LIFX 4" Downlight Kit $74.75 Delivered, Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen $39.50 (Expired) @ Amazon AU



Combine with half price amazon echo dot for 20% smart home products.

Price drop on the LIFX downlight.

From Amazon description:
The LIFX Downlight is an articulable, 100mm (4") integrated LED spotlight is perfect for in ceiling home retrofit - no hub required. Fine tune your lighting experience with the LIFX app to dial in millions of colors and a range of variable shades of white light. Whether turning on a single light or dimming an entire network, each light integrates Wi-Fi technology for seamless, hassle-free connections to major smart home platforms and devices.

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    $74 for a smart downlight. When a house can have like 20-30 down lights or mor, this adds up.

    I'm waiting for smart downlights to drop to $10-20 a piece.

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      You gonna be waiting a while…

      At some point there will be a cheap chinese version but won't be a nice as lifx bulbs

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      These are stupidly expensive atm IMO.

      For the same price, you could get 10+ regular dimmable down lights. If you can live without the rgb but still want wifi/smart capabilities just slap in a $20-30 switch and you are good


        This is a great idea! Links to any ozbargain recommended ones?

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          I've never cared for the wifi/smart function so I can't really say much on that front. There is also a crazy amount of different types of switches, so I'd suggest you do your own research and find one which is suitable for your use case.

          I've recently installed 18 of these in the kitchen

          I didn't know what colour I wanted so I bought these which can be manually changed to 3 different colour temperatures. If you know what colour you want, 20 can be had for around ~$100. 7 year warranty is also nice, though I'm not sure how enforceable ebay warranty is

          After that I just installed a regular dimmer into the light switch. But if I wanted to, I could certainly install a smart one instead.

          Plus with this method, if there is anything you don't like about the software or switch it's a lot easier and cheaper to replace


            @Butt Scratcher: I have 12x lifx & another 15 PHILLIPS, & around 10 Xiaomi.. .. bought 3x10 of these from ebay.. same byer., 90mm cut, really worth, had issues with 2 , colour swtch didn’t work , but they replaced them immediately, highly unlikely ill go with lifx anymore . Btw i amt associated with this ebay seller in any way.


        I second this, I can only think this gives you individual controls over each downlight, but for the most part you'll group them and use tones of white. Can anyone else think of a use.

        Music lighting, i.e reactions to beat?

        Kids having fun ?

        Sexy lighting?


          Yes exactly. I got a bunch of the Brilliant ones from Aldi for $20 each. Don't need colour but tuneable white is handy to have. They are mostly used grouped but I do sometimes use only some out of the bank in the room (ie in one room there are 4 but even dimmed to minimum its too bright sometimes so just use one for minimal ambient lighting.)

          For rooms where I don't need dimming, colour tuning or individual control (mostly everywhere) I plan to just use a smart switch for on/off voice control.


      If rgb isnt needed just go for the kmart option 'mirabella-genio-wi-fi-dimmable-9w-led-downlight'

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    just fyi the latest lifx app on android is a burning pile of dog shit , check the reviews


    FYI they say you can’t change the bulbs in these if they die also. Not sure if true.