Tokyo, Japan Return in Business with Fiji Airways, MEL $2307, SYD $2321, BNE $2362 (& 320 QF Status Credits) @ Beat That Flight


Fiji Airways has an amazing price in Business Class to Tokyo, Japan!

You can also earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points and status credits for Fiji Airways flights! These fares book into “I” class, which earns Qantas points at “Business” rates. With a round-trip Business class ticket from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to Tokyo (via Nadi), you would earn a minimum of 15,000 Qantas points and 320 status credits – more than enough to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Silver status.

It's also possible to open-jaw this if you don't want to return to the same city in Australia.

From forums it's possible to also stop off in Fiji at no extra cost on the flight.

Melbourne to Tokyo, Business Return

Price Date
$2307 18 May to 02 Jun
$2307 28 May to 09 Jun
$2307 11 Jun to 23 Jun
$2307 11 Jun to 26 Jun
$2307 03 Sep to 06 Sep
$2307 03 Sep to 15 Sep

Sydney to Tokyo, Business Return

Price Date
$2321 18 May to 02 Jun
$2321 18 May to 05 Jun
$2321 01 Jun to 16 Jun
$2321 01 Jun to 19 Jun
$2321 09 Jun to 30 Jun
$2321 11 Jun to 23 Jun
$2321 11 Jun to 26 Jun
$2321 23 Jun to 05 Jul
$2321 23 Jun to 26 Jun
$2321 30 Aug to 08 Sep
$2321 30 Aug to 11 Sep
$2321 01 Sep to 04 Sep
$2321 01 Sep to 13 Sep
$2321 03 Sep to 06 Sep
$2321 03 Sep to 15 Sep
$2321 05 Sep to 08 Sep
$2321 05 Sep to 11 Sep
$2321 11 Sep to 29 Sep
$2321 13 Sep to 25 Sep
$2321 15 Sep to 27 Sep

Brisbane to Tokyo, Business Return

Price Date
$2362 11 Sep to 29 Sep
$2368 18 May to 05 Jun
$2368 01 Jun to 19 Jun
$2368 11 Jun to 26 Jun
$2368 03 Sep to 15 Sep

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    any insights into Fiji Air's biz class product?


      from the linked forum post:

      "Fiji Airways uses Airbus A330s on its flights between Nadi and Tokyo’s Narita airport. These seats are identical to those found on Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777-200 aircraft; angle-flat Business class beds in a 2-2-2 layout.
      Fiji Airways Business Class
      Fiji Airways Airbus A330 Business Class

      On flights between Australia and Nadi, Fiji Airways operates a mixture of Boeing 737s, Airbus A330s and Airbus A350s. The Fiji Airways Boeing 737 Business class features recliner seats, while the Airbus A350 has the airline’s newest product with fully-flat Business seats in a 1-2-1 layout."

  • +4 votes

    Any advice on rogue apostrophes?


    The link mentions Brisbane is that a mistake?

    "With a round-trip Business class ticket from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to Tokyo…"


    What does open jaw mean?


    Turns an 8 hour journey into a 36 hour journey flying home to Brisbane.



      Crikey! Yep, honestly that makes no sense
      Better pay a few hundred bucks more for the qantas one or go economy


    Crazy prices. I'm flying to Fiji in economy for a similar price

  • +3 votes

    more than enough to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Silver status

    Just remember you also need to fly 4 eligible sectors with jetstar/qantas to get silver.

  • +3 votes

    FYI these are Rubbish business class seats. They don’t lay flat and not every person has direct aisle access. Not acceptable by today’s standards for flights of this duration. More of a premium economy product. There is always a reason why they’re cheaper

    • +1 vote

      On the newest Emirates business class 777, not every seat has direct access….agree, really stupid and rip off.


      Not quite true - the older A330's are a 2-2-2 configuration, they're not competitive with the best, but far from the worst. I'd say they're similar to the older Qantas "Skybed" that used on the A380/B747. Personally I don't mind 2-2-2 if travelling with another person as I usually like the window seat, but also like to have someone to talk to on a long flight.

      The newer Fiji A350's are a 1-2-1 configuration, so they definitely do have direct aisle access. I've heard they are fully flat but I haven't tried them yet.

      I'd say the bigger problem would be the extremely long layover in Fiji, making this difficult to recommend unless you actually want to stopover in Fiji.


    Also FYI no travel insurance will cover any virus related issues.

    If you happen to get sick, and get labelled as having the coronavirus you are going to be responsible for all medical expenses as far as I can tell. If flights get cancelled due to expansion of travel ban to include Japan you also cannot claim…

    Not high, but also not zero risks involved….

  • +1 vote

    Be careful booking ex BNE as you may end up stuck on a Malindo flight as they are currently operating some BNE - NAN flights on behalf of Fiji Airways.


    The double status is inaccurate. You won't be eligible for double status. Flights have to be qantas operated and have a qf-code so this wouldn't work


    7 hour layovers.. come on.


      If a business ticket gives you lounge access (and the lounge is available/open) then a 7h layover isn't that bad at all..

  • +4 votes

    I've flown Fiji airways on the a330 and the seats are perfectly fine
    The Malindo flight isn't that bad. For a short flight ot Nadi its perfectly fine.

    The a350 is a new game altogether. The seats are lay flat

    Why complain about the seats. Would you rather sit in cattle class shoulder to shoulder listening to crying babies? No thx

    Flown on all 3


    I've flown Fiji Air many times over 20 years…more recently on Airbus A350-900 and Boeing 737-850 and would never pay the extra for Business class with this airline.The food on Air Fiji is beyond ordinary in all classes.

  • -2 votes

    Coronavirus is all over Japan. Book at your own risk.

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