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Logitech.com Online Store Special: Free UE200 with $50 Purchase; Free P&H on ALL Orders over $80


You Can now buy directly from Logitech.com
from website:
For limited time only, we are giving out free Ultimate Ears 200 with purchase of $50 or more exclusively on logitech.com.
Simply browse through our product catalogue, select the product that you want and checkout via our secure shopping cart. Owning your favorite Logitech product has never been easier!
(Offer ends on September 30. Gift comes with poly bag in same package with the ordered items.)
We are also offering FREE Shipping with the order value of $80 and more for all customers.
Visit Logitech.com for more events and discounts

Looks like a good deal (providing their prices are competitive)

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    Seems like everything is really expensive on there though. logitechshop have a sale on atm and everything seems at least half the price as logitech.com


    and you can buy 4x ULTIMATE EARS 200 EARPHONES - POLYBAG for $35 at logitechshop http://www.logitechshop.com.au/4x-ultimate-ears-200-earphone...


      Having bought these 4 for $35 from LTS I can confirm they are good quality and spectacular value at this price (from LTS that is)

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    wow what a rip off the MX 5500 went for100 bux on the logitech shop (none in stock at the moment), however direct from logitech its 200…. screw your free UE200 its cheaper to get them at the logitech shop!

    ie for the price of an item you could buy the ultimate ears and the item cheaper at the logitech shop… many items also already include free P&H

    another example 605 is 129, LTS is $59.00


    Just got that email too.

    "Looks like a good deal (providing their prices are competitive)"

    Herein lies the problem…

    The UE200's are worth $15 delivered.

    Shipping on Logitech.com is around $13 (free if order over $80), so when you compare anything to the LTS, you will be hard pressed to find a good deal.

  • +5 votes

    Sorry to neg, but Logitech RRP are ridiculous.
    staticice.com.au or logitechshop.com.au are a much cheaper way to buy their stuff.
    Squeezebox Duet
    logitech.com $599
    logitechshop.com.au $295

    Squeezebox Touch
    logitech.com $499
    logitechshop.com.au $229

    Performance Mouse M950
    logitech.com $149
    logitechshop.com.au $55

    Also at logitechshop.com.au you can get a bag of 4 x Ultimate Ears 200 for $35 with free delivery.

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    This is a massive disappointment. And the prices are at least 2x higher on some items that LTS.

    I hope this doesn't mean LTS are going to close :-(


      logitechshop.com.au isn't run by logitech, I think it's fluidtek, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Even Logitech recommends that you buy from Logitech Shop.


    What a Logitech Official RRP reference site. Nice!


    very exp…


    all products are overprice….


    logitech rrp?

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