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Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Low Profile Gaming Keyboard - $149 (Save $100) + Delivery $12.95 ($0 Sydney Pickup) @ Mwave


If you need a keyboard Mwave is having a daily deal on the:
*Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Low Profile Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX LP Red | $149 $249
*Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Low Profile Gaming Keyboard - Cherry MX Speed | $149 $249
Also Note: These are the low profile version meaning the key caps are lower than the normal mechanical keyboard
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    Remember to pick up 104 of these to deck out your new keeb


    My last Corsair K series keyboard started zapping me with electricial current on the side where it was aluminium. The letters on the ASWD keys also started to fade within a couple months of use.

    Would never buy another Corsair keyboard again.

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    Still the same price after 5 years, jesus


    Tried to do a price match at Centrecom Nunawading and they said no.


    Mwave have quite a few specials on Corsair products at the moment, including headsets, shame none of the ones I want.


    Need to get my husband a birthday present in March and he needs a new keyboard.

    He mostly plays DOTA (I think) but he plays other stuff at times… he won’t need it for work and typing as he’s got a work computer for that.

    I know nothing about keyboards 😳 is this a good one for the price?


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      Well they are normally $249 when they are not on special but it is subjective to say if this a good price however some evidence points from past deal on here on oz bargain that the price $149 hasn't change in years with similar model of this keyboard and they have over priced this model. Usually Mechanical Keyboards are quite pricey($139, $169 to $259) and you could find a cheaper mechanical that can do the same thing like the Logitech G512 deal that listed here which is on sale at the moment and you can find it sale at Harvey Norman. To kind of understand mechanical keyboards briefly is that have a switch and spring under the key cap and they make a lot of click noise but feel good to press and they last longer than standard keyboards. They also have Cherry Mx brown(Medium Noise), Blue(Highest noise) and Red (Most silent or lowest noise) to tell how much click noise they will make. Then there RGB lighting which is obvious they light up the keyboard and you can change colours using the software.

      Since your husband plays Dota and I'm not sure long he games for a palm rest might be idea if he games for long hours (Its the long black edge that's attached to the keyboard :) ). Maybe also check what previous keyboard he was using what brand he likes and I dunno ask some question about keyboards with being sus. But to be honest most these gaming keyboards all do the same thing just comes down to personal preference.

      Anyway good luck with your Hubby birthday present hopefully someone can explain it better than me.

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        Thankyou Danbi for taking the time to explain this to me, I was trying to figure out the difference everyone was referring to with the brown and red stuff!
        His current keyboard isn’t that exciting because I bought that one for him too, years ago…
        I’ll look out for one with a palm rest too!

        Thankyou again

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