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NanoPresso Portable Espresso Maker - $71.90 + Free Shipping @ Alternative Brewing


Best Price including Free Shipping Australia Wide on the NanoPresso Portable Espresso Maker with the Coupon OZnano - LIMITED TIME, Price recently reduced!

The Popular NanoPresso with 490+ Reviews!

Despite its small size, the NanoPresso packs a punch. You can fit 8 grams of coffee in the portafilter and up to 80 ml of water in the reservoir, giving you the ability to brew single shots.

The brewing process is friendly to espresso newcomers and veterans alike. Simply press the pumping knob a few times and you’ll generate up to 18 bars of pressure – enough pressure to rival expensive commercial machines.

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  • +5

    What's the bass like on these …oh, sorry, it's a coffee maker.

    • Heh! :-)

  • +3

    Been using this daily for a few months. Highly recommend. Makes a great shot and very easy to use. Sure it's more effort than a pod machine but the only waste is the grind so better for environment, and cheaper.
    Get the barista kit if you want a double shot or make 2 coffees regularly.

  • Simply the best way to churn out an espresso shot on the go since the Australian-designed MyPressi Twist sadly disappeared from the market.

  • great product
    I got the nespresso attachment and use this when on holidays to the usa

  • +1

    If you are on the fence about one of these, do it. Such a great little machine.

    Definitely pick up the barista kit though.

    • Yes this - the barista kit is a must imho

      I used the Nanopresso + Barista Kit for a while (before I picked up a machine for a bargain) and, while a bit more effort, the results were very good.

      I took it travelling with me, but ended up using a french press instead as I was in New Zealand while it was pretty chilly and needed a long drink to keep warm while driving.

      Make sure you have a half decent grinder too, i.e. not a blade type, use fresh beans and heat up the nanopresso with hot water and you'll be happy with the results.

      Plus - you can operate it in pressurised or non-pressurised modes, which adds heaps more flexibility.

  • This is an absolute life saver for camping. Highly recommend.

  • I have the minipresso - is the barista kit compatible with that model?

    • Its okay - the minipresso is not compatible.

  • Do you have any auto milk foamers you can recommend ?

  • +2

    Any chance of a joint deal with the Barista kit?

    • +1

      Hi OP, I am also interested in this. Hope you can make something for us. TA.

  • Any news on the Leverpresso V3?

  • Any deals on the pipamoka? :)

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