This was posted 1 year 11 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Apple AirPods 2 w/ Wireless Case $245, AirPods 2 $199 + Delivery (Free C&C NSW/QLD) @ Umart ($232.75 / $189.05 Officeworks PM)


Greetings everyone, Umart have dropped the prices on these airpods again to some great prices, the Wireless Charging model is one of it's cheapest prices in a long time.

Apple AirPods 2nd Gen with Wireless Charging Case for $240 C&C (Or + Delivery) Now $245 C&C (Or + Delivery)

Apple AirPods 2nd Gen Wireless Earphones for $199 C&C (Or + Delivery)

Price match at Officeworks for a 5% price beat, depending on the operator they may add the delivery cost, however if you try in store they may just match the base prices if you're outside of NSW/VIC.

As always, enjoy :)

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    Damn $228 for wireless charging case with OW PBG is tempting… Still waiting for a good Pro's deal!

  • Officeworks will only match with price including shipping. so they will beat $209 - 5%


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      Should be fine for price before delivery in NSW/QLD as C&C is available, others it depends on the store clerk if they add shipping or not, some people have had luck matching the pre-shipping price.

    • Depends on who serves you… Can get lucky.
      Just gotta keep trying in true OzB fashion!

      • I got this in Adelaide Yesterday. picked up for around $198

    • Act like you don't know about the shipping costs, Umart forces you to register before you can check the shipping cost.
      I managed to price match in SA without the added shipping cost.
      Person at the counter radioed the manager about having to register to check the shipping cost, manager radioed back 20 seconds later saying because they have a physical store shipping cost didn't need to be added. YMMV
      (Keswick store for those playing at home)

    • Just picked up from OW Pitt Street. The guy in the counter already knew about the Umart deal. Did a price match and price beat bringing it down to $189.05. Outta the store in 2 mins.
      Thanks OP

      • Didnot keep myself updated. Scroll down for better deal

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      No, the $199 model has a charging case but it's not wireless charging compatible, it charges with a lightning cable.

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    Grrr, have been holding out to get the Airpods Pro but this price is tempting. Love my originals for all day use including Skype for Business but batteries are starting to degrade after 3 years heavy use.

  • For those holding out for AirPods pro, did you sign up for the kogan credit card deal? I used my kogan credit to get AirPods pro…

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      No, not willing to support a dodgy company with poor customer support.

      • Kogan customer support is trash. I'd be surprised if they have any returning customer

  • People on the phone using airpods look twice as crazy as everyone else who talks to themselves because they also cut the cords off their headphones.

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    SKU: MV7N2ZA/A
    (OW -$178)

    • Great find.

    • These are the 2nd gen ones too right? Great find btw

      • Yes they are ..

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      Thank you! Got OW to beat it and got it for $178.60

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        Very decent ElleV well done :) Great price!

      • Hi Elle. How did you get that price?
        From my calculation 5% off is $189. Thanks.

        • I really hope that $188 - 5% sure doesn't equal a dollar more

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          Its $188 at TheSchoollocker

          • @fantoo: I see. But I check on OfficeWorks website, they don't have non-wireless case. Any idea anyone?

        If anyone else needs a copy

    • Absolute gold nugg.

    • Managed to get OW to price beat although they tried to reject saying the deal was not available to general public .

    • I just purchased them today for $178. Thanks

    • These are sold out now.

  • I was on the fence about getting airpods but decided to pull the trigger
    make sure to give them the product code if you're getting the wireless charging case, walked out with the wrong one.
    turns out they didnt have stock of it so they put it through as a C&C order.

  • Anyone tried the i500 TWS clones?

    • They're trash, just get the real ones imo

  • $245 and $188 for these at the school locker

    Seems to be in good stock.

    • This offer is better to match against at OW outside NSW and Qld. When matching against Umart, OW will add $10 shipping to the price, so eg. in Vic it’s $240+10 minus 5%, so $237.50. Against The School Locker it’s $232.75.

  • I’ve just ordered some Airpods Pro from them online and had to pay a 1.5% fee for credit card or PayPal… Pretty unusual nowadays, especially for online stores. They’re the only place I can find with stock of the AirPod Pro (I’m in WA.)
    They don’t charge for BPAY or DD, but that doesn’t help much unless you have the $ in the bank to pay for it. I guess now I’ve started a thread about credit card spending vs saving up :)

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    Real good deal I thought.
    Popped in just now and snapped up a pair.
    Thanks for the tip lads, great community!

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    Thanks for the deal. Just got one @ $189.05 :)

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    Thanks for the deal! Got one from OW today :)

  • Got the wireless from OW today, they didn't have it it stock but delivery is free scheduled tomorrow :) thanks OP!

  • Thanks, got one from OW today.

  • Thanks for the Officeworks idea! I got mine today, I think a few of you must have gone to the same store because the staff seemed prepared to check the Umart deal as it was already up on one of their computer screens

  • As per JB rep, Umart is grey import and Apple won't honor the warranty. Is that true? They said they can't price match with Umart and OW shouldn't have matched either. Has anyone tried OW today? If so can you post a receipt?

    • I’ve had JB price match Umart before.

  • Now Umart deal is gone.

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