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BlitzWolf BW-S2 4.8a 24W Dual USB AU Charger $7.69 US / $11.70 AU Delivered @ Banggood


Flash Sale

Brand New AU BlitzWolf® BW-S2 24W Charger for Australia, New Upgrade Version improved heating and charging efficiency, and more stable performance.

Brand BlitzWolf®
Model BW-S2
Plug AU
Input AC 100-240v 50/60Hz
Output DC 5V/4.8A(2.4A per port)
Size 54 X 54X 28.8mm /2.1 X 2.1 X 1.1inch
Color Black

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  • Is this a good price? I was looking for a hub with 4+ USB ports, but if these are $10 on sale I assume the hubs are much more expensive.

    Safe for Pixel phones, or just other USB tech items?

    • +1

      Yep these are good, will be buying some more tonight.

    • These are of decent quality, but not to the quality of say RAVPower. Also note they don't support Fast charge like QC or PD, just normal 5V 2.4A. I have this one and the 18W PD one, both are sufficiently decent. I also bought the RAVPower 4 port for $22 and I have to admit it feels higher quality.

      • got a link for the RAVpower ones you bought?

        Is the RAVpower better for charging ipads or they both will charge at the same speed / watts?

        • https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B00OT74FIS
          Bought it on Lightning Deal for $21.99. Charging wise they both ends up the same speed.

          • @Bigboomboom: thanks

            With that RAVpower, did you get AU plug or AU adapter?
            This RAVpower is not bad deal for 4 ports
            and also I like the power cord attachment..which allows me to put the charger on a desk etc..instead of this design which can't

            so is the Fast charge like QC or PD mainly for iphone 11 and android usb c phones etc?

            also is the QC or PD..
            which is better/faster?

            • +2

              @pinkybrain: RAVPower charger uses Figure 8 and yes it did come with AU Plug. Yes, it is designed to be put on desk instead of being wall charger.

              Technically PD is better because it's used on things OTHER than smartphones unlike QC, for example Laptops and Tablets. But it can only fast charge IF your device supports it.

  • Can the white one be bought for the same price? Can’t figure out how to change it

  • -1

    Does this support quick charging?

    • +2
      • +1

        Tip - just paste the link, it's easier for you and easier for us. Tapping a single character surrounded by other hyperlinks sucks.

        • Thanks. Yeah, I'm aware of the tapping issues of such a comment.

          If you have read my following comments, you might have correctly surmised that I deliberately posted a minimal comment to showcase the seemingly minimal effort put in by the OP of this thread in searching for the answer in previous comments. Normally I would post a short sentence with the embedded link.

          As for being easier for me to type, I have a whole bunch of shortcuts set up, so posting a Markdown hyperlink doesn't take that much more time than posting a naked link 😉

          • +2

            @robinCTS: There's always one, as they say.

            Your post was useful & simple.

            If tapping a character is hard work, I've got some news for him/her.

    • Doesnt say, so no. Also max output is 5V

      • -1

        As already explained thoroughly by Bigboomboom (who actually owns one) in their comment that I linked to in my previous comment.


        • +1

          I dont need it explaining to me, just helping the previous guy

          • +2

            @jackwoz: Sorry. Sigh wasn't intended at you.

            At the time WhySoSerious posted their question "Does this support quick charging?" there where precisely 5* comments posted, one of which explicitly and extensively answered their question.

            I then helpfully commented, by linking to that comment, with what could be considered more than the amount of effort seemingly expended by that person in looking through the previous comments to see if their question had been answered. (Sure it's possible they simply missed it - everyone has a bad day. Note that there was no snide remarks or anything. Though, I suppose, you could make a case for mild passive-aggressiveness :P)

            Then I get negged for my comment.

            Then someone steps in to help out.

            All essentially unnecessary.

            (Reason I replied to your comment, rather than the original one in this thread, is that it seemed more natural to do so. I wasn't in anyway trying to suggest that what you posted wasn't helpful or you needed it explained to you. Apologies if it came across that way.)

            • +3

              @robinCTS: Have a + for your calmness in explaining everything, and staying so cool.

              • @Tony76: Thanks, very much. It's great to be supported by a fellow (sigh, is that the appropriate gender neutral term?) OzBargainer.

  • +2

    It's only $10.49 incl GST when using the app.
    But that means no cashback programs can be used.

    • Why not? Can’t use cashback app with the banggood app?

  • +1

    thanks. 23 chargers in the house now along with 102 usb ports.

  • Any good for using with Nintendo Switches or tablets?

    • +1

      not enough power for switches, pretty sure switch charger needs 30W via the usb C charger.

      tablets ok, but will be slow at 5W if you've got a big tablet like a pro

      • but will be slow at 5W if you've got a big tablet like a pro

        It is 12W charging not 5W (5vx2.4A) which is the fastest you can get without USB-PD. The latest iPad pros ship with a PD charger that will do 29W so it’s about 40% as fast as the charger in the box.

        • Any recommendations for something like this or a hub which is more powerfull?

    • +1

      no bueno

  • -1

    Ordered one last time and it never arrived. Useless customer support aswell. I think they ship from china so dont expect to get it any time soon

    • Also just noticed they arent certified for use in Australia

      • -1

        Yeah, this is why its better to stick with local sellers.

    • Do you pay the extra 17c or so for insurance?
      They take ages to arrive. I have pretty much forgotten about ordering it when it finally arrives so it's a pleasant surprise.

  • Shows as 15.21 when I click through

  • Deal Active again