New Volkswagen Golf Highline Hatch 2020 Offer

Hello guys,

I am from Melbourne, Victoria. This is the first time I am buying a new car at a dealership. After I went through a few price check website to get an idea of the best price for the Volkswagen Golf Highline (hatch) 2020, I visited 3 VW dealership. The first offer me a $34k price for a standard vehicle with no extra package whereas the 2nd one offered a $38k with both Sound and Vision (S&V) and R-line packages. The third gave me the best price at $37k but asked me to finalise the deal on Monday.

For the context, VW is having a promotion for financing at 3% pa at no fee which is the main reason why I pick their brand (I don't have enough fund unfortunately so my options without financing is quite limited). I do enjoy the test drive a lot and the car is quite nice although it's a little small.

Do you all reckon this is a good deal and that I should take the offer or should I look at other cars?



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    This is gonna be fun here…

    • I don't have enough fund unfortunately so my options without financing is quite limited

    • Paint protection! Good investment!

    • Is it such a ridiculous combination 😂?

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    I know a guy who has a cheap 2009 Golf he wants to sell.. pretty cheap as well from what I’ve heard and very motivated to sell…

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      If they miss out, would be worthwhile giving this one or this one a shot.

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      If any prospective car buyer knows what's good for themselves they should probably steer well clear of the Mk 6 golf (2009 to early 2013 models), particularly certain TSI petrol models and the 7 Spd DSG.

      Likely to be ticking time bombs reliability-wise and money pits requiring big $$$

    • Might have to pass that offer but cheers mate

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    Seriously though OP, unless you're getting a Golf R or, at the very least, a GTi, I'd just get a Corolla or Mazda 3.

    If you want a VW because it's somehow a "premium" brand, don't be fooled. It's a mass-market brand that just somewhat feels premium here in AU because it's a much longer way away from Germany here than it is from Japan plus we generally have quite favourable trade agreements with Japan and other SE Asian nations that make importing cars from that region of the world cheaper.

    If it's purely for the financing promotion that you're bringing up, that sounds pretty standard to me. Toyota advertising 3.9% on the Corolla, try negotiate it down to 3% at your local dealer.

    • Thank you for your advice! After researching the common engine failure on the VW Golf I have decided to look into Toyota.

      I must say the decision to go for VW is because of their attractive finance package of 3%.

      Since we mention Corolla, would you recommend the hybrid ZR?

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        I must say the decision to go for VW is because of their attractive finance package of 3%.

        If you can't afford it outright, don't buy it.

        3% finance isn't a deal, it's a way to get you to spend more money now and to spend more money overall. Get a demo or couple year old one when you can afford it.

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    Have you considered/can you afford the higher running costs, eg maintenance and insurance?

    • I look into maintenance and found out it cost around $400-500 per year but not even 50% sure. Have you got any insights?

  • Hello guys, I am from Melbourne, Victoria.

    Very sorry to hear.

  • Do golfs still have DSG mechatronic issues or is that now all resolved ?

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      It seems they still have some issue with the gearbox up until last year. Just saw a couple of news articles on that

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    buy a Subaru Impreza, much better value, use the rest on cokes and hookers

    • Love this 😂

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    It's silly to buy a car you cannot afford, do you really need the sunroof and leather seat in Highline? Have you factored into the ongoing cost? Rego, car insurance, petrol?

    PS. Golf Trendline DAP owner here, one year in and really happy that I chose the Golf over the Japanese/Korean cars. Mine comes with 5-year warranty.

    • Thanks for your insight. What do you think about the dsg issue on the news article last year. Have you experienced anything like that with the car yet?

    • Perhaps they've fixed them, but historically a lot of Golf's seem to have issues just outside of warranty…it's like magic!

      Good luck to you though. Hopefully we don't hear from you in 4+ years!

      • Thank you! It's the first European car in the family and I hope it won't be the last.

        My daily drive is something I look forward to everyday.