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2019 Trentham Estate Sauvignon Blanc for $162/Dozen + Shipping @ FullCase



We're having a special at Full Case. Our 2019 Trentham Estate Sauvignon Blanc is selling for $162 for 12 bottles.

This is cheaper than the listed price on the Trentham website
Also cheaper than Summer Hill Wine Shop

2019 Trentham Estate Sauvignon Blanc - Click here for the deal

We also have two other deals happening:
- 12 bottles of the 2018 Novello Shiraz
- Chevalier Blanc De Blancs Brut NV


Shipping within Victoria - $12 Flat
Shipping to rest of Australia - $16 Flat

Thanks ICaddict for pointing out a cheaper price. We always aim to be the cheapest, so we've updated our prices to beat Summer Hill Wine Shop.

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    I'm seeing the same wine for $195 (+shipping) at another site. How much is your shipping to, say, Melbourne?


      Hi - Shipping is $12 within Victoria and $16 to the rest of Australia. From the ICaddict's comment we just noticed that Summer Hill Wine Shop sells its for $167.88 per case of 12 bottles. We always aim to be the cheapest on the market, so we've just updated our prices to $162 for a case of 12 :)

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    Summer Hill Wine Shop has it for $167.88 per case of 12…

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    This is am unoaked (cheap) white wine from the baking hot (cheap), irrigated (bad!) from a winery with no reputation. It should be half this 'bargain' price.

    It may be a bargain according to OzB rules, but in the real world it isn't.

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      Err… Trentham Estate is actually pretty well known and IMHO a decent producer.

      That said, I wouldn't go near this deal. Plenty of other nicer options if you feel the need for an entire case of Sauv Blanc - and remember that there aren't that many examples that will age gracefully.

      Price is too high for what I think that you're getting.

      We couldn't get through that much irrigation Sauv Blanc in a year - at any price.

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        One of the more well know brands of the chepest wine region in Australia. But I've never heard them being regarded as a good producers, just less bad than some others. Not a high bar.


          They've made some very palatable reds over the years. A low bar perhaps - but there are plenty of rubbish wines out there that would be better off used as a hand sanitiser rather than ingested.

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