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Pepsi 1893 Ginger Cola 24×300ml $12 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


It is back.

24 cans of 300ml. Ginger only.

Free shipping for Prime members or with $39 minimum spend.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    And the price is?

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      All the monies!

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      OP added the price almost at the same instant that you commented!

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    1893, NYSE crashes and a depression starts. At least they had ginger cola to wash away their sorrows (and teeth)

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      It is that good.

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    I wonder if this is new stock or if they've found a bunch of short dated or expired cases somewhere. The last batch from Amazon back in January had a best before of 2 March 2020 and from what I've read Pepsi 1893 is discontinued in the US and Australia.

    • A shame, easily the best cola on the market. Only discovered it recently too.

    • I imagine it’s still short dated stock. I bought in one of the previous deals after it was discontinued and it came with March 2020 dates.

      • Yep, I even went to my local Coles to take a look.

        They are selling 4x packs for $6 with best before March 8 2020.

        They still have ‘fizz’ but don’t taste ‘fresh’.

        I remember buying these last year and they tasted amazing.

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      from what I've read Pepsi 1893 is discontinued in the US and Australia.

      Oh for fck's sake…

      Of course they had to discontinue it. The one new flavour either of the two Cola giants introduce in the last 15 years that doesn't taste like ass, and they discontinue it. Great market research d*ckheads.

      Well, I'm going to be raiding every Coles/Woolies in my vicinity for stock until I can find no more.

      Edit: Do you actually have a source? I can only find vague mentions of Pepsi 1893 being discontinued in the US but that was over a year ago.

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        I work in the industry and I can assure you it’s discontinued.

    • 10th May, so it wouldn’t have been the same batch.

    • I got 10 May 20202 from this deal

  • thanks OP

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    Regular 1893 was short date. Currently $10 for 24 at nqr for ginger and regular. https://nqr.com.au/pages/weekly-specials. Bought ginger and dated March 2020

  • Thanks OP, got one :)

  • Noiice thanks op

  • Short date

    • +8

      To be honest, I didn't think that cola would last 127 years to begin with.

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    Looks like it’s gone.

    • OzBargained

  • So did Pepsi start off as a quack remedy like Coca Cola did?

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      Pepsi started off a "Brad's drink", which was supposed to aid digestion (Pepsi is an Americanised version of the Greek word for digestion: πέψη)

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    Damn it, always miss out.

  • Plenty of stock at NQR Fountain Gate!

  • What's the point of 300ml cans? Is it just to rip us off?

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      I prefer 300ml cans. They are more space efficient in the fridge (per can vs per ml) and I can never finish the standard can anyway.

  • I bought when this deal had 3 clicks. I got 10 May 2020 expiry

  • Can confirm 10 May 20

  • My ones were dated may too, unfortunately the delivery person just chucked them over our wall, I was even in at the time, and half the order ruptured on impact.
    Amazon already refunded the whole order.

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