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GL.inet GL-MT300N-V2 300mbps Travel Router Wi-Fi / Dual Ethernet Ports $24.51 + Post ($0 w/ Prime or $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Feed your inner geek some (more) Mango :)

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The GL-MT300N-V2 supports full OpenWRT, multiple modes and the USB 5V 1A power input gives you heaps of options to power (from notebook, phone charger, powerbank) for remote applications.

New firmware 3.100+ supports TOR in the standard interface

Check previous posts for usage cases, questions etc.

MINI TRAVEL ROUTER: Convert a public network(wired/wireless) to a private Wi-Fi for secure surfing. Tethering, 3G/4G USB Modem Compatible. Powered by any laptop USB, power banks or 5V DC adapters (sold separately). 39g (1.41 Oz) only and pocket friendly.
OPEN SOURCE & PROGRAMMABLE: OpenWrt pre-installed, USB disk and WebCam extendable.
LARGER STORAGE & EXTENDABILITY: 128MB RAM, 16MB Flash ROM, dual Ethernet ports, UART and GPIOs available for hardware DIY.
OPENVPN CLIENT & TOR: OpenVPN client pre-installed, compatible with 20+ VPN service providers. TOR firmware available for downloading.
PACKAGE CONTENTS: GL-MT300N-V2 mini router (1-year Warranty), USB cable, User Manual.

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    Couple of things here that maybe useful (in no particular order):

    *If you use as a WISP repeater then you WILL lost 50% of your bandwidth as the 2.4Ghz channel is shared between WISP/WAN and LAN. If you want to avoid this better to look at a dual band travel router like the AR750S and WISP on one band and WiFI LAN on the other
    *Supports out of the box OpenVPN and Wireguard Server and Client and with the latest firmware TOR client.
    *VPN access on/off can be controlled by a physical on/off switch. So you could connect to the Mango WiFi "normally" and when you want to you can flick the switch to turn on the VPN. I have a Mango as part of my network that only some of MY devices attach to so not everyone on the network is affected.
    *Via the web interface you can switch VPNs. I have a Wireguard client back to my home router server for security and Australian internet access but also have 3 OpenVPN countries setup on Nord/Pure for geographical VPN. It's easy as dragging a CFG file into the interface to setup and the web interface lets you change between them
    *One thing that isn't mentioned is the security implications on connecting to an open network. You end up with your own firewalled, subnetted network (This is why Chromecast will work on a hotel captive portal network)
    *While default is 1 WAN and 1 LAN ethernet, if you are using WISP you can change to 2 LAN ports
    *Because it's OpenWRT based you can add any of the packages out of the OpenWRT repository. I have run VPNS, AdBlock, Transmission Torrent downloads to the USB stick connected etc
    *It can also be used as an AP or repeater. Handy because of it's size
    *5V/1A means you can run off a phone power pack, modern PC/Tablet USB port, Car 5V adapter or powerbanks. I'll often sit in an internet cafe with the Mango connected to a USB port on my notebook and WISP connect to the free WiFi for security.
    *It is never going to be the fastest or strongest WiFi box out there.
    *Because of it's lower power consumption one of my projects I want to do is a geocache out in the bush. Mango+powerbank+solar cell in a waterproof container. You can create a captive portal on it which will be used to present a web page to the final cache destination.
    *Full LUCI interface can still be accessed outside of the Gl.iNet wrapper
    *Note that this is using Mediatek proprietary network drivers.
    *There are alternative firmwares out there - Native OpenWRT, RooTer…..
    *If you're on holidays with the family you can configure all your devices to attach to the Mango and as you move from free WiFi to free Wifi you don't have to reconnect all their devices just the Mango once. You can put a USB stick on it to share music/movies/photos (or in a car, or on a plane) even without an internet connection.
    *You can connect a 4G USB Dongle to it (as long as it's supported by OpenWRT) or USB tether you mobile to it and use as a router to share the LTE.
    *Because the router presents itself as a device to the network, and all connected devices to the Mango present as the Mango (if that makes sense), gets around restrictive WiFi networks where you can only have a limited number of devices. Useful too if you're paying for per device.
    *It's a great small and versatile unit. It won't suit everyone or every circumstance, but if you've got a use for it they're a great jigger :)


      Hi, can you please point me in the direction of how to set up or install transmission torrent downloads plugin/app.
      Thank you for the detailed info above.


    do you know what the throughput is using vpn ? I've seen these type of things demonstrated before and their throughput is never in the 100mbit range, but much lower, reviewer says something like 'well that's to be expected for such low power devices, it's mainly about security than downloading files'

    I guess if they don't have hardware aes, that is going to be true, and I don't think these things do

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      Hey Bob

      Yeah, they are never going to be any sort of VPN powerhouse and in my (limited) experience there are a lot of variables with VPN performance whether OpenVPN or Wireguard.

      Not Mango, but my quickest test I can do now is with my Gl.Inet B1300 Wireguard server at home on a 50Mbps connection and my mobile. So….
      Telstra mobile phone Speedtest 4G 74.1Mbps down, 13.2 up. Wireguard VPN on 18Mpbs down, 18Mbps up.

      I think from memory using my Mango I normally get about 7-8Mbps down. But that's normally enough for what I want to do when out and about. :)

      Gimmee some time to do some jobs around the house and I'll see if I can't do a Mango comparison later today 😂

      Don't know if that helps.


      With wireguard I’ve never got over 13mbit and OpenVPN about 10mbit, that’s both ways. It’s been very reliable though, not had to reset it even once,

      Used a raspberry pi before this which had a much lower throughput.


    And when will the AR750S ever go on sale ? Thanks


    Thanks, have been waiting for another special on this. Need one for a remote site that I work on which only has internet access via Ethernet.


    Travel router doesn’t work on the one I bought. Its impossible to connect to captive portal despite following all advice given on gl.inet docs and forum. Essentially you need it to connect through a portal to a hotel wi-fi so you can form a subnetwork to protect your other devices. Recently in a Holiday Inn and later (in another country) a Crowne Plaza, I found it impossible to see the captive portal using this device.
    I gave that up & tried MAC cloning (which this device allows). That didn’t work either.
    I spent more that 1 hour in both hotels trying all recommendations on the gl.inet forums.
    Ended up insecurely connected to hotel Wi-Fi using a phone & laptop.
    Now realize that I spent $25 on a piece of landfill junk.

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      Now realize that I spent $25 on a piece of landfill junk e-waste



      You might be doing it differently, just read this from the previous deal.

      kungbernard on 12/01/2020 - 17:04new

      Also, using a travel router like this works in hotel internet which are using captive portal to login to gain internet access, only the first device that connect to the router wifi need to login, other devices can gain internet access directly. This is especially useful for devices that cannot support login (eg google home and google Chromecast), or of the internet usage is paid per day per login credential, this will only be in one account.


      There's thread in the forums in regards to some hotels (seems certain chains) putting in infrastructure that somehow blocks ANY travel router. Haven't kept up to date as I've had no problems so far but might be worth a read.




    Can you use this mini router to connect to a wifi network then have devices connect to the mini router via ethernet?

    Can you hookup an ethernet hub if you needed to connect more devices via ethernet?

    Can you install pihole on this?

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    I already have one. It was awesome when I took it on holiday last year. Hook up to the hotel wifi, turn on vpn and all devices connect to the Mango. So easy and versatile. The switch on the side is programmable, so I changed it into the VPN switch.

    I'm looking for a reason to buy a second one….


    I bought one during the last sale but I cannot figure out how to connect this router when the available wifi requires log-in details. I have got my log-in details but I do not know where and how to put them on the router.


      you'll need this then: https://docs.gl-inet.com/en/3/troubleshooting/captive_portal...

      A captive portal will try and force routing of your device which this router natively blocks, that guide should help you :)



        Nice review. I'll pass the link onto the Gl.iNet guys if that's ok. :)

        Another "trick" that sometimes helps is that once you've connected to your router then use neverssl.com as your first url to go to.


        Normally, that's a bad idea. You should always use SSL and secure encryption when possible. In fact, it's such a bad idea that most websites are now using https by default.

        And that's great, but it also means that if you're relying on poorly-behaved wifi networks, it can be hard to get online. Secure browsers and websites using https make it impossible for those wifi networks to send you to a login or payment page. Basically, those networks can't tap into your connection just like attackers can't. Modern browsers are so good that they can remember when a website supports encryption and even if you type in the website name, they'll use https."


          Yeah that'd be great thanks if you shared it :) it's a fantastic little device, quite impressed especially for the price.


        Thanks but it's not this type of problem. I cannot connect to the wifi unless I supply my username and password.


          so the network that you're trying to repeat? does it not appear on the list when you do a scan?
          I've linked my review below, there's a step in it which shows how to authenticate with the Wi-Fi network you're wanting to repeat/middle man with the MangoV2


            @camshandez: Cool Youtube page. The network that u want to repeat does appear on the wifi scan. It's actually a school network that requires me to put in "Identity" and "password". That sort of authentication. Where do I find that on the Mango v.2?

            I've done research.it's called EAP 802.1X. It seems this particular model doesn't support it.

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    Been using this for the past month, just uploaded my review / basic guide today

    It's seriously impressive for the price, incredibly lightweight (which you want for travelling), and OpenVPN support is great.
    My favourite ability provided when using it is a Chromecast on my portable network, so not I don't need to plug in a laptop or bring dongles to use the Hotel TV!


    Did anyone’s order get shipped?

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