Nylex 25m Retractable Hose Reel $79 @ Bunnings


I've always found Nylex better than Pope so am unsure why this retractable hose is so cheap. I have one already and find it works great. (I've only had it for a couple of weeks.)

Plenty of stock at my local Bunnings this afternoon. Stock checker here.


  • Integrated hose guide ensures even retraction without kinking, twisting or tangling
  • Requires no assembly and is easy to mount. Includes everything you need to start watering
  • 180 degree rotation on the bracket to reach all areas of your garden
  • Easily removable (from mount) for portability around the garden
  • UV Protected to withstand Australian Conditions

The Nylex 25m Auto Reel comes assembled with everything that is required to start watering. It includes 25m of Fitted Hills Hose, Fitted Tap to Reel, Spray Gun, Bracket and screws. With a level track rewind system and in-built hose, guide ensures hassle-free hose retraction. The Auto Hose Reel comes fitted with 25m of reinforced garden hose and is supplied with hose fittings for a quick and secure tap connection.

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    It's been this price for a while now…


      Yeah. Still can't beat the Hozelock ones Masters had for $60 I think it was. Still trucking along after what is it now, 5 years?

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    I think Nylex is for suckers.

    I had a really bad experience with Nylex .. it's kind of expensive, I bought a fancy and expensive 4 way hose splitter .. and .. it split .. but from the sides and just after the one year warranty.

    Cheap plastic junk basically, should be a cheap price also as you're gonna buy again and again.

    I recommend get quality that lasts for a long term bargain, or pay the cheapest prices if you're buying junk grade plastic.


    This, vs the aquasystems 30m?

    20m is too short, and nothing at the $70ish pricepoint from other brands.


      I have been using it for nearly 2 years now and i cant fault the quality of the reel at all. This hose doesn't feel quite as nice as some of the "premium brand" hoses, however it hasn't caused me any issues yet either.


    I have slowly replaced everything nylex around my house as one by one every single fitting broke. The hoses kept stretching and blowing out. Poor quality all round.


      May I ask which brand you went for?


        Yes, you may…


        Gardena is pretty decent, as is Hozelink. I think Gardena is more often better value though.


        Whatever the cheap Bunnings brand is. Gardena I think. Ditched the brass fittings which kept losing their barbs (no joke) knock on wood I've had zero issues with cheaper plastic fittings and I feel pretty silly for spending on brand name brass in the first place.


    Just bought two 30m Nylex hoses for $29 (without the reel) using this deal to put in my old Hozelock reels. It's <$1 per metre for reasonable quality hose!

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    Thanks very much OP ….. Perfect timing, the old hose reel died on the weekend.


    This doesn't look like the 20m and 30m reels.
    Wonder if they are trying to clear old 25m stock? Seems not as well built as the other models..


    I have a Wall Mount Hand Crank Hose Reel that I have been using for over 15 years, never fails, still reliable and does the job to perfection.


    The shitiness of Nylex are seriously no joking

    I installed this morning and it's already started dripping water at the bottom of the casing.

    Even the no name UV damaged one supposed to be replaced by this is better than this new piece of crap