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Kogan Wireless Mechanical Keyboard $49.99 + $6.99 Delivery @ Kogan


Hi, I was shopping for a new keyboard and came across this. Seems like a pretty decent deal if you're looking for an entry level mechanical keyboard.
Free shipping with Kogan First

Outemu Red Switch https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-wireless-mechanical-keybo...
Outemu Blue Switch https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-wireless-mechanical-keybo...
Outemu Brown Switch https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-wireless-mechanical-keybo...

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    Any reviews on this? Is the wireless lag noticeable? Considering Logitech has the g915 that sells for rep 399 this is very cheap but wonder what the wireless performance is like…


      I have one and the connection is not a problem and the typing experience is great.. However the "bezels" on this are enormous and although that does not seem like a big problem at first, the angle at which you have to hod your mouse, given that it shifts further to the right, becomes really awkward.


        The bezels don't look big at all in the photo tho?

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          The bezels don't look big at all in the photo tho?

          I also have this keyboard.
          There are no bezels..

          Typing is great, the plastic on the keycaps and wrist rest is a little.. cheap but you get used to it and you won't notice.
          See my thoughts here

          For reference, I own a K70 corsair for home use, and I use the Kogan wireless mechanical for work.
          Cherry MX and Outemu browns are pretty close in feel, just the outemu's sound different.


      Got one recently and do feel the lag.

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    What is normal price?

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    For anyone who buys this, please look for the dongle (black and exceptionally well hidden in black Styrofoam) before you throw the box away. Guess who was foraging before trash day ;)



      Thought my mates were trolling me because they took delivery of my keyboard then realised the dongle was in the foam


    I presume the lighting is managed by some software. If I plug it in without installing it, what happens to the lighting and can I turn it off?

    Also, can these keycaps be replaced easily?

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      No software at all.
      it's hardwired into the keyboard, you just cycle between the modes.

      Yes you can turn off the lighting, though it usually times out after 10 seconds of inactivity anyway.

      Keycaps = you can definitely pull them off, but finding suitable keycaps is another question.


        I have the W,A,S,D ESC and arrow keys replaced on mine easy to do. :)


          Those are easy to do, I mean complete keycap sets

          Just that every mechanical keyboard has different holding mechanisms for their shift/enter/space buttons (the slightly larger buttons)

          These ones look like lego pieces for even the extra large buttons for anyone reading this comment


      $39 was for the Red/Blue
      $45 was the cheapest for Brown

      The absolute cheapest was during the LUCKY code, which brought the keyboard down to $41 delivered with Kogan First

      At $50, I would say this is an acceptable price, but of course, lower is better..

      Your second link leads to the wired version which is arguably a better keyboard with RGB lighting but does not have a wrist rest