[Ex Demo] Colorful GeForce RTX 2080 Ti CH-V $1475, ASUS ROG Strix 2080 TI $1724 Delivered @ CGB Solutions


Saw this while browsing their specials

They're ex-demo and have defined the word of ex-demo in their descriptions.

1 year extended warranty is available on the 2080 Ti's for non physical damage.

Free shipping on all cards nationwide.

The deal looks to be until stocks last.

Haven't had a problem with any of my orders in the past.

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CGB Solutions
CGB Solutions


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    Though its mentioned in the description its ex-demo, might be better in title.

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    Brand new 2080 TI's have been under $1400 how are these ex demos a bargain ?


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      The Asus is one of the better binned 2080tis on the market. I recently bought a MSI gaming Trio X 2080ti because I couldn't find the Asus Strix for sub 2 grand. It is not a bad deal if you want the better end of the 2080ti spectrum.


        The MSI has a copper heat sink and dual ball bearing fans, whereas ROG Strix looks like nickel heat pipes and sleeve bearings*. So it's fairly pointless to pay a premium for better overclocking when it has crappy fans that won't last and less thermal dissipation, unless you plan on watercooling.

        FYI: Sleeve bearings aren't designed to be horizontally mounted, but they're the standard bearings found in most gpus to save money.

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          Good to know. I figured the MSI was probably better but it is good to hear I bought the right one.

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      There were small pricing errors on the cards as the poster jumped on it very fast,

      Small price decreases have been implemented

      Please also take into current global events that are affecting price and supply



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          That would be correct.

          Factories like Colorful and ASUS are primarily closed and so are primary transportation routes from China,

          We have received multiple lots of information informing us that supply will be low in the coming months so prepare for price hikes.


            @CGB Solutions: Well most would be better off holding until the new series are announced and the market recovers over this current virus then.

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              @solidussnake: If these Convid19 troubles continue we might see delays in the new cards due to the current state of China.

              These delays are being passed down from manufactures to suppliers to us,

              We're expecting to see price rises and already have

              These are serious issues that are coming into effect and need to be considered when planning for your next pc,

              We're currently forced to make our quotes only last 24 hours due to such price fluctuations,

              Poster better be on his toes

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    Hard to justify spending 1700 on a gpu with only 1 yr warranty.


    Assuming it's built to reference and you can fit the monster epenors cooler, buy the Colorful and an Artic Accelero Xtreme for ~$100.


    hard to ever justify the price of the 2080ti. but with the 30 series coming around the corner it would be a horrible time to buy one now.

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