    And after the installation are the buttons like volume/radio control and phone control on steering wheel still working?

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      I'm yet to see a car that didn't need a harness OR soldering into the factory harness

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        You can buy ready made harness adapters these days for around $30, well worth the cost considering the time you would spend pissing around cutting & soldering wires (or twisting together and taping up if you're a heathen)

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          If you are DIY install then yeah buying a ready made harness is a much quicker way. You would also be looking at a double din cradle and if you want to keep the steering wheel control buttons another connector is usually required.

          A mate (who’s handy with this stuff) and I did a Pioneer 6 inch dvd install on my Toyota Camry. The only bit I didn’t go with was the steering wheel adapter buttons, that was going be add something like $100 to the total job. From memory I got the cradle from JB with a new faceplate that matched the Camry and grabbed a harness while I was there, that ran about $75 for both.

          Stuff like that can be the difference between DIY install that works out at $500 ish with the above price, or going to a installer and paying $750 or more.

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          (or twisting together and taping up if you're a heathen)

          Oh God, I did this before I figured out you could just buy adaptors. They make life so easier. Aah, the folly of youth.

  • There's this unit as well. It seems to have similar specs but a slightly smaller screen

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      OP has Apple carplay/Android auto. This one doesn't

  • I'm looking to replace an old pioneer HU that doesn't have Android auto. Does this unit have time alignment, good eq and crossover settings? Can I run my seperates full active? Or do I need to buy a DSP?

    • Yes it has time alignment, 13 band EQ, and low pass and high pass crossovers (along with 4v pre-outs)

  • When comparing similar products, cheap comes from Aliexpress. We got this one for US$49

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      Aliexpress has hundreds of Android headunits, model specific with ISO harnesses so are plug and play.

    • Not quite the same as no CarPlay but given it’s an android unit Ali has CarPlay adaptors for $50 you can use with those to add on the feature. How did you get that unit for $49?

      • Not the same for sure, but much cheaper, and for our purposes it should do the same job.

        Ordered in Jan, my orders list says:
        $ 48.90 X1
        Product properties: ISO Cable + China
        (Price is US$)

  • I knew my new Kia Seltos had a good screen - 10.2 inch 1080p resolution. But they actually trying to pass off a WVGA Screen in the aftermarket of these? Does anyone make one even slightly decent that won’t make my eyes bleed? (Even Toyota’s $80,000 cars had ones that made my eyes bleed)

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      That sounds serious - save your money on a new head unit, and put it towards a visit to the ophthalmologist.

  • Is this still available?

  • Looks to be sold out.

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