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Event Cinemas: General Entry $8.95, Gold Class $22.50 (Valid to 31 Mar, Excl VIC/TAS) @ Groupon


Effectively $7.61 for a general entry and $19.12 for a Gold Class ticket after cashrewards 15% cashback.

Make sure you go through Cashrewards for each purchase, log into your Groupon account (do not use the guest checkout option), and buy one voucher at a time with the promo code applied.

eVouchers are valid to 31 March 2020
Not valid for use on sessions from 5pm on Saturdays

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Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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    eVouchers are valid to 31 March 2020



    Groupon suck. Their online system is very buggy. I purchased a dinner as a gift and had to book it through my account. Everything kept bringing up errors and looping. It finally went through as booked only for the people to turn up and be told there was no booking. Surely enough online it had reverted back to unused. It was very embarrassing and time wasted for not only me but the people that travelled in to go to dinner only to be turned away.

    Groupon decided to give me my money back in the form of credit, in the fine print it had to be used in 30days which I was not aware of. It is a refund of my money due to their dodgey systems but they decided to limit the refund of my money for 30 days. Surely there are laws around the refund of money, I mean even gift cards now have to be valid for 3 years.

    Only buy vouchers that you can ring up and book yourself, don't use them if you need to book online through groupon.


      contact them and demand they refund your credit card instead.

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      they first offer the refund in Group On credit - you needed to be persistent and ask for the refund back to your card!


        just doesn't seem legal that they can limit the return of your money for 30 days. I would have though a store credit is viewed along the same lines as a gift card which has been enforced as a 3 year expiry.

        I complained after going to spend my credit and finding out that in the fine print there is a '30 day' clause and I had missed that. Even threatened to check with the ACCC as 30 days doesn't right and they came back with a one time offer of another 14days to spend my refund. Will try push for a refund to my card and see what happens.

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    Coupon only applies for 1 deal at a time. So be sure to buy tickets separately if buying multiple for discounts to apply 👍


    Does Gold Class offer anything over Hoyts recliner seat option?

    Minus being able to get food, I can’t see any other benefit?

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      The chairs are huge and amazing. I am a big lady but the gold class chairs have heaps of room even for me. The leg rest is also a big winner for me. There's a little table between seats, so no tiny cupholder like in standard cinemas. In addition, you can schedule when you would like your meals, drinks and desserts to be delivered, so you can automatically receive a fresh drink halfway through if you wish.

      I just go for the chairs to be honest. SO COMFY.

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    Add $1.50 for baloney booking fee.


    Don't forget 7% shopback with groupon.

    9 tickets cost me $83.70 bargain.


      Um… did you not use the promo code for extra 10% off?

      If you went with Cashrewards and used the promo code, it would have just cost you $68.49 for 9 tickets.

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