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NetGear Nighthawk Pro XR500 Gaming Wireless Wi-Fi Internet Router 802.11ac Gigabit Ports, Black - $285 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Netgear Nighthawk Pro XR500 on Amazon for $285 delivered with prime.

Not sure how cheap this has been before but most online retailers selling for around $390. I bought one myself a couple of weeks ago through officeworks price matching amazon while it was $325 delivered. They should be able to match this cheaper price for $270.25. Fantastic router if you can get past the gamer aesthetic, very easy to set up and plenty of settings to fiddle with if that's your thing.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Can anyone be so good and tell me if this still a good buy to use as an all purpose home router or do you specifically have to be into gaming to see any benefits?

    I am after a new router but streaming and a good wifi coverage over a large area is more important to me.


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      there is actually zero if any benefit to gamers by using a gaming router, with the exception it may be pre-configured for QOS to favour gaming (which you can do on most routers anyway)

      its the same with gaming-focused network adapters. They dont really do anything better specifically for gaming, they might just have some easy to use features that make game traffic take priority.

      • Cheers for the explanation. I was looking at the ASUS RT-AC68U but this XR500 seems to be a better spec.

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          a handy rule of thumb is anything labelled as a 'gamer' product is actually just a regular product with an uglier design and a minimum 30% markup

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            @Laserface: Only half true.

            For example, high end gaming monitors feature backlight strobing, adaptive refresh and high refresh rates which regular monitors do not have.

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              @Diji1: look gaming laptops and monitors I will give a pass to.

              gaming chairs, desks, NICs however can all go straight in the bin.

              mice and keyboards walk a weird middle ground. I dont really think you need mechanical keyboards for gaming and LOL if you think a wired vs wireless mouse is even remotely perceptible by the average person (because thats all most gamers are, incredibly average people)

              if you are playing games at a level where 10ms lag either at a network or input level is costing you the win, you're a professional gamer and should be playing at tourneys on a dedicated LAN and earning money.

              there are few instances where you are going to be able to prove your router as giving you the advantage that got you the win.

        • to give you some guidance, you want to make sure the router has MU-MIMO for best range.

          most of the mid-high end routers will be significantly better coverage than what you get free from an ISP - my telstra modem got 2 bars in a small house (phone at one end, router at the other) with only a few walls in the way. my R7000 router in the same position I was getting 3 bars half way down the street.

          just read reviews for the routers you're interested in and see how they fair for wifi range/speed.

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          i do find the interface and settings to be of interest - especially Acer interfaces,and specifically QOS.
          I found these things to be IMMENSELY handy when i had rubbish ADSL 2+ internet to QOS the interwebs, prio-ing gaming traffic whilst allowing wifey to stream 720p netflix.
          obv these things can be achieved on a regular router, however the interfaces is nowhere near as user friendly (currently using DD-WRT) and yeh, just not as easy.

      • if you have a reasonably fast internet connection then enabling QoS will just slow things down anyway.

      • Kinda incorrect there mate, the Duma OS is quite useful with features like Geofilter it actually which stop you connecting to overseas servers or connecting with overseas players depending on the radius set by you.

    • This is a very good router if you don't mind the price.

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    Has been $231.20 on previous deals

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      Haha ouch. Here i was thinking i got a decent deal with the $325 price match.

  • Is this better than the Nighthawk R700?

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    I have this one, it doesn't work properly with TPG FTTC which uses VLAN tagging for the traffic. It can establish a connection and WiFi works but for some reason when VLAN tagging is on none of the ethernet ports are able to communicate with each other or Wi-Fi connected devices (bad news if you're running a home server or security cameras). I was able to get around the issue by using the ISP provided router and setting it up as a DMZ and having that one hold the connection while the XR500 just receives internet in the WAN port.

    Also there was a lot of room for improvements (like themes and extra modules that can be installed) but nothing has been released and it's like Netgear/Netduma have abandoned it.

    In terms of functionality it has good range and can reach all corners of the house (3 bedroom) but the interface is quite clunky and if you have more than 50 devices the interface gets really bogged down (the network map/device list). Given the choice to buy again I would go with something else, I'm coming from Airport Extreme with a few Airport Express for range extension.

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    I own this and hate it. I only have my self to blame as I was to lazy to write my own Geofilter script which doesn't even work for ModernWarfare might I add. Your paying a premium for something that is frustratingly slow, clunky and tedious. You can't even limit speed per device it's all or nothing. Would not recommend.

    • Yeah I have struggled with the geofilter in mw too though I haven't put in any time to look at the support for it. You can limit the speed per device in QoS settings?

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        They have been promising it's coming since launch, still not here…..

        Yes you can but you have disable bandwidth sharing. So if I just want 1 device to have a set limit and the rest share whatever's left I can't. This is a basic feature that doesn't exist on this.

  • I was just start looking for quality router. And this deal posted here. Our street number just got connected with NBN HFC cable. I got 2 story townhouse and currently struggling with wifi range. I am looking for NBN HFC compatible router with nice wifi range. if anyone suggest here would much appreciated. I am planning to buy Vodafone NBN 100 Premium plan. But I have done some research and review its not that great to using vodafone modem due to its wifi range. So I am planning to buy outright router and vodafone nbn plan without router.
    Thanks in advance.

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      you wont find any 'HFC compatible' routers because usually HFC requires is own modem and you cant buy them at retail as they are usually tied/programmed to your connection by the ISP.

      what you do is buy a router-only (as in, no modem built in, such as this model or similar) and then connect the HFC modem to one of the LAN ports (either the dedicated WAN port, or one that can be configured in the router software to be the WAN port)

      in that sense, any 'router' is compatible with HFC NBN. in fact, most VDSL/ADSL modems are too- you just lose one of your LAN ports as its required to connect your modem.

  • If you want your router compromised, because the vendor is (profanity) hopeless with security and gas been for years, then buy Netgear.

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      Thank God the gas is hopeless

  • How does this compare to the DLink? as this is only $99 dollars. It's a lowest price for the brand new unit on the Internet.


  • Not valid anymore.

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