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Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum - White (EU Version) $542.23 Delivered (HK) @ TobyDeals


Roborock vacuum S5 Max

Roborock S5 Max White - AU$542.23 Delivered ($559.00 - 3% CART3)
Roborock S5 Max Black - AU$561.63 Delivered ($579.00 - 3% CART3)
Don't forget Cashrewards for a further 1.4% saving

From my research this is the new version of the Roborock S5 which comes with some improvements over the original.

  • Better mop functionality
  • Newer on-board processor & software (should have longer support)
  • Better battery life / run time
  • There are a few good S5 vs S5 Max comparison reviews on Youtube

The S5 (previous version) is currently retailing on amazon.com.au for $639.99 and seems to come up on sale for $460-$500 on here. Approximately $50-100 more for the newer version seems worth it.
Not many AU retailers seem to be selling the newer S5 Max version yet.

International Version (Power cable)

As these are international versions of the product you'll need a EU adapter or a IEC C7 Figure 8 AU cable to power the dock.
I'm guessing most people would have one already in their household or they can be purchased for $8 - 9 on Ebay or Amazon.
IEC C7 Power cable Amazon $8.99 + Delivery
IEC C7 Power cable Ebay $7.99 Delivered

Warning Toby Deals AU are slow to ship
Toby Deals have a bit of history of being slow to ship.
I have purchased the white version recently from Toby Deals AU.
My experience:

  • 04/Feb - Ordered.
  • 11/Feb - Queried lack of shipment.
  • 13/Feb - Customer service responded apologizing for delay.
  • 17/Feb - Notified of 'Being Packed and Getting Ready to Leave Our Warehouse'.
  • 19/Feb - Notified of being shipped with tracking number.
  • 24/Feb - Attempted delivery by Toll.
  • 25/Feb - Opened parcel. Everything as expected.

All up I was happy with my purchase and their service but I wouldn't use them for last minute Christmas presents. Also I would recommend using Paypal for extra protection.

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    From my understanding S5 max has to use the roborock app instead of the XiaoMi home app?

    Besides, S5 max has a feature to control water level for mopping, but then it is not recommended to put cleaning detergent in the water tank


      I use Xiaomi Home app for mine
      I use detergent in mine no issues. But then again the mopping function is elementary


    The user manual seems to imply you can ('Download the Roborock app or Xiaomi home app'). I can't confirm though. I've just used the Roborock app so far.

    I wonder if there is extra functionality only available via Roborock app?


      It’s the other way round, there are more functions in XiaoMi app than roborock app, as the XiaoMi app can setup rules that interact in multiple XiaoMi IoT products

      Eg. You can set rules like “Start the cleanup and turn off all the lights when you leave home”


    Max Robot Vacuum

    niche market…


    Good luck with Tobydeals.
    Ordered something from them well over a week ago and no info as to shipping (assume it hasn't been shipped). Sent an email and no response.
    Won't be waiting much longer before I enforce a refund.

  • +2 votes

    I ordered this model on 08/02 and received delivery for it 24/02. They didn't send it out for a whole week and then it took another week to arrive.

    When I inquired about this on 13/08, customer support weren't too helpful and all they said was that they'd try to send it within the next few business days.

    It's a good price, but I don't expect to receive much support regarding warranty claims from TobyDeals.


    Can i use this vacuum without a home wifi network?


    I feel like this one could be too good to be true at that price. I wonder if it's a counterfeit?

    • +3 votes

      I was skeptical about it too as the price wasn't much more than other S50 (non-max) sellers.

      But looking at the unit I've received, I can't see any obvious quality issues that would make me think it's fake. It was recognised by the Roborock app which I wouldn't think a fake unit would do.

      The only thing that raises an eyebrow to me is that the water tank has a typo "emty". I've seen typos on legitimate products before, so I'm not sure this would be an obvious sign it's fake.

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    White now same price as black

  • -1 vote

    I posted one today on Amazon

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