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Qantas/American Flights to San Francisco - $665 - Melbourne, $884 - Brisbane, $685 - Sydney


Destination: San Francisco
Airline: Qantas/American
Valid Departure Dates: 1-31 March, 20 April to 20 June, 10 July to 10 September & 1 October to 30 November 2020 (plenty of availability)
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

Price Estimator:

  • Flights on similar trips to Los Angeles usually cost between $1100-1300. These flights represent savings of at least $430.


  • These international flights are non-stop.
  • Baggage allowance of 2 pieces of 23kg each.

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  • Says there is no flights when I clicked on Sydney 19th Nov departure.

  • Soon LA will be free with a happy meal

  • What’s the point of a one week trip.

  • Awesome value. I flew AA to LA in 2018 and it was very, very uncomfortable though. Everyone sitting around us felt the same. I had extra legroom seat (im a terribly flyer, can never sleep so always go for that) and it was a newish plane then. I've flown Jetstar and budget carriers many times to Asia so familiar with the low end of plane comfort, but that AA flight was probably our worst. Maybe just had rotten luck.

    • Same I too flew with AA last year BOTH WAY and even it the new dreamliner plane but damn it was very uncomfortable. It must be the way they design those seats or some thing. The food was shit as well. I know plane food are not great but they were that bad.

      EDIT: Apart from that the price is very cheap for obvious reason why. I would choose Qantas over AA for sure.

  • OP says "Valid departure dates: 1-31 March". Does that mean I can choose any day in March and still get this $665 price? I can't figure out how to find that on the linked website. Thanks for any help.

  • Can you get double status credits for these flights?

    • Yes, as long as you register for double status credits before booking. Also make sure you are on actual QF flights and not on AA.

      • Do you need to book through Qantas to get double status credits, or through AMEX for instance (as I have a voucher to use)?

      • The double status promo says as long as the flight is "QF" is then eligible for double status?
        QF309 is cheaper on qantas website and is operated by AA.
        My understanding is wrong?

        My bad, yes qf operated only

  • Title says $884 from Brisbane in place of $664

  • Would anybody be able to educate me on the cheapest way to get Business Class flights from MEL to SFO return ?
    I have about 100k quantas points and flexible dates

    • From memory it is about 100k points one way in business, so no real way to do return.

      • Open a credit card for another 100k points. I recall some paid them in the first or second month. Finding award flights requires a bit of research first.

    • There are a bunch of Aussie websites that can help, pointhacks or AFF to name a couple. But yeah, you will probably need more qantas points for a return trip.

    • For that many points, it's not going to happen.

      There's a points calculator here: https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/calculators.html... ; But it does not show surcharges & taxes, which add a significant component.

      For MEL to SFO, one way, using points, the cost is:
      * 41,900 points in economy + $230 in carrier surcharges & taxes (direct on Qantas)
      * 81,300 points in premium economy + $351 in carrier surcharges & taxes (direct on Qantas)
      * 108,400 points in business + approx $391 in carrier surcharges & taxes (I couldn't find a direct Business flight, but found an indirect one, all in Qantas business, so this is approximate).
      * Occasionally there are sometimes discounts on the number of points needed during promos (e.g. 30% to some locations), but from memory the surcharges & taxes stay the same.

      Those surcharges are so high (most especially in economy) that when tickets are for sale at these prices, it just makes no sense to pay them.

      And if you were to pay cash, the higher class fare are really pretty expensive (around $12,000 Qantas business return, or $2960 Qantas premium economy return) - don't get me wrong, I have flown all 3 classes in Qantas, and the higher classes are definitely nicer, but they are not THAT much nicer (e.g. you can do a whole stack of much more fun things with $11,300, such as take a small family on a decent holiday to most places in the world, or if you're single you can have a really nice RTW holiday).

      From the same calculator page, you can see upgrading options. You can try to upgrade, one way on that route, for this many points:
      * 61,600 points from economy to premium economy.
      * 98,100 points from economy to business.

      There used to be a rule that you could only upgrade one class, i.e economy -> premium economy, but no further. However the calculator does not say that and shows the number of points needed, so maybe that no longer applies? (anyone know?)

      If it was me, and I want to go to this location, and had your number of points, and wanted to upgrade if possible:
      * I would try to confirm if you can upgrade 2 classes now (sorry, I do not know this info). Assuming yes:
      * I would buy these economy tickets, making sure to buy flights on Qantas metal flights (not AA codeshare). (Generally for upgrades you want to be on that airline's metal).
      * As soon as the tickets were issued, I would apply for an upgrade from economy to business on the first flight.
      * I would accept that lots of people want to fly business to/from this location, so your upgrade well may fail. (But if the airline has unfilled business seats when it's very near to departure, and nobody else is ahead of you in priority for upgrades, then they will upgrade you, as getting paid in points is always better than having an empty seat)
      * If it goes ahead, great, you get notified about 30 hours ahead of the flight.
      * If it fails, I would immediately apply for an upgrade on the return flight.
      * If return upgrade goes ahead, great.
      * If return upgrade fails, oh well. I still have my points, I got really cheap flights on a full service airline, and I did my best to upgrade (whilst still having certainty on my flight time and being able to plan around that), and I had a great holiday.

      That's what I would do.

      • Their point calculator to what you actually book is always different.

        Point calculator says roughly 220k points return business class Sydney to LAX return in May.

        But when I go to actually book it's only a measly 1.3 million points lol

        • I think you are looking at the wrong thing. Mel to SFO on 15 May in business direct is available right now for 108,400 points + $325.08 cash. Return would be almost exactly double that. So you can potentially get it for what the calculator says. Make sure it's a classic reward, not points + pay or similar. Award availability is definitely an issue though!

          • @nickj: oh shit no way!! It never clicked to me to try flying from a different cityt in Australia. This could be huge lol. Brb going to have a look now

            Edit: Using classic rewards to search I don't even get an option for business class. When I click business class it defaults back to points+pay. Then when I click back on classic rewards it just shows economy.

            Was searching the same date as you May 15 Mel to SFO

            Edit2: I found one flight for 170k one way but it's 3 legs so not sure what I am doing wrong.

            I am logged into my FF account have about 250k points. Go to make a rewards booking and searching Melbourne to SFO just one way on May 15 and the only options I get are classic reward economy flights or if I click use points, I get a bunch of over priced partial business class flights with partner airlines

            if you get a chance and can be bothered would you mind screenshotting the page you're on so I can make sure I am going to to the right place?

            Edit 3: I have now searched Syd to SFO, Mel to SFO, Bris to SFO and Perth to SFO and nothing comes close to 120k points for a direct flight in business class on 15th May so absolutely no clue what I am doing different to you. There's not even Premium Economy as an option from Melbourne to San Fran on 15th May for me

            This honestly has been a very frustrating experience

            • @sauce2k6: 15 May is no longer available. Must have been booked in the 45 mins between our posts. Sent you a DM with alternate date for going direct business. Haven't looked at return flight.

            • @sauce2k6: Because they only release a certain amount of reward seats per flight, and they get snapped up quick.

              I've flown business class to the States on Qantas return for sub 200k points before, but I snapped them up as soon as they were released. Your best bet is either 353 days in advanced when the flight first goes on sale or within 3 days before take off when they release any unsold reward seats that they were holding back for upgrades and Platinum members that were not sold.

              What I did the last time was book a fully refundable seat and got a Classic Reward business seat the day before take off - claiming a refund on the original seat.

      • Which class/flight does have a flat bed to Americas?

    • You won't be getting anything to America business class for that sorry. It

      For May it says on the point calculator it's 220k points return to LAX in business class. But when I go to book it then says it's 1.3 million points. Even when I use their feature "where can I fly to" it tells me it's 1.3 million points so no idea why their point calculator says it's 220k nor who in their right mind would use 1.3 million points for a business class flight. let alone rack up 1.3 million points lol

      I've looked at flying to every American city and the cheapest I have found (for May) was 900k points return and that was partnered so I'd take a flight to China with Qantas.. then from China to LAX it was with China Eastern. No thanks. Nor would I spend 900k points on that too.

      You can try just getting an economy flight then using your points to upgrade to business but if you're bronze status you probably won't get upgraded.

      • My family of 3 all got upgraded from premium econ to business flying Syd to HKG on points (28,500 points each), and we're all Bronze. This was pre-virus too. So it can happen. But I agree you should assume it won't, and be happy if it does.

    • Return?

      You're going to want another 100,000 points for a start.

  • An Amazing price but any saving you'd make on this sale fare you'd lose in your first day there.. with the exchange rate an an eleven year low, the dollar is gonna kill you.

  • We were there in December, taxes and 20% tipping for service people was expensive (when converted). But don't want to divert topic.

  • Tips + Relatively high California state tax on everything, low AUD/USD and just homeless people everywhere made it a terrible trip for me.

  • Despite the low dollar, this would be great to link with a low cost domestic airline to get over to New York as well, right?

    • Yes…or take the train, stopping along the way in Chicago etc…if you have time. Quite interesting journey

  • can you add any tag flights to these? or will that jack the price significantly?

  • I don't have time to create this but Virgin now doing $514

  • If you booked these flights, and unable to fly due to the virus, will travel insurance cover?

  • Once clicking through IWTF which booking sites to people use? What are Opodo, eDreams and GotoGate like?

  • Maybe possible to get flight Centre to pricebeat?

  • So you book these flights from third party websites like gotogate?

    • Just asked them at my local branch, they don't pricebeat 3rd party vendors anymore! What a bummer. BTW there was not a single customer in there when I called in… really sad:-(

  • Cheaper than a 6 pack of Corona