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Dunlop Direzza Dz102 from $100 Each (+ Fitting) @ Tyroola


I was shopping around for new tyres and came across these. Seems like an outstanding price. I found cheap fitting and alignment place in Tyroola and got My Car (used to be Kmart Tyre and Auto) to price beat at, they didn't seem happy about it but did it. Cost me $598 all in with alignment rather than $1100 through Beaurepaires.

Seems all sizes are cheaper than Tyresales (my size are out of stock though): https://www.tyresales.com.au/tyres/dunlop/direzza_dz102?gcli...

And way cheaper than Beaurepaires who said it was impossible for them to match the price.

Reviews for them seem pretty good.

If anyone has any insights as to why this is not a good deal or a better alternative please let me know, I am no expert when it comes to tyres.

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    Beware - I had these about 4 years ago on a V8 Commodore and they had very little grip wet or dry. Dangerous to the point that I wouldnt let my wife drive the car. I expect others may have had better experiences - maybe good for a lower powered and/or lighter car.
    They looked good though and looked unworn after 5000km. Probably due to the compound causing the lack of grip.
    Swapped for Bridgestone RE003s - now they were great tyres and much the same price at the time, as were the fantastic RE002s I had on the car before the Dunlops.

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      thanks for the heads up!


      Sounds like the bridgestone ecopias. Such poor grip to the point the car would slide a tad on roundabouts when it rained


      Thinking about it, actually 6 years ago since I had them and was attracted by the price. Was about $600 for the set since I got a 4 for 3 deal. These are old style tyres and can't be worth $1100.
      Please don't do it

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    Read reviews from around the world if you drive in the wet.

    However, its aqua planing & wet grip was rather terrifying.

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    It pretty much telling you what happen. Dire to drive zzzzza… the sound of sliding when wet ?


    Have ended up going for MaxContact MC6 instead. Any thoughts on these please let me know.


      Probably better but do look at the Bridgestone RE003, at least the compound is setup for Australia.

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