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[VIC] Free Single Pancake & Double Silver Dollars for Purchases on Shrove Tuesday (25th February 2020) @ Pancake Parlour


(Long time lurker, first time poster ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Saw this on FB and found a link confirming free pancakes are back again on Shrove Tuesday from Pancake Parlour. You get a single pancake. You can "pimp" up your pancakes but cost of it is ambiguous. Download the app either on:

You can also get double Silver dollars (loyalty points) with any purchase on the day as well. Don't think Summer Parlour offers (when it hits 30+ degrees) can combine as T&C states so. Try at your own risk if you're feeling ambitious.


Free Single Pancake: Offer available from 9am - 11:59pm 25/02/20. Member must scan the Free Single Pancake offer in the Bonus Offers section of the Lovely Rewards app to redeem. Only one Free Single Pancake can be redeemed per member. Offer can be redeemed at any of our 12 Melbourne restaurants. Offer available dine-in only. Offer not valid in conjunction with any other offer provided by The Pancake Parlour.

Double Silver Dollars: Purchase ANY ITEM from our menu on Pancake Day and receive double the amount of Silver Dollars (loyalty points) that your choice is worth! Head over to Lovely Rewards to check out the stacks of member perks and rewards categories.

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    OP is it a single stack (of pancakes)(title) or a single pancake (terms and conditions)

    A bit confused


      I've looked through the page and it does mention both single stack of pancakes (which is 2) as a heading and a single pancake in the T&C. Going through last year's deal, I'm going to assume it's a single pancake. If it's not on the day, it'll just be a bonus on the day I guess :)


    What's the price?

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    Thanks OP, I just had mine in Docklands. It's one pancake + topping of choice. You can easily order online via the app as well: I went to PP, sat down, entered table number in the app and out came the pancake 5min later.


      Thanks for the tip Kontiki, was a massive queue at Melbourne central so I gave up but tried here later and it was handy to just order through the app


    Malvern East Pancake Parlour had no queue at 2:30 pm but a good crowd inside. Plenty of parking available. Was offered an extra pancake with the free one for $3.
    An email from The Pancake Parlour received yesterday stated that a $5 malt drink, $5 Sundae or $5 Hot Ball was available for purchase with the free pancake. The sundae was delicious!

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