Kogan Wireless Mechanical Keyboard: Red $39, Blue $39, Brown $45 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


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    For gaming I feel a smaller keyboard, the ten key less design without number pad is more ergonomic and comfortable. A shame they discontinued it.


      any alternatives you would suggest?


        Don’t have one myself (thinking of grabbing one), but these use the same switches:

        • -1 vote

          32 bucks more expensive for the same switches!


            @Jackson: Show me the Kogan wireless TKL that you're buying for $39.

            No? You can't? OK cool.


              @caprimulgus: So what's better about it?


                @Jackson: Huh??

                1. It's wireless.
                2. It's TKL.

                If you want a WIRELESS & TKL, then the Velocifire is a much better option because it is much better at being both of those things.

                If you don't want wireless or TKL, then no. It's not better.


                  @caprimulgus: Ah ok, sorry when I wrote that original comment I had not realisted this keyboard was wireless, so I was comparing it to the non-wireless Kogan TKL ($35 bucks). I guess if you really need a wireless one then it might be worth paying double for it.

                  I personally prefer wired as I don't want to mess aoround with batteries and charging (I realise you can just plug it in, but it's one less thing to fail)

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                    @Jackson: All good mate. :)

                    Yeah, I'm only looking at wireless, because I want something that can pull double duty as a couch keyboard for gaming on TV. But if you don't need wireless, then I'd definitely go for the Kogan wired TKL.


                      @caprimulgus: I am not there yet with couch gaming on a keyboard, I still prefer console gaming (I think it's a hangover from my youth and rarely having a current console).

                      When you couch game, are you using a streaming unit? e.g. steam box or do you have a PC connected directly?


                        @Jackson: I haven't been couch gaming PC games for a while now (mainly been playing Switch/XB1), but when I was, I was using a laptop directly connected to the TV. And when I say "laptop", really I am talking about a super low underpowered first generation ultrabook! lol

                        My plan has always been to build a PC eventually, and use a streaming unit (eg. Shield TV)…but I've been planning that for like 5-10 years now! aha.

                        I assume that I will build a PC eventually. But for now, I was just planning to use my crappy ultrabook to play some of these freebies from Epic Games! (That was the impetus for finally buying a wireless gaming keyboard!) :)

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                          @caprimulgus: Haha, you sound like me, always think I'm relatively alone on here. I have been slowly collecting 360, then One, then Wii, then 3DS, and today I picked up an old PS3 on the cheap. Probably played 5 games in 5 years, so I definitely spend more time collecting than I do playing, let alone work and other commitments.

                          I was telling a friend of mine and he has said that people like this are now called 'patient gamers', who are happy to dodge the game premiums by playing last gen or older games on the cheap (being a subculture of retro gamers I guess)


                  @caprimulgus: What if I want TKL and backlit (or RGB) but don't care about wireless, do you know of a cheaper option then?


      I use the number pad when I play elder Scrolls online so I'm going to pull the trigger.


    That's an amazing price!

    Pity the brown switch is $45 :(
    The redheads and the smurfs are $39, but oh the brown ones!

    Is it just me or did they remove the promo/coupon code field for kogan's cart now?

    ..attempting to put in old coupon codes to see if they work for free delivery but can't seem to be able to find the coupon code box =\

  • +1 vote

    I got the brown switches, quiet they told me. Little did i know, it was only quiet against other SUPER loud keyboards of the same type but still super loud.
    Buying rubber O-Rings now is.


      there is good promotion of noise cancellation headphones, earplugs might do it as well


      Same here, I was told brown switches was the way to go. I can hear my girlfriend typing two rooms over when she works sometimes at night.


        TECHNICALLY nobody misled you, the switch is silent.

        What you're hearing is the keycap bottoming out on the baseplate.

        Orings will fix that.

        Even a 'fake mechanical' thats still membrane, but uses mechanical keycaps (so no switxhes) would souind just as loud.


    was looking for a mechanical keyboard…. know nothing about switches. spend all day at the keybaord for work and play games (shooters like Escape from Tarkov/Insurgency etc)


      I got one recently. Really happy with it. Just remember that blue is loud. Others are fine


      Unless your current keyboard is dying or you just really wanna buy something, mechanical keyboards are just marketing as far as gaming goes, they're only an improvement for typing.

      But my vote goes to logitech mechanical keyboards, look into em


    Was in Aldi the other day and they had their kahli blue switch keys keyboard for the same price. I actually didn't buy it as I was planning to buy the kogan one without the keypad, but since someone said that was discontinued I guess I am wondering which is better if any.

    I have the original IBM Model M and heard people complaining about the sound and clickiness of the blue keys, but the model m is way louder and way clicker, so I though blue was OK for me.

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    You can open these keyboards up and solder in a new battery when it starts to die. Get them from eBay and AliExpress.

  • +1 vote

    For anyone that's interested..

    Overall quality is very good for its price, it appears a rebranded Motospeed GK89 without RGB lighting

    The normal wired Kogan keyboard (RGB) definitely has better quality keycaps.

    The included wrist rest is also of.. alright quality.

    All in all, a wireless mechanical keyboard for $45 with Outemu Brown switches is an amazing price.

    I took apart the Kogan Wireless Mechanical Brown Switch keyboard.
    It's held together by a total of 18 small screws on the upper layer, hidden by keycaps
    2 bigger screws on the underside.

    The battery is replaceable and has markings of TW 701893 3.7v
    Dimensions are as per the listing
    7.0mm x 18mm x 93mm
    Height x Width x Length
    [Thus the naming convention TW 70|18|93 3.7V]

    The height limits the maximum battery you could replace this with

    If you wish to plug in a larger battery you may, just need to place it in a different cavity

    This is the underside of the keyboard showing the battery plugged in.

    All in all, if the bottom case was not plastic, keycaps were of the same ones found in the standard Kogan RGB wired keyboard (the one that goes for $35 every now and then), and the wrist rest was made of a better plastic, I would say this would be the perfect keyboard!