Best Place to Trade in Games?

Hey guys,

Where is the best place to trade in games? I don't want to deal with the choosing beggars on Gumtree and would prefer to walk into a store and trade in games in bulk. I bought Smash Bros at launch, decided to sell as the game wasn't for me and EB offered me $30 for a game that was just released and retailing at $89. Is EB open to price negotiation or would I get a better trade in value at a pawn broker / brick and mortar shops?

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    EB have to resell the game + overheads that is why you were only offered $30. If you want more you will have to sell yourself online. If it is just Smash Bros and you are asking for a decent price it should sell quickly.


      The prices EB offer for trade ins are a joke considering how much they mark up the used games they sell. I've already sold the copy of Smash, but I've got quite a few Switch / PS4 games I need to get rid of.

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    Is EB open to price negotiation or would I get a better trade in value at a pawn broker / brick and mortar shops?

    EB will never negotiate a better trade-in value. Ever.
    JB Hi-Fi also accept trade-ins, but it's not much better and the same can be said about pawn shops.

    Really, the best bet is to sell it on eBay and hope for the best. Or, sell it to a friend?


      Thought as much, thanks for the clarification. Ebay is definitely my best bet, so it's something to consider.


    Find some trading forums to sell the game, like ocau.

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    I sold most of my Nintendo games on gumtree, but you'll have to deal with idiots with lowball offers.

    EBgames can be a good avenue if you have some level of membership with them AND you plan to use the shop credits. I usually go to JB and scout the pricing first though. For example, traded in Valkyria Chronicles 4 recently with JB for $15 store credit. EBgames only offered $3. It varies with the games so do ask.

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      After my phone was blown up with $200-$250 offers for my GTX 1070 FE I vowed never to use that glorified flee market again. Dealing with the low ballers and beggars isn't worth it.

      Does JB only offer in store credit? I might give them a call tomorrow.

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      ‘I sold most of my Nintendo games on gumtree, but you'll have to deal with idiots with lowball offers.’

      God, tell me about it. I think I’ve met some of the nicest, and also the scummiest people through Gumtree. But there are definitely some good eggs floating around.

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      you'll have to deal with idiots with lowball offers

      I ignore all lowball offers. Sometimes it's hilarious to a get response from the buyer saying that you "owe" them the item at that price or they've arranged a meeting place but get pissed off when you don't show up.


        Or the classic "I'm a single parent and can only afford X amount". Had a guy try and low ball me $800 for a $1300 gaming rig. Maybe you shouldn't be spending what little disposable money you have on a bloody PC to play games when you're responsible for a child mate.

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    eBay auction the best bet. Even after the fees you'll still be better off than EB games.

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    Another place is CEX, while still low offers at least you can check the amount that they will pay in cash or credit on their website.

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    I got good deals from Facebook market place and eBay.

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    So you want the convenience of selling to a place like EB but you don't want to get ripped off?

    Either sell it yourself and deal with the morons or sell it to someone else who need to sell it for a profit and will low ball you.

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    Always sell on eBay/Gumtree unless you need the money ASAP.


    You want top dollar but you're not willing to do the work for it? Can't expect any decent trade value from a shopfront. You can easily sell Smash Bros yourself for at least $60 with a free Gumtree or eBay ad.

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    Just like somebody said above, try CeX if you have one near. The are offering $35 cash for smash bros ultimate and $45 store credit.

    But I would say its better if you try to sell it on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree.

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    I've posted all the games on Ebay and they are selling well. Everything on Gumtree takes too long to sell unless you're willing to accept low ball offers and the trade in value at EB / other places was very low.

    Thanks for all the suggestions!

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