[Unobtainable] Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ $0 Using $400 GC from Telstra 12mth $65/mth 60GB Porting Plan @ The Good Guys - Chadstone

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Update: Was asked to remove, store chaos, sold out yesterday

Was just shopping for my wife a new phone and dropped into the good guys Chadstone to have a look at some Xiaomi. The sales guy said as S20 is coming out they are offering the S10 range for zero dollars as long as you sign up to Telstra $65, 60gB plan for 12 months, I thought it sounded a bit dodgy but turned out to be legit. This is how it works, Telstra are offering a $400 gift card to port in from another carrier, the good guys are reducing the outright phones to $400 and then using the gift card (if you want) to have a zero cost phone. My wife got the S10+, happened to be when they pulled it out to be the 512mb version instead of the 128mb

So effectively you are getting the S10 / + for $720 $780 over 12 months, 60gb plan.

They had perhaps 10-15 of S10 available, I believe only a couple of S10+

As the majority of commenters have reported being unable to successfully obtain the deal, it has been moved to the forums to preserve discussion.

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    Not zero dollars if you have to pay for a plan, which you even say.

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    This seems BS to me. That's a huge loss for them. I think you just picked the salesperson whose about to get a talking too

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    Huge if true. Please provide receipt


    Holy crap, this is an incredible deal.

    Wish I had less than 9 months left on my boost pack, I'd be all over this. Cheaper than buying an S10+ outright.


    I would post a receipt if i could work out how…..


    Jesus, might make the switch from my iPhone 8 if this is legit. Will be heading in store tomorrow morning.

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    This smells rank.

    Even if you did actually get this bargain, I think it's isolated; no matter what the salesman explained to you.

    They'd be losing many hundreds per contract, and that makes zero business sense.


    Hmmm 404 error on deal image. Smells.


      Sorry left some personel info on omage had to edit it


        Cool thanks. F'ing good deal.


        hey mate so how do you get the s10 or s10+ for 400, is it if you port in you get the phone for 400 then by signing up you get $400 gift card so use the gift card to cover the cost of the phone

        Many thanks if you can clarify as I need a new phone and my contract is ending in ~1 month


          As i explained the deal is they want to clear the S10 rane, so they will drop the ticket price to 400 if you sign up to the $65 telstra plan and port from another carrier. As part of the deal Telstra are offerring a $400 gift voucher for moving to them (not sure if this is just for good guys or not). You can keep the voucher, or else use it to make the phone zero cost , so your just paying the plan fee


          Sounds roughly what he explained.

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    Apparently, Goodguys website doesn't list s10 plus model anymore??

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    It could be true or store specific error made.

    Hopefully no one blames the OP in the end if it's opposite case

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      FFS, I have no idea why everyone here are so negative / agressive, next time wont bother. I have no idea why the reason is they have done this, and i dont care, but I am happy we got a deal and thought others may be able to benefit. Obviously next time i wont bother and buy them all up, pay out the contracts and put them on ebay.

      Stupid me for trying to help

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        More like you are forced to provide evidence for their disbelief, greed or their envy.

        Ignore those a$$h#$_

        Plus please do not feel preassured to proof yourself/force yourself to accidentally post your personal information for the preassure.

        Thanks for the post will check it out tomorrow. Not everybody are like that most people here are just wolves waiting to bite on something.

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        Because OzB is full of entitled arseholes who think the world owes them stuff for free. Tell them to GAGF.

      • +10 votes

        Unfortunately it's the ugly side of ozb. Self entitlement pops it's head up anytime someone thinks they can take advantage.

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    When i see these kind of comments makes me never post any kind of a deal. NO ONE is obligated to post you anything, share anything, give anything, promise anything etc. OP posted the deal out of GOOD WILL, with only one intention, so YOU could also get this deal, he explained how, what the situation was, stock that he saw, receipt etc. What else do you want, his soul? Seriously this society is getting sicker and sicker by day, and this is just 0.00000001% aspect of life, where's everything else. Thanks for the deal OP and good luck to those that are interested to give it a go.

    • -58 votes

      What does the receipt show?

      I'll believe this if it wasn't posted after closing times and multiple people (preferably at different stores) obtained the deal.

      GG has a reputation. As does JB mentioned above.

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        Next time i will live stream every store I go in, just so ozbargainers can see. Perhaps i will take a facebook targetted paid add out so you dont miss it. Would that make you happier?

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        Good work proving the point, mate.

        If you don't believe it, just pass on by, you're not forced to buy it just because it appears to be a terrific deal, and you don't have the RIGHT to buy it just because someone was good enough to share the information here.

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        And who do you think you are? Keep your expectations to yourself and if a deal didn't meet your standards, bugger off, move on and get a life.

        • -24 votes

          Who do you think you are?

          More like I actually care for others who will go out of their way risking huge disappointment?

          Maybe I care for all the GG or Officeworks staffers tomorrow who will cop abuse from the real entitled people here?

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        Correct, these (profanity) have pulled deals early even when they have been advertised in store and online. Look at the recent Nintendo console price error where some stores honoured the price and others didn't. They have no consistency.

        Also doesn't look like a standard deal as the invoce says "auth KA" so it looks like a manager override for a reason none of us know.

        However, if it is a legitimate deal it's an absolute bargain and well done OP for scoring this deal.

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          That looked odd to me too, but yeah the Switch issues were just another.

          This screams out lucky deal for one individual to me. Good luck to him.


            @scuderiarmani: They have pulled Telco gift card deals early too. Two of which were posted here and people scored over the weekend. By the time I went in store on the Monday they pulled the deal even though it hadn't expired.

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        I'm confused. Are you not believing that OP got the deal or not believing that you'll be able to get the deal? I just don't see the motivation for OP to lie lol. Yeah it was posted after closing time, but maybe OP has a life that they didn't put on hold to share the bargain

        P.S. Kind of tired of the level of entitlement in the "give me sufficient proof or it didn't happen" comments.

        • -11 votes

          Come back to me tomorrow, I'll gladly apologise IF a reasonable number of people actually obtained this 'deal'

          If you can't see why people ask for some verification from a new member BEFORE they drive out to a store, well….

          I believe the OP, if he got the deal in the manner he says, was EXTREMELY lucky, though it's just as likely there's more to it, a reason for the possible override on the receipt…

          But I don't for one second believe a store is giving away S10s just like that. They could sell them for $400 (ontop of the $400 discount) and people would line up tomorrow…. why give them away?

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            @scuderiarmani: mate, you clearly are not getting the point.

            There's no apologising to do on either side. There is NO reason to get defensive (which you did with your "what does the receipt show comment").


            OP is LITERALLY just sharing info on a deal he noticed. NOBODY IS PROMISING THAT OTHERS WILL GET THE DEAL.

            You are treating this post like it was the rep from TGG that's trying to bait people to the store.

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            @scuderiarmani: I understand why you're sceptical, I just don't understand why you keep posting your scepticism and demanding things from the OP. If you care about saving people time why not go to sleep, wake up before stores open and post a clear message warning people that there's not enough credibility from the OP and/or not enough evidence that the deal will be obtainable.

            I'm uncomfortable with the whole apology thing because it implies that apologies will be owed. And you already seem to feel like you're owed a lot. Chill out and remember that this is a community largely based on goodwill

            • -3 votes

              @mrdavedave: Because this one involves a new member and people driving to a store. A store which has a reputation for some shoddy deals.

              Not some simple price error online which will get a refund… or in say Amazon's case, no charge and a cancelled order….

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          I believe and trust the OP. It's TGG you can't trust as they have shown from time to time they are inconsistent and will even pull advertised deals early. This is not an advertised deal so TGG can make up any BS not to honour this in other stores, as WA people have already confirmed.


      NO ONE is obligated to post you anything, share anything, give anything, promise anything etc. OP posted the deal out of GOOD WILL

      I got attacked in the forums because I have never posted a deal. Like my say has less of a weight than anyone else.


        i got a msg today from someone saying he is angry that he made thousands of dollars and me posting in the forums ruined his scam lol

        very angry person and telling me i ruin ozbargain


    Anyone know if Tempe store will match this?

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    leave the poor bugger alone, hes posted the deal he got. go there and find out for yourself if the deal is still on or not.

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    Omg must check it out tomorrow


    Great deal. Now get on chat and see if you can port to a pay as you go plan….

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    You know to make this deal even better, after you signup, keep the phone for 2 weeks and then cancel the plan.

    When cancelling you only have to pay 50% of the plan amount for the remaining duration as a early termination charge.

    So here’s how it would work

    $65 x 12 = $750
    Cancel the plan after 1 week $32.50 x 12 = $390

    And if you don’t plan to keep the phone, sell it for $450/$500 on eBay and still make a +/-$100 profit after all the fees ad shipping costs.

    PS: I am going to give this a try tomorrow.

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    This seems very fishy, but great deal will have to check tomorrow, in auburn.



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      was listed at the dsplay 128b for S10+, 512gb for s10. When they pulled the colour we wanted from the cage the S10+ was also 512gb. I dont know if they have any more at 512gb, the other colour was definately only 128gb in S10+

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    All stores out of stock around me, very great post op

    I am however going to pretend i never seen it

  • +14 votes

    Cannington store in WA said they knew nothing of the deal, so I got rejected today haha


    May we Know OP which store was this, or which state was this store in?

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