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Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 IS STM Macro Lens $348 Delivered @ CameraPro


Cheaper than the current Amazon deal (at least until they match it) and in stock, so no waiting for back order.

Coupon gives an extra $50 off all Canon R Series on sale. Free priority shipping.

The Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L IS Lens is also a decent price at $1,198 with the coupon.

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  • +1

    Excellent price! If you are on the fence, don’t oomm aahhh, just get it.

  • 0.75% surcharge, $353.15 total. very good price

    • Ah forgot to mention surcharge on some payments. I just used Zip to avoid it.

  • Super awesome price. The cheapest I have seen.
    Can somebody comment of the FR 24-105 mention above by the OP?
    Good price?

    • Amazon has the 24-105 for $1,249, but the extra $50 off here makes it the cheapest I've seen. It's a damn good, versatile lens looking at reviews. Personally, I'm just going to hold out to upgrade my EF 24-70 f/2.8 to the RF version once there's some better bodies and I switch over entirely to mirrorless.

      • R5, R6 and R7 are coming out this year (probably 5D, 6D and 7D successors).

        • is canon going all mirrorless now?

          • +1

            @dy4me: Heading that way - they did just announce their flagship 1DXiii - more targeted at professional sports photographers but they’ve also said they’re not really planning on releasing anymore EF glass, they just need to get out a professional level R series (sounds like R5 is going to be it) to replace the 5D. That being said the 1DX seems to have some hybrid features so they may still go that route…

        • Yeah the R5 looks promising, just waiting on pricing to see if it's going to be financially viable to make the switch in the short term.

    • If you can only afford one lens or can only carry one, this is the one to get as this range covers 95% of use cases, at least for me anyway. And being an L series, it is premium glass and body construction. The 5-year warranty is icing on the cake, no other brand matches that length.

      • How about canon RF 24-240 ? Is it good lens?

        • It's versatile but is a "budget" lens with F/4-6.3 aperture and compromised to get it to that price point. The RF 24-105mm is L serises with constant aperture F4, premium glass and better build quality. I believe it has the best balance between quality image, versatility and cost. IF you have more spare dough the F/2.8 would be even better :-)

      • Like @Wick recommended, I have this RF 24-240, it is good. Quite versatile for general use and audience. Mind you, I am not a pro nor willing spent time on Lightroom to touch up though so I did not put all the photos I took under a microscope :-)
        However, if I have some spare I would go for the 24-105 f4/L or even 24-70 f2.8L (price on this one is an ouch for me).

  • cries in Sony land

  • +2

    Currently running around Vietnam with this lens on my Canon R. Added a cir-pol filter onto it and it’s achieving some cracking results. I usually run a 1DXii setup so wasn’t expecting to be that impressed with the R + 35mm combo, but really loving it!

    • Can you share what filter that you used for your 35mm?

  • Hi there

    Pardon my ignorance, will these fit with 700D or they are just for the mirror less?


    • No just for mirrorless

    • Mirror less only :)

    • In summary, all RF lenses are for the new R series (mirrorless) cameras, won't go into anything older than that.

  • Bought one without EOS R body. Just waiting for another big sale on EOS R.

    • New EOS R5 was announced recently so hopefully you'll see some good deals.

      • Won't be on sale till June, so you would have to wait till then for good R deals to filter through. Even then the R5 is for a different nmarket segment and won't sell for less than 5 grands.

  • Bought it, cheers! Hopefully this can replace my cheap 50mm EF with RF adapter ring.

    • You will love it.

  • +1

    Coupon "CANON50' have now expired & has been replaced with "CANON25OFF" to take further $25 off instead of $50. So OP please update the deal accordingly.

    • Thanks, updated.

  • Looks like the CANON50 code is active again when I check it just now!

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