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Boost Prepaid | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Telstra 4G | $135 Delivered @ Auditech


Boost 12 month starter kit. Saw the other one was expired so I went looking for another and found this. First post, let me know if I need to fix anything :)

From the website

Boost Mobile $150 Prepaid SIM starter kit for a new Boost $150 12 month expiry plan. 80GB data to use via Telstra network within 12 months. Unlimited calls & text to Australian standard numbers. Unlimited international standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations. Stream Apple music data free.

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  • Great work!

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      if your going neg atleast answer the question

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        It's also popular because of the international calls included. Optus doesn't have this

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      Optus is now Optusfail. The network coverage is so poor and even phone calls can cut off at Redfern Summer Hills NSW aling the railway. Optus can give you more data allowance, it is useless if you cannot use it.

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      It's popular because 1) It has free international calls to many countries. 2) It uses Telstra network. 3) It's very light on pocket. 4) It's a yearly plan - so sign up and forget for 12 months. 5) No other provider offers any plan with these inclusions at this price.

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    They also have the $300 prepaid SIM (240gb) down to $270

  • can this be used for recharge on existing prepaid with Boost

    • i think you have to port out first

    • Want to know the sam3

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      This is for new numbers or port-in's. If you want to recharge wait for a Coles deal. They often go for $135. Coles issue it as a starter SIM and recharge code.

      • This right here. And long expiry. I bought two last Easter, got my second top up code to use in a couple of months. 2 years of not having to think about paying for a phone for $270 with unlimited everything. Perfect.

        • Unlimited everything? Am I missing something?

          • @amustafa: Unlimited calls/SMS in Australia, and to 10 other countries. The I have 40gb of the 80 I got left, with 2 of 12 months to go. So I consider it unlimited data cause I have zero chance of running out.

            I really can't comprehend how people use more than a few gb a month. I stream music, podcasts, send photos to people, browse imgur, play mobile data using games and barely push 3gb a busy month.

  • Whats the process to port out an existing Optus number to this offer?

    • Pretty easy, just go here to activate the new boost sim, and it will ask if you want to bring your existing number across or activate a new number

  • This is literally the website I used to price match and I was thinking of posting. Good Job!

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      So many wrong thing.. so many

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      This is for 12 months, not 6 months = $11.25 per month

      • Ooops, you're right. I've seen a similar deal from boost for 6 months. I think I mixed things up. I suppose as long as you don't need much data, then it could be a good deal afterall.

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    If it sells out, it's also on their eBay store for $140 with PICK100 code

  • Sorry for the long winded comment but what’s with Boost (Telstra) not providing visual voicemail (or am I doing something wrong)? I’ve been with Kogan for a few years and got used to being able to see who’s left me a voicemail and being able to just hit the play symbol to listen to my messages…and now on boost, if feels old hat to have to go thru 101 and all the button pressing to then listen to each message before getting to the one I actually want to listen to. I honestly didn’t realise how much I liked visual voicemail and to be honest, I just thought it was something that my iPhone had decided to do rather than it being done by Kogan. So my point is, if you like visual voicemail, Boost is not for you. Maybe I’m just hopeless and haven’t set my account up properly so if you can get visual voicemail I’d love to know how. I switched from Kogan because the reception in Docklands in my apartment was rubbish and so far Boost, by using Telstra wifi calling has helped me to not miss any calls so I’m still happy I changed…but I’m surprised how much the voicemail thing bugs me.

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      im with boost and i just hit play to listen to my voicemail. Or is visual voice mail like a hologram thing? I must be missing out too!

      • Sadly No holograms either.
        Clearly something has gone amiss when I did the switch from Kogan as the voicemail icon on my iPhone 11 Max that I used to be able to just hit the play button of each message, now just has a text box that takes you to the Telstra 101 service.

    • If your handset supports RCS you get a multimedia message with the voicemail as an attachment, you just click play and it plays.

  • ou t of stock?

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      o ut of st o ck.

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    Got one at Officeworks Marion. Glad someone had gone in earlier and done a price beat or they would have checked the stock levels at Auditech.

  • dear buyer regarding boost sim.Since the supplier boost company have issue with logistics company toll ,you guys can find from boost or toll website . the sim card has not been delivered, The ETA hasnot been confirmed yet . Now the company's expected delivery time is this week, but it is not very sure. If you are still willing to wait, we will send the sim card to you once we received stock. If you are not willing to wait, we can refund to you .pls email me [email protected] or text me your name and order number and which day u have paid .thks again .

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